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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 8

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She looked at her friend bewildered, whatever was making her scream like that was not funny at all.


‘Are you done?’ Azure asked


‘Tasheni went to Azure’s side and gave her a long tight hug.


‘You are squeezing the life out of me.’ Azure said getting out of her friend’s grip ‘I am sorry but I have waited way too long for this.’ Tasheni said ‘What exactly?’


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‘Girl come on, I have actually been praying for you. Waiting for the day that you will dump that silly boyfriend of yours.’


Azure shook her head.


‘Except I haven’t told him yet and funny enough he has invited me for dinner.’ ‘Perfect, just perfect. We use that dinner to dump him.’ Tasheni said excitedly ‘What? Don’t you think that is not fair, I mean he will be paying for the food and all.’


Tasheni laughed.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Azure are you hearing yourself? This guy has managed to disrespect you left, right and center. And you have the guts to feel sorry for his money? Woman please.’ She said clicking her tongue


‘So what do you suggest I do?’


‘Get your hair done, your nails. Pick an outfit, meet him for dinner. Eat his food and wine then dump him. I mean he needs to have something to remember you for.’ Tasheni said mischievously


Even though Azure wasn’t sure about all this, she decided to go with the plan because after all Mark had hurt her in more ways than one.


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Tasheni left afterwards but promised to be at the office premises at 5pm when Azure was supposed to knock off, the rest of the day Azure got busy with her work that she didn’t even realize it was 5 already.


‘Time to leave woman.’ Tasheni said through the speaker when Azure picked up her office line.


Luckily most of the work had been done and the following morning she just had to edit a few articles that had to be published.


‘How was work my darling?’ Tasheni asked as she drove them out of the office premises


‘I didn’t even notice how time moved.’ Azure responded truthfully


The two ladies talked a lot as Tasheni drove them to northmead, she had promised Azure a hair do and nails and that was exactly what they were going to do.

‘So what should I do with your hair?’ the hair dresser asked


‘I would love something simple, I mean it is just dinner.’ She responded much to Tasheni’s disapproval


‘Give her a bob cut and install a closure, paint her nails azure like her name.’ Tasheni responded


Azure knew that she couldn’t even protest, Tasheni was hard headed and she always got her way.


The two ladies continued to talk some more and an hour later; they were done. They drove back to Azure’s apartment and she went straight to take a bath. ‘Azure your phone is ringing.’ Tasheni screamed at her friend who was still in the bathroom


‘Who is calling?’


‘I have no idea, strange number.’ Tasheni said now at the bathroom door ‘Thank you.’ Azure responded


She got the phone and turned the water down before picking up.




‘Good evening, is this Ms. Mwila?’ the voice on the other end of the line said ‘Yes this is she.’


‘My name is Oswald and I am calling on behalf of Mr. Mtonga.’



Azure tried to think if she knew who the man was but she was blank. ‘Sorry but I don’t think I know any Mr. Mtonga.’ She said impatiently ‘Oh, I think your boss didn’t enlighten you.’ He told her


‘I am sorry mister but if you want to talk about work, please call me tomorrow between 8am and 5pm. This is after my working hours.’ She said and dropped the line


She shook her head and switched the tap back on


‘The nerve of some people, calling me after working hours.’ She said clicking her tongue when she was out of the bathroom


Tasheni couldn’t help but laugh. The two ladies got busy with clothes and makeup and by 8pm she was done and Mark was standing by her door.


‘Hey.’ She said with a smile


This was the last he was seeing her like that, she had vowed that she would never be taken advantage of like he had done her.


‘You look beautiful.’ He complimented with his mischievous smile


She smiled back at him, she knew she was really looking beautiful. Tasheni had picked out her emerald green dinner dress with gold heels, she had also done her makeup.


The two walked hand in hand and he opened the door for her, he could be a gentleman when he chose to and she wasn’t surprised that she had fallen for him in the first place.


He drove them to Radisson Blu hotel, she loved the place and always complimented their food. When they got out of the car, he placed his hand on her waist and she smiled at him; in her heart she wanted to make sure that he had the best night before finally leaving them.


A waiter received them and took them to their reserved table, the weather was cool and the place wasn’t too congested; something she appreciated so much.


‘Wine?’ he asked her when the waiter brought them a bottle ‘Yes please.’ She responded


He poured her a glass and they began to talk, if someone had met them now; they would actually think they were so in love but he was the worst she had been with. After they were done having dinner, he decided it was time to bring up the topic. He reached out his hand for hers.


‘Azure.’ He began


‘Yes.’ She responded with a smile


‘You know I love you right?’ he asked



She smiled back, knowing fully well that all this was nothing but lies and she just couldn’t wait for him to say whatever he had in mind.


‘I know you are a good writer but in all honesty I think I should be the one writing the government story.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


She almost choked on her saliva, why didn’t she see this before? Snicky b*st*rd! She felt her blood boil but decided she wasn’t going to show her anger, she would walk out of this relationship with her pride still in check.


‘So what do you say?’ he asked when he was done


She looked at him one last time, got to her feet and moved to his side.


‘There was a time I once loved you, a time I actually thought you were the best that had happened to me but I guess when one is in love they only see what they choose to and boy did I see Prince Charming in you.’ She whispered in his ears ‘But no, you are nothing anymore. I hope the only time we cross paths is in the office, thank you for the lovely food by the way.’ She said and walked out of there like a boss.


She reached outside and found Tasheni waiting in her vehicle.


‘How did it go?’


‘Walked out of there like a boss baby!’ she exclaimed as the car drove off.











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