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Three Empty Words – Episode 13

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“On the journey to self-discovery, don’t forget who you are and whose you are.”



I could feel Nthando’s eyes burning on my skin but I kept cool, the shoes I was wearing were not giving me much comfort but Kelvin’s hand on my waist made me feel at easy. After the incident with my sister, I had decided that I had taken too much of her bullying and hate for me. If she wanted to live like she didn’t have a sister, then I would play by her rules.


When mum told me about the lunch at Dad’s, I didn’t hesitate to invite Kelvin because after all he had confessed his love for me and even though I was still skeptical about dating him; I decided to give it a shot because in the end I had nothing to lose.


I had gone shopping the previous day, going out of my way to try something different; something new. So I bought a number of dresses and shoes then went to a salon where my hair was straightened and my nails done.


I still remember the look that Kelvin had on his face when he had come to pick me, he was lost of words and I swear I saw him swallow hard.


We walked towards the garden where everyone was, not saying a word to Xeno, Nthando and the lady he was with.

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‘Mother.’ I said moving away from Kelvin’s grip ‘Wow.’ She said looking at me from a distance I smiled then embraced her.


‘You sure clean up good.’ She teased


Dad came and I greeted him, I knew he was sorry over what he had done last time but I wasn’t giving him any special treatment. I greeted Zaria and her best friend then excused myself because I wanted to use the rest room.


When I was done there, I flushed the toilet; washed my hands then dried them with the towel that had been laid out just near the sink.


I had just unlocked the door when I met Xeno outside.


‘If it isn’t my little sister.’ She teased with a glass of wine in her hands.


I took her in, she was in a short gray body con dress with black wedges. Her hair looked like it had been cut again as it looked like a bob cut now and she had dyed some patches purple.


‘I see you decided to take a bath today.’

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I looked at her not sure if I wanted to get into an argument.


‘So tell me, is it that boy who has made you change the way you look?’ she asked ‘Not everything is about men Xeno, a girl can make drastic changes in her life and it doesn’t have to be because some Jim or jack is behind it.’ I said trying to walk away from her but she held me by the hand



‘I don’t know what this nonsense is about but if you dare come close to my man, I will make sure I rip that already weak heart out of your chest.’ She threatened


I yanked my hand out of her grip with force making her wine spill


‘Now listen to me and listen well.’ I said moving close enough so that my nose was almost touching hers, my eyes piercing through hers.


‘For years I have allowed you to walk over me, for years I have watched you make a fool out of me. At some point I thought it was all my fault but no, now I am convinced that you are just sick in the head and need a lot of help before you realize that you are human.’


I saw her swallow, she had never seen me like that.


‘About Nthando, I don’t see how a man who is already committed still be yours. I have a good man with me and I wouldn’t lose him over a man that tests your fertility and asks you to kill the growing seed in you faster than you can hold it in your hands.’ I said


Her jaw dropped and I saw the tears glistering in her eyes but I didn’t care less. I met Kelvin in the living room and asked him to get me some wine.


‘Are you okay?’ he asked


‘Never been better.’ I responded


Just then Xeno appeared, she didn’t say a word to us. It looked like she had been crying. I just clicked my tongue and watched her walk out.


‘What have you done?’ Kelvin asked


‘Nothing.’ I responded not willing to tell him what had happened ‘Xenia I am not playing here.’ He said his voice stern


I looked at him


‘You are joking right?’ I asked with a raised eyebrow


‘I know your sister is many things but the best way to fight her is being the exact opposite of her and not this.’ He said eying me from head to toe ‘So you are just going to take her side?’


‘I am not trying to take anyone’s side here babe, you cannot begin fighting your sister. She is your blood and if anything you are supposed to be the mature one here.’


I looked at him in disbelief, he sounded just like my mother would sound.


‘Xenia you know I love you, and I would go an extra mile just for you right?’ (Let People Know) More Interesting Stories @ (TOPSTER STORIES) I nodded my head.



‘I am not here for a short term, I am here to stay and I would love to make sure that the lady I want to spend forever with doesn’t live to have regrets.’ He said with a smile before kissing my forehead


‘I need some time alone.’ I told him


‘Sure, I will always be here for you.’ He said then walked out


I sighed deeply them slumped into one of the chairs, I was so sure that putting Xeno in her place would make me feel better but then it just made everything worse.


As if I hadn’t had enough, Nthando walked in causing me to lose the only senses I had.


‘You look beautiful.’ He said, his words going straight to my very coil ‘Thank you.’ I responded with a smile

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