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His Nurse – Episode 26

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Chapter 26



Sharon’s POV



I felt so great after Donald slid from top of me, I just gave my murderous patient my body and I don’t regret one bit of it.


I placed my na.ked body on his ever rigid body and my head on his chest which kept raising and falling.


“Donald I love you so much.” I said looking into his face.


“And I love you more Sharon.” He said kissing my head.


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“Donald promise me something.” I said.


“What?” He asked.


“Promise me not to kill again, no matter what the person does to you.” I said brushing my fingers on his lips.


“Sharon.” He called sighing.


“Please Donald, for the love you have for me.” I said pecking him on the lips.


“Fine, I promise.” He said rolling his eyes.


“Sincerely?” I asked happily.


“Yeah sincerely.” He said nodding. I got up from the bed and sat directly on his d==k grinning, I leaned forward to kiss him.


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“Sharon don’t tell me you want more.” He said grinning.


“Maybe.” I said touching his d==k and biting my lower lip exploring his large joystick. The doorbell sounded suddenly stopping my act.


“Shit! Its mother.” I said jumping up from the bed and wearing my clothes.



“Ohhhhhh Why now I am getting hard again.” He said and I looked at his rigid c==k blushing.


“Donald kill that thing now because I and Mother is surely going to take time.” I said and he stood up moving close to me.


He stood right in front of me while I wore my shirt and he took my b==bs in his hands fondling with it.


“Donald I will scream.” I said giggling. He laughed and kissed me one last time before walking away.


“Donald dress up too, your consent may also be needed.” I said brushing my hair with his brush.


“Okay mother.” He said winking.


I walked out of the room after Donald gave me a light spank on my b==s. I rushed to the door and opened it to see Mother.


“Mother.” I called smiling. I opened the door for her to walk in.


She got in and she kept surveying the door before locking the door behind us.


“Where is Donald Smith?” She asked sitting on the couch.


“Mother don’t be too worked up. You came to see me right?” I said sitting down.


“Sharon what is all this I am hearing?” She said angrily.


“What are you hearing now?” I said rolling my eyes.


“That you are in love with Donald Smith.” She replied in shock.


“Mother that is true.” I replied smiling.


“Sharon are you out of your mind! That guy is a murderer!!” She smacked.



“Mother please! Whosever told you this is a big fool, it is nobody’s business if I love Donald okay!” I replied angrily.


“Sharon please don’t do this. You always complained about Guys jilting you, how sure are you that he won’t do the same?” She said sadly.


“Mother I trust Donald with my whole life, and he will never jilt me. He loves me so much.” I said not ready to take in anything she said.


“Frank loves you so much Sharon, he is the best for you. He has a clean history and Job, he is handsome and also rich.” She said holding my hands.


“I knew this was all Frank’s plan. Mother I don’t love Frank, and Donald is the best for me.” I said confidently.


“Sharon.” My mother called.


“Do you love me mother?” I asked.


“Of course Sharon.” She replied.


“Do you want me to be happy?” I asked again.


“Yes Sharon and you know that.” She replied nodding.


“Then please don’t be an obstacle between Donald and I. My two friends are already obstacles please don’t add to them.” I said in tears.


“Okay Sharon I have heard you, but please don’t cry.” She said hugging me.


“I love Donald so much and I will die if I lose him.” I said still in tears.


“You won’t lose him, if you feel it is safe then no problem I will support you. So please stop crying.” She said wiping my face with a tissue.


“Thank you mother, I love you so much.” I said kissing her cheeks.



Monica’s POV



“Monica please stop all this.” Frank said. Since the day I kissed him in his office and he didn’t push me away I have always wanted to taste him.


“Frank can’t you see I love you? No one would see us in your house.” I said trying to kiss him.


“Monica I love Sharon not you!” He smacked walking away.


“Oh really? You love Sharon, and I am sure that your Sharon is on the bed with Donald, sweating under him!” I yelled angrily and I felt his gaze soften.


His phone rang and ge excused himself to pick it. I sat on the couch still ruminating over what to do to Sharon and Donald.


All I will do is make Donald miss his medications and the Sharon will lose her job forever. And I know Frank will help me.


I don’t care if Donald dies now, he has humiliated me enough.


Frank came to the living room looking like he would collapse soon.


“Frank are you okay?” I asked running to him.


“Her mother is in support of it!! All hope is lost!!” He yelled and I knew exactly what he was talking about.


“All hope isn’t lost with me here.” I said kissing him passionately.



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