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Crazy Dancer – Season 2 Episode 23

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Episode 23



By: Faith Lucky.



Maxine’s Pov:


I sat next to Noah in the car and stared through the window as the driver took off, driving out of the station.



I suddenly felt his hand on mine and turned to look at him.



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“You were awesome in there” he said and I smiled feebly.



Was I?



Somehow, I felt I was being too hard. But remembering all they did to me, I just couldn’t help it. I badly wanted to make them suffer.



“Why don’t we get a cold drink, huh?” Hr asked and I sighed and nodded and he gave the driver Pablo’s location.



The drive was really silent as I had so many thoughts running through my mind.



But after a while, we arrived at Pablo’s bar and I felt so relieved cause I really needed a cold drink.

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Noah and I came out of the car together and walked into the bar and as soon as I saw Pablo, I ran into his arms.



“Hey! Little girl” he chuckled and hugged me tight.



“Little girl. I can’t believe this is you. How’re you doing?”



“I’m fine, Pablo. Long time. I’ve missed you” I rushed my words, now holding hands with him.



Noah was already standing behind us at that time.



“And I’ve mixed you too, Maxine.



“Good evening, Mr Noah” he greeted.



“Yeah…evening sir. How’s the business going?” He replied.



“Ahh! Its been amazing – thankfully. Please, come on” Pablo said and took us to the counter where he served us cold drinks.



Geez!! Just what I needed.



Noah and I sat, facing each other as we uncapped our drinks and started gulping it down.



“So, how’ve you been, Maxine? I was beginning to think you’d forgotten me” Pablo said as he stood on the other side of the counter.



“Come on, Pablo. You should know that’s never possible. A lot of things has happened since then and I…”



“It’s okay, it’s okay. I understand, dear” he cut in calmly and I smiled and continued with my drink.



Immediately, his phone started ringing and he excused himself to answer it.



“I hope you’re not forgetting the competition tonight? Make sure you don’t get drunk” Noah reminded me and I sighed.



“Don’t worry, I won’t”, I replied an eye wink and drank from my bottle again.


Hm. I guess I’ll be taking just one bottle then.



The volume from the music in the bar suddenly increased and I found myself tapping my feet.



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Soon, I was nodding in accordance to the beat and in no time, I found myself dancing to the stage.



“Maxine, what’re you doing?” Noah asked and I laughed and climbed up the stage.



Oh!! I guess I’ve missed this. Reminds me so much of the days I’d gone through hell in the hands of those monsters I call my family.



I started dancing freely as I pleased and the customers started shining their colored teeth at me, obviously feeling entertained.



Well, I wasn’t doing it for them, but for myself.



I danced ecstatically and after a while, went to meet Noah on his seat, dragging him up.



“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” He asked, confused.



“Come on, buddy. Let’s have a dance” I chuckled as I continued dragging him up.



Gosh! He was so resistant.



“Maxine, I…”



“Come on Noah. This should be our first dance, please” I cut him off and surprisingly, it’d gotten to him pretty much as he suddenly became calm and stood up willingly.






He followed me to the stage and we started dancing crazily, falling into each other’s arms at interval.



I laughed as happiness clouded me and at that moment, I forgot all about my problems like I never had one.



At that moment, I’d gotten to realize how perfect it was being with someone like Noah.



It was just…too amazing.



And at that moment, I got to realize how special he was to me.






Before we’d get to the house, our names were already trending on the net with the hash tag:



*Amazing Dance Video Of Noah and A Pretty Young Lady*






Noah and I laughed about it in the car until we’d gotten home.



Geez! I can’t believe those customers uploaded everything as soon as we were done dancing.



Going through the comments and reviews with Noah was so much fun as I saw a lot of things that made me blush.



Wow! Who’s that lady? She dances so well.



her dance steps reminds me of the crazy dancer.



They’re both amazing.


Some of the comments read.



I kept blushing throughout and after a while, we arrived and he accompanied me to my room.



“There isn’t much time left, Maxine. You need to hurry up and get dressed” Noah said as we stood in the room together and I nodded and tried going for the bathroom.



Suddenly, he pulled me back and crashed his lips on mine.



Holy Molly!!



I gulped nervously as a little anxiety took over.



“Come on. Hurry up” he hushed and I smiled and ran into the bathroom for








Noah’s Pov:


I smiled as I watched her run into the bathroom like a shy kid.






As the days goes by, I find it more interesting being around her.



Well, she’d captured my heart from the very first day I’d gotten to know she was the crazy dancer.



Yes – exactly.



I turned around and left the room so I could give her some privacy by the time she comes out.



I was on my way to my own room when I met a maid coning towards me and stopped in front of me.



“Sir, I was actually on my way to get you” she said with a slight bow.



“There’s a lady out there requesting to see you. She said she’s an old friend”



Huh? An old friend? I thought?



“Where’s she?” I asked her.



“She’s waiting outside, sir” she replied and I nodded and walked away.



Who could it be?



I walked pass the sitting room and opened the door and my brows arched at the lady in front of me






“Audrey?” I called out in surprise and she smiled at me.



She had a baby with her.












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