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Teens’ Heart – Episode 82

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Chapter 82 Story by, Rejoice











Jeremy ‘s POV


Once we got into the car, and I drove off… I took Andra’s hand and drove with my other hand.

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I just wanna hold her..


“No Jeremy..” She said and pulled away her hand.


“What’s that. I wanna hold you Andra..” I said and tried reaching for her hand but she hid it.


“You can’t drive with just one hand.” She said.


I smiled.


“You scared?” I asked.


“It’s dangerous..” She said.


“Yeah.. I don’t mind doing dangerous things just for you..” I said and winked at her.

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I can’t believe she’s my girlfriend now.


“Just drive carefully.” She said, ignoring what I just told her.


Arghh, you!


“Don’t be scared, Im here with you..” I said as I drove on..


she didn’t say anything and soon, the ride was becoming too boring, so I gotta say something..


“Andra…” I called as I glanced at her.


She has her eyes at the window.


Then she turned to me, “Huh?”


“I love you.” I said and damn it! I meant it.. I meant what I said and I needed her to say back too but she didn’t say anything.. She turned her gaze at the windscreen, So I just drove on.



[Ten Minutes later] We were getting to her house now when she popped a question.


“Can I know about the game?” She asked.




“What game?” She asked.


“You said, your dating was all a game.” She said.




Should I just tell her the shit?


Im gonna tell her.


She’s my girlfriend now and deserves to know..


[Inhales] “Yeah. I’ll tell you. You see, It was three months ago. We were at the club andd.. We decided to play Truth or Dare game. I, Molly, Chris and other guys you don’t know tho. When it got to Molly’s turn to ask me, Arshh! I choosed Dare. And she dared me to make her my girlfriend for just two weeks. And yeah.. I did. But after two weeks, We didn’t stop the fake dating. We went on. Cos actually I…

liked it.” I said.


She was silent for what seemed like forever before breathing out, “Okay.” I swallowed.


I know she’s thinking..


“Andra..” I called as I pulled to a stop at their house gate.


She didn’t answer. She just stared at the windscreen.


I took her hand,cos she wasn’t hiding it anymore..


“Andra.. Look right at me, I wanna tell you something.” I said and she did. Looking at me with those two sparkling eyes but though they don’t look so bright now.


I understand. I’ll let her know this;


“You’re special to me Andra.. Molly was never ever special to me one bit. We were only playing around and now that I’ve got you, I won’t wanna loose you cos you got my heart Andra.. Yeah, Moni was right. I guess you stole my heart right at the first day I saw you in Ellas…“ I pauses and inhaled. She was just staring at me as I talked.


I continued, “…And.. and I guess all those fighting and talking back at each other were only tryna bring us together as Lovers. I love you so much Andra and nothing’s ever gonna stop my love for you. Molly’s outta the way and you are irreplaceable. I love you so much.” I said and looked deep into her charming eyes. “I really love you.” I said.


She blinked her eyes.



She don’t wanna say anything, so I just hugged her, then I gave her a peck on her soft cheek.


“I love you Andra.” I said.


“You’ve said that a lot in just few minutes.” She said.


I smiled and hugged her more closer into me.


“Yeah, cos im happy that I do,.. and it’s you.” I said.


She kept quiet.


“Thanks for being my girlfriend. Im damn happy.” I said with a smile and closed my eyes cos I felt a chilling feeling after I said it..


I didn’t wanna pull away and so I just hugged her still.


If she leaves now, Im gonna fu.cking miss her and I don’t even know if Im gonna see tomorrow.


My girlfriend.


“You’re hugging me too tight.” She said.


“Yeah.. I love it Andra..” I said.


“You do?” She asked.


“Yeah.. Im gonna miss you.” I said and then withdrew my hold.


I looked at her and her lips are a bit agape and her charming eyes stared at me.


Gosh! I wanna kiss you now Andra…


You’re so cute!


And I did.


I brought my face closer to hers and planted a kiss on her lips.


Then I withdrew..


“Goodnight Andra. Im gonna miss you.” I said.


“Goodnight..” She said, opened the door and got down, and closed the door back. I stared at her as she walked to the door and after a while, the door opened and she went in.


I smiled and then drove off.


She makes me smile.






# Alexandra ‘s POV


Lili popped me with questions when I got in.


About Jeremy’s dad..


About Jeremy..


If Steph wasn’t casted by Jeremy at the hospital.


I told her everything…


His dad is fine and did wake up.


Jeremy is feeling quite better..


Richy is still at the coma..


It’s really saddening.. We’re hoping he wakes up soon..


I later got down and headed to my room.


I don’t wanna about Jeremy and I..


It might sound so stupid. – That I accepted to be girlfriend without sleeping over it.


Lili’s gonna be so upset with me If I do.




I walked to my room and fell on my bed.


Today was wonderful tho.. I can’t dent the fact that It was.


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Jeremy and I had an amazing kisses.. Lots of it and we hugged just the way I wanted us to, but then accepting to be his girlfriend..


I didn’t even think about it.


What did I really do?


My phone buzzed.


A message.


I checked it and its from Jeremy.


<b> I love you Andra.. Thanks for making me happy today.


It_made me smile. [Inhales] I love youuu.



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