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Heavenly Fight – Episode 19

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Episode 19


Annabella’s pov


I would see how she would escape, by the time I will expose her to the whole school Archie and Liam will stop been friends with her and I will have the both of them all to myself


Do you have to deny it” I asked as everyone watched the video of her teleporting


What the hell do you think you are doing” Archie asked me angrily


I just want you to see the type of girl she is” I said


Hey… ” he wanted to talk but Ashley stopped him


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Who would believe your rubbish running out of your mouth ” she said as she looked at me smiling


The evidence is right in front of you, do you still want to deny it ” I asked her not sure of what she is thinking


Who would believe that such thing exist, am very sure you cut that video to make it seem like I teleported” she said shocking me


What are you saying” I asked


What am saying is that if you want to argue bring a convincing evidence and not some edited video ” she said as everyone nodded supporting her



Yes Annabella you shouldn’t accuse her that way cos she is more outstanding than you” someone said


I guess she did it because of Archie ” another said


Humph, she is so shameless” another said as I stood dere about to explode Am sure of what am talking about she isn’t who you think she is” I shouted

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Give it up already, they would think you are having mental disorder ” Liam said beside me as he smirked


I will make sure everyone finds out who she is Archie’s pov

After the case with Annabella, We left the cafeteria


Classes went slowly as I thought of inviting Ashley for my family game night


Hello everybody we will be going on a school trip next week ” the teacher announced as everyone cheered


So prepare your things and everything you need, we wouldn’t want any problem during the trip OK ” he announced as he left


I looked at Ashley and saw her chatting with Lisa and they girls besides them some were busy admiring her long hair


I ve never seen this cheerful side of her


Hello girls we are need a new cheerleader for the trip ” Miriam announced Ashley can be a cheerleader” someone said


Ashley do you want to be a cheerleader” Miriam asked Sure ” she said as she smiled


I don’t think we need a new member” Annabella said Why” Miriam asked


Because am the leader” she said


She is right” Miriam said


Seems like your position as a leader has been taken away” Lisa announced




What are you saying ” Annabella asked


Is a tradition that for you to be the leader of the cheering squad you have to be in relationship with the leader of the basketball team and ….. Archie help me out here ” Lisa said


My dear Annabella, I want to say thank you for the time we spent together I guess is over between us” I said as everyone wowed


He is so cool


And…. Liam help me out here” Lisa said again


I would like to announce the new love birds Archie and Ashley ” Liam said as everyone cheered


I didn’t see that coming” I said as I saw Ashley glaring at me


That’s a lie, they aren’t dating” meribella said


Yes is true, when did they start dating ” Annabella said


Proof it” Isabella said


If is for us to kiss, we ve done that right in front of you guys before, right candy


???” I asked Ashley as she glared at me


Yes, or have you guys forgotten, but wait I guess not only mine will be announced today” Ashley said


All girls crushing on my bestie liam should give up cos he is dating Miss Lisa” she announced as the class erupted in cries and yells




Ashley’s pov


Am never going to let Liam and Lisa off the hook for announcing a fake relationship, they would have to suffer from the taste of their own medicine


When did they start to date ” someone asked


I won’t answer that question, do you want them to oh prove it to you ” I asked


Yes” everyone yelled



Kiss!!!! Kiss!!! Kiss!!! ” everyone yelled Ashley, why are you doing this to me” Lisa asked


You started it my dear lollipop ” I said as I pushed her forward as Liam kissed her making everyone to yell out again


Awwwww, they look so cute ” immediately they stopped a teacher came in What they hell is going on here ” he asked angrily Nothing sir” we answered


Everyone of you should go outside group yourself in fours for your punishment We left the class as I, Archie, Liam and Lisa were given the garden to water


We went there with our hose watering the garden in silence as someone poured water on me


What was that for ” I asked


For lying” Lisa said in between laughs


Really” I said as I poured water on her while laughing I don’t know if I have ever been this happy before.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


I glad I met them, they really gave me a reason to laugh again


Hey you two shouldn’t pour that water on us” Liam said as I and Lisa chased him and Archie with the hose


We played until we ended drenching ourselves


I will make a mental note not to pair with you guys again ” I said as Archie poured water on me


Sorry my mistake ” he said as I took my hose and chased him





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