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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 11

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episode 11




by Authoress Simrah




Lewis’s POV.


I can’t just believe he has a wife and he seems very protective of her, I have to find out if he loves her dearly, I will make sure I take her away from him, I don’t ever want to see him happy. He has been the lucky one right from our childhood, including my dad likes him more than he do like me. I have left everything for him but not this time around, I will kill him and take his properties..


I think I know what to do. I brought out my phone to call Kylie so she could meet me immediately, yeah Kylie was Kayden’s ex . I was the cause of their break up but that’s the least of my problems right now…


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hi Kylie, I need to see you now we have an important discussion.




okay I will be there in a jiffy..


do not waste my time…


I said and cut the call. Gosh the girl is so stupid, she loosed someone important to her just


because I promised to marry her which is all fallacy. I can’t settle down with a slut like her…


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hello handsome” she said as she hugged me giving me a flirtious look. I’m not in for that right now .




sit” I ordered and she did that




okay, why did you call me , I’m here now” she said ..




I want you to make up with Kayden and destroy his marriage ” I said nonchalantly.




what no Lewis you know he despise me , how can I achieve that?” she questioned is this lady crazy?




seduce him , do anything to get him back and break his happy home I want to see him suffer , cry and beg me but for now , you have to do what I told you and your mission starts now!” I said sternly and stood up , the discussion is over . its left for her to play her part ……..




Mia’s POV.


My eyes snapped open as the sun pierced through my eyes from the window.. I tried standing up but couldn’t as an arm was wrapped around me. I almost shouted but decided to turn and behold, it was Kay .


what are we doing here and what happened yesterday, I raised the bedsheet only to see that I was Stark nak3d.. What have I done? The memories of yesterday came flashing in my head…




“I love you”


“I love you too” ..


Did he actually says he love me? No! Mia he was drunk , how can I stupidly loose my virginity to a 7days contract? what will he now think of me? a cheap whore? tears weld up my eyes. I looked at the sleeping figure and sigh.. What will become of me if I live here in the next 3days .?


I tried standing up but felt a sharp pain between my legs making me wince…




Mia are you okay?” Kay asked sleepily, I couldn’t even look at him, this remaining days will be the longest days I’m my life …




y.ye..yeah, I..I’m fine” I stutter and try pretending I was okay , I stood up to leave but my legs betrayed me, I was feeling so much pain down there… If it’s going to cause me pain , I will never


have s3x again .


I fell on top of Kay who was on the bed.. We stayed in that position staring at each other but we snapped out of our thoughts after words..




I’m really sorry I caused this” he said, oh ! he remembered , hmm that’s a relief and also an embarra*ssment… I just nodded and didn’t say anything, his warmth was cool that I do prefer staying there forever…..




” does it still hurts?” he asked , my face was red like tomatoes.. I was blushing gush !




a little” I replied shyly and shook my head while he sigh..




look I’m sorry for being an a*ss from the beginning, I promise to make it up to you, please forgive” oh my goodness! I’m I dreaming? Kayden actually apologize to me. someone should pinch me to wake up from this dream! I said and immediatetly something pierced my skin..




ouch, why did you do that” I said glaring at Kay who pinched me



you said someone should do that and I did to tell you, you aren’t dreaming this is for real and I’m apologizing to you wifey ” he said and chuckle at his own statement… I smiled lightly at him while he removed the bedsheet from my body ..




what no! Kay stop” I said as he carried my nak3d self in a bridal style from the bed…




what! not that I haven’t seen it already” he laughed as I smack his shoulder.




now cute dimples, you have to take a bath” he said as he drop me in the bathtub and set the water for me before walking out…




or should I come and help you? it will be fun ” he opened the door and said




no thanks ” I quickly replied and closed the door as he chuckled…


I took a long shower to cool off my head ! dear lord, don’t let me regret this ….







To say Kay has been so friendly and all funny, we are getting along and my feelings for him is growing strong..


But my problem now is that all this will end in the next two days . I will leave here , I won’t see Kay again . I don’t want to leave but what if he doesn’t want me here?




cute dimples, I’m through making the pasta, you will bite your tongue if you taste it, it’s so yummy oh my God!” he said dramatically while I laughed , he took my hand and led me to the kitchen but we were stopped on the way as there was a knock on the door..




you go to kitchen let me get to the door” he kissed my cheeks and left ..a smile crept on my face as I walk to the kitchen…. He’s been a sweetheart…





Kylie’s POV



I dressed seductively in a short gown exposing my cleavage and applied lots of make up to look fancy and cla*ssic , I was going to Kayden’s house and my mission is to seduce him, right from the start, I never loved him , the only thing I was after was his wealth . I’m a full time hooker. I derive joy from it and that’s it ..


I gently knocked on the door and waited till the door got opened and luckily for me, it was Kayden …




what the hell are you doing in my house you bitch” he yelled , I won’t react because I’m on a mission…




calm down Kay , I came to apologize to you, I’m really sorry I didn’t know what took over me ,


please forgive me and take me back” I said and started feigning tears .


what did you call me huh? I loved you Kylie but you betray me the very day I wanted proposing to you, I hate you and so get out of my house now before I kick you out myself” he spat angrily, I guess this is going to be though, but he loves me , I can still feel that he do… I wanted saying something when I saw a girl coming into the view .. I need to do something quickly… I guess she should be his wife.


I jumped on Kayden and started kissing him , like I took him by surprise, I know he can’t resist


me and believe me he kissed me back….




No! this is not happening” she said and ran inside the house and that was when stupid Kayden regained himself…




Mia ! ” he called and pushed me off him running after her.




mission 1 accomplished ..






7days with my crush

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