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Joe And Voe: Episode 3

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උɦคpt㉫® 3










Joseph’s POV




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After Mr Edward Left I look around the house one more time and I love it, it’s just perfect.


I bring out my iPhone and make a video call with Vanessa and after a while it connected.




Hey joseph” she said.




he vanessa” I said and I realise she’s in her room.




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have you arrived?” She said.




yes…..not long ago” I answered.




that’s good……how was you flight?” she asked.




it was great” I replied.




where are you now?” she asked.




I’m in my own house, check it out” I said then showed her the house.




woww…..joseph that’s great, you have your own house now” she said excitedly.




yeah, it’s really okay” I said.




that’s cool” she said.




where are your siblings, let me speak with them?” I asked.




they must be asleep?” she said and I was surprised.



Asleep?……it’s still early to be sleeping…’s just 5pm” I said and laughed.




Actually Joseph, it’s 10pm here in Nigeria” she said and I was surprised.




Whaaat, how is that possible?” I asked.




it’s the time difference between Nigeria and America” she said.




oooookay……no Wahala just tell them say I will call again tomorrow” I said.




okay then……bye” she said.




bye vanessa” I said then ended the call.




I scrolled through my contacts again then dialed my mother’s number but she’s not answering which mean she must be sleeping.




I decided to call them tomorrow since they are probably sleeping, I took my luggage to my room then decided to unpack later but first I need to eat.




I went to the kitchen and open the fridge and what I saw made me smiled, just like Mr Richards house the fridge is filled up with alot of eatable things.




But I decided not to go for any of it, I need real food then I went to store then decided to cook noodles cause that will be fast.




Author’s POV




(Mr Edwards Residence)




As the driver drove into Mr Edward’s residence he got down, then went straight to the house.




Mr Edwards see his mother alone in the living room sitting on the couch watching a movie.




Soooo?” the granny asked as she looked at his son.


So what mama?” Mr Edwards said.




Have you tell him?” she asked.


of course not mama, do you think he will believe me or just agree with it like that………of course I can’t tell him” Mr Edward said.




well somehow you will have to” the granny said.


I know but mom you know this is yours and dad’s fault, you are the reason” Mr Edward said.




our fault?……is it a crime for parent to wish their child good things in life” granny said.




I don’t regret what I did and I’m sure your late father didn’t regret it as well” she added.


but you shouldn’t have take thing the way you did then” Mr Edwards said.




does your wife knows?” she asked.


No I haven’t told her but I will today” he said.




no don’t, how do you think she’s going to take this” she said.




No mom, it’s better I tell her now than for her to find out later which will make me lose my marriage” he said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




okay son” she said then he went to his room.








After they had dinner they all went to their rooms and Mr Edward decided it’s the perfect time to tell his wife.




Honey I need to tell you something” Mr Edward said.


uh-huh……what’s that? ” she said as she put on her pajamas.




come to bed first” he said and after she’s done changing she climb the bed.


okay now, what is it?” she asked.




first I need you to promise me not to get angry or flare up or anything” he said and wife wife look at him confused.




what’s wrong Donald?…..what’s the matter? ” she asked.


years ago before you and I met, that time I was young and naive and things were alot different then……”




Donald, what happened?……..just tell me” she asked curiously.




I had an affair with our house maid and she got pregnant” he said and his wife was shocked.




whaaaat…….you did that and you didn’t think of telling me about it?” she said.




I’m sorry, then I was forbade by my parent not to tell you anything about it” he said.


“oh God, soo what now happened?” she asked.




after my parents found out they sent her packing to her village” he said and his wife heaved a deep sigh.


so you want to go find them?” she asked.


No actually I think he’s here already” he said and his wife was confused.




what do you mean here?…..who are you talking about?” she asked.


My son, he’s here” he said.




whaaaat, you brought him to this place…… dare you Donald to do this to me?…….why would you even do that?” she said angrily.




calm down Dear, you’re totally taking it wrong?” he said.


what do you mean?……how else do you expect to me to react?” she said.




the boy is Joseph…….the boy that arrived from Nigeria today” he said and his wife stared at him.




what do you mean Joseph?…….how did you know?, how long have you know about this?” she asked.




At first when I heard of him I didn’t it’s him infact I didn’t know I have a son, all I know his that the maid got pregnant for me before my parent sent her away” he said.




so how did you know?” she asked again.


it was on the day when they gave him the award, it’s was when he took picture with his mother that’s when I knew” he said.




still that doesn’t mean he’s yours,……what makes you think she didn’t marry someone else” she said.




that’s exactly what is thought too so I push more button, a friend of a friend of mine works in the hospital he was admitted after the accident” he said then continue.




I told him to run DNA test against my blood to confirm, and the result which says positive” he said.


So he’s your son” she said and he nodded.


did he know about this?” she asked referring to Joseph.




No he doesn’t, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about this….. I didn’t know things will turn out this way” he said.




oh you mean you don’t know he will turn out to be someone great as this, a celebrity everyone wants to meet” she said.




I never wanted such thing….my parents……..”




oh please Donald, you are using your parent as an excuse, maybe they might have sent her away but did you fight for you child? ” she asked and he was dumbfounded.




Let’s it’s because you are young then, what about now that you are old enough did you look for them but now that the boy became a great person without your help now you want him to known as your son……. Shame on you” she said then went to sleep.




I’m so sorry dear, I didn’t know things will turn out this way” he said.




let me Donald, we will talk about this in the morning” she said then Mr Edward lie on the bed.






(Next Day)




Mr Edward woke and didn’t meet his wife beside him then he stood up and went to the bathroom to have his bath.




Mrs Edwards is in the kitchen making breakfast then the granny entered.





” Good morning mama” Mrs Edward greeted.


Good morning dear, how are you?” granny said.




I’m fine” she replied.


aahh that’s good, do you need any help? ” granny asked.




No mama, I’m good” she said.


okay, I’ll be in the parlor” granny said then turn to leave.




grams, Donald told me about the boy” she said and granny stopped.


oh he did” granny said.




and I must say, I’m not so pleased when I find out” she said.


I’m sorry you have to find out like that…..I’m sorry about that” granny said.


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it’s okay ma” she said.


thank you my daugher” granny said then went to the parlour.








When they finish having breakfast Mr Edward announced that he’s heading to over to Joseph’s house.




are you going to tell him?” his wife asked.


I don’t think I can” he said.


you should to get things over with” granny said.




I don’t think he will be pleased, I don’t think he will like me, there’s nothing that will make him change his mind, he now rich and popular, he didn’t even think it twice before rejecting the offer to stay here with us” Mr Edward said.



Don’t you think he already know?” his wife asked. “No I don’t think so” he said.



perhaps maybe there’s something we can do” granny said.


what is that?” he asked.




if we make him like us very well then we can tell him about us, though he will be angry but it won’t be for long” granny said.




I don’t have the time to do all that” he said.


let him get to know the kids, let them get to know each other, I’m sure he will like them” granny said.




don’t you think we should tell the kids?” Mrs Edwards asked.


No not yet” he said.




they have to know” she said.


they will but not right a away” he said then the kids entered.


what are guys talking about?” Nancy asked.




uhmm…..I’m going to check how our Hero is doing… want to come along?” he asked.


sure dad, let’s go” Luke said as they went out.




They got inside the car and drove off to Joseph’s house which is not far from theirs.




Joseph’s POV




I woke up yawning like a happy tiger from the beautiful sleep I had, I checked the time and see that it’s 9am in the morning.



I decided to call my mom since I didn’t get to speak with her yesterday, I dialled her number and after a fee rings she picked.




Good morning mama” I said.




aaah josefu, you don reach there?” she said excitedly.




yes mama, I’m here in America” I said smiling.




chaai…..i thank God ooo for all this good good things he just dey do for us” mama said.




yes oo mama” I said.




hope say you dey eat well well for there?” mama asked.




yes mama, infact I just woke up now” I said.




haha you dey sleep for afternoon?” she asked then I remembered what Vanessa told me yesterday.




no mama, for here it’s morning” I said.




eh ehn….chaiii oyigbo and their juju” she said and I smiled.




see josefu, just dey do jeje over there oo….you don here” mama said .




mama I’ve heard” I said.




eh ehn…..take care of ya sef” she said.




okay mama, is granny Richard around?” I asked.




no., she’s not around” she said.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen




greet her for me oo” I said.




no wahala….take care oo” she said.




bye bye mama” I said then ended the call.




I also make a video call with Vanessa then she passed the phone to her sibling.




Calm down, guys” Vanessa said and i see as they fight for the phone and I smiled.




Give me….the phone….. I want to speak with him” I heard Katie’s voice then Vanessa give the phone to her.




Bro Joseph” Katie shouted as she collected the phone.




hey baby girl, how are you doing?” I asked.




I’m fine, how was your trip?” she asked.




it was great darling…….i called yesterday Vanessa said you’re asleep” I answered.




yeah she told me, I miss you so much” she said.



you have no idea how I miss you too dear” I said.




take care of yourself Joseph” she said.




I will” I said then she passed the phone to her other siblings.




They said they really missed my presence in the house and I told them I do too.




I showed then the house I’m staying in all by myself and they complement on how beautiful it is.




I spoke with their parent as well and we spoke at great length before I ended the call.




I went to the bathroom to have my bath and after a while I get dressed and went to the kitchen to fix something to eat.




As I entered the kitchen I heard a car engine outside then I went to check it out.




I saw the man from yesterday with his kids coming out of his car.


Good morning sir” I greeted.




morning, how are you?” he asked.


I’m fine sir” I said.


Hi Joseph” the two kids said together.




Hi ” I said back, I think they said their name is Luke and Nancy if I remember correctly.


I told you I’m coming today and my kids said they wanted to tag along” he said.





” please come in” I invited and they entered.



The man told me I will be starting school on Monday and he will be here to pick me up to enroll me in the new school.




He also told me that if I ever need anything I should let him know. There something strange about that man but I can’t figure it out.




I noticed we have the same eyes which is so weird, after staying for a while he said he wanted to head somewhere but the kids said they will stay here with me.




The kids remind me of Vanessa and her siblings and they look to me as an idol, the girl Nancy seems to have much respect for me because I am the Hero.




I was making breakfast in the kitchen and they offered to help out.


so when last did you went to Nigeria?” I asked.




we’ve never stepped in Nigeria” Luke answered and I was surprised.


like seriously?” I asked.




yeah, we are born here, mom said they’ve been here for 18years…..and they never went back” Nancy said.




what about you don’t you want to visit Nigeria someday?” I asked.




hopefully when we grow up and have our freedom” Luke said.




well you miss alot, Nigeria is a beautiful place” I said.


I asked them some things about America and they told me everything.












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