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Drama Queen – Season 2 – Episode 11

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Season 2 {MISS COOK }







[The Jones house ]



“Yes, so can you tell me, how did you meet my dear Mona Lisa?” Mrs Jones asked.


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Leo relaxed on the couch and studied the lady. He saw her curiosity and excitement then he smiled and sipped from the wine.


He wondered if she knew about the selling of silver house and Mona’s trip to Thailand.


He has to find out but not from her, but Mona Lisa.


“Well…” he was about to talk when Mrs Jones jumped in.


“It’s okay. She told me everything this morning and I’m so glad about it.” Mrs Jones said.


Wow, that was close!


What if he had said something else?


“Really?” he said, relieved that she cut him short.


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“Yes, actually. I’m sure she just have told you about her writing skill. Well she isn’t really a perfect writer but she is really trying and her stories could make a very good movie. She just need someone like you to help her out.” Mrs Jones said, surprising Leo.


“She write stories? Wow she haven’t told me that. Has she published any or sold any?” Leo asked.


“No she haven’t.. I don’t know what she said about her not being able to sell any but it’s only few corrections and they are beautiful lines. Please look into it for her. I beg you.” Mrs Jones said.


Leo smiled. “You must be a very nice aunt to her.”


Mrs Jones said. “I love Mona Lisa like I love my daughter.”


Leo smiled.

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He wondered the lie Mona told her about their meeting. He would hear that from her.


He checked the time on his wristwatch. “Thirty minutes gone. Time flies” he said.


Mrs Jones glanced at the wall clock. ‘Yes, it does.” she turned back to him. “Do you mind if I get you something to eat?”


Leo shook his head politely, “no no, I’m very fine with this wine. Thank you.”


Mrs Jones smiled “Alright. Well I just remembered that I haven’t told you about my own job. I’m a nurse, working at Parkston Hospital.”


“Wow, oh my God… great. My mom was a nurse too.” Leo said.



Mrs Jones sighed sadly. “I am so sorry about your mother. She must have been a very good mother.”


“Yes she was. She was the one who really supported my carrier and what I wanted to do and what I wanted to become. She supported my dream to be an actor. My dad wanted me to be an engineer” he chuckled and continued. “But I never liked engineering. We don’t talk even now. I only saw him last at my mom’s funeral four years ago.” Leo said and sipped from the wine. There was no sadness in his voice.






[Silver house ]



In the sitting room, they was a really long silence. Mona Lisa was in thought. Deep thoughts as she thought of what to say. What to choose among the two.


It has to be the second one, she can’t work with Xspark for a year.


What if they don’t give her back silver house?


If Tenten can pay 80% of the money, silver house will be theirs again in a second.


All that is to be done is to find him.


But… Being an xspark employee could be a lot of payment.


Somehow she have read how much the Xspark employed makeup artists are paid just to apply makeups on the flower boys whenever they have concerts, shows or shoots. Talk more of someone who’d be cooking three times a day for them. She’d be well paid, no doubt.


But won’t that won’t be called being greedy? Her parent would get disappointed with her.


What she needs is silver house and not a job from Xspark.


She can’t stay a year before getting it back. No! She is going with the second one.



“I go with the second option. Help me find my brother and he will pay 80 percent of the money and I have this house back.” she said.


The men looked at themselves and shrugged.


“No problem. But what if he refuse to pay?” Mr Lee Thomas asked.


Mona went in thought again.


Tenten will never dare do that!


She would screw him if he doesn’t vomit 80% of that money!


But what if that happens? What if he says there’s no more money?


She shook her head severally, ignoring the weird looks the four men were giving her.


No, no that cant happen. that most never happen.


“No, it can’t happen. He will pay, he will. I know that.” Mona Lisa said.


“No problem. But if he refuses, then you have to go with the first option or you forget about silver house.” Mr Lee said.


“I can’t forget silver house” Mona snapped.


“That’s okay. We will make sure we find your brother and about your accommodation while we do that. Do you mind staying here until we do that? Your room would be furnished by tomorrow and you would still be the assistant cook. The main cook should be resuming by Saturday. Note, we would pay you for your work as the assistant cook. The pay is weekly. 100 thousand wons. As you stay here, we have some rules guiding the employees and the spark5 members. Here. Mr Park, hand her the paper.”


Mr Park handed Mona a sheet and a pen which Mona collected.


As Mona was reading the rules, Mr Park said.



“How would she be the assistant cook when her cooking skill is bad. The boys complained.”


“They have to manage that until the main cook resumes. Note, no buying of foods outside. suspicious will arouse since we have a cook here. Remembers eyes are watching us from every corner.” Mr Lee said.


“Okay sir” Park said.


“What is this? Do I have to do all this?” Mona asked.. She couldn’t believe the ten rules in the sheet.


“Yes… Please abide by it. As you can see, no employee sleeps lives with the boys except the cooks. So those rules are very important.” Mr Lee said.


Mona read the ruled again.





Put your very best in preparing meals for them and be extremely careful.


You must speak to them formally and answer with ‘sir’ and talk to them only when necessary.


You must always wear your chef uniform in the day and dress decently at night.


Neatness, punctuality, honesty, loyalty and focus is what we expect from you.


Everything that happens inside the flower house must not be taken outside the house. Whatever scene you come across or whatever word you hear must exist only in the house. This is very important.


You must not enter into the boys rooms without authorization from him. And


Authorization must have to do with your job as an assistant cook. Any other thing, you must refuse.



If you get harassed by any of them, you must only give complains to Xspark and not attack the flower boys.


Always distance yourself from the flower boys and don’t get too close. Don’t be a fan in flower house, be an employee.


No invitation of anyone to silver house. Whether a family member or friend, it is strictly NOT ALLOWED.


There is freedom of going out of flower house but that must be in the afternoon after lunch and you must return in three hours, that includes going to market.


Congratulations as you work with Xspark!


You won’t regret.


Signed: XsparkDirector – Mr Lee Thomas


Signed: Assistant Director – Mr Chang Young


Signed: Spark5 manager – Mr Kim Won


Signed: Spark5 assist. manager – Mr Park Jerry


Employee Signature:


“Sign up and become an xspark employee. But one last thing. Even if we find your brother tomorrow and he agrees to pay the money the next day, you will have to work with us for a month. Park, give her the agreement sheet.” Mr Lee said and Mr Park did immediately.


“Why do I have to work with you guys for a month?” Mona asked.


“At least to get a tangible thing to tell the mass when we relocate. It would look awkward to buy a house today, move in tomorrow and move out the next day.” Mr Lee said.


“What tangible thing if I may ask?” Mona asked.



“We haven’t figured that out yet but we would once we find your brother.” Mr Lee said.


Mona read the agreement paper.


“It’s fine. A month isn’t too long. I will sign the both papers.” And so she did.


Mr Kim immediately made a call to the Michel, the leader.



Reach to the others that the meeting is over. You guys can come out now. We have a meeting also about tomorrow.


Michel dropped the call and exhaled. He removed the band holding his hair and his short hair dropped. He pushed them back before packing them up again with the band. Then walked out of his room.




“…Your work uniforms will be delivered to you tomorrow with the furnishing of your new room.” Mr Lee said.


Mona raised her brow, “My room room?”


“Yes, sorry Mona but you can’t have a room upstairs with the flower boys. Your room would be downstairs next to the main cook.” Mr Lee said.


“What? There is no room downstairs. Those are tiny stores.” Mona said.


“Well, we would turn it into a room.” Mr Lee said.


Mr Kim sighed within. He didn’t really like the idea of Mona sleeping in that small store room. She was a great help to spark5.


Mona dropped the two papers angrily and stood up. “I can’t sleep in any of that store rooms. I rather tear up these sheets and go out there, tell the world the truth and let whatever that want to happen to go on and happen.”



Mr Park on hearing the words “test up these sheets” quickly picked up the sheets.


“Meow!” cried Blue who had been silent.


“No no, you can’t do that Miss, please sit back down.” Mr Lee said and turned to Manager Kim. “Call the boys back and tell them to wait for a little while, that we aren’t done. You shouldn’t have called them when I didn’t tell you to.”


Mr Kim quickly did that.




Michel had sent a message to all the boys and they were already heading to the staircase, with Michel as the last person when he got a call from Manager Kim.


You guys should stay back. We aren’t done yet, I’m really sorry about that.


Michel ended the call, looked at the back of the four others and sighed.


“Stop guys! They are not done yet.” he said, turned and went back to his room, so did the others.


Jeff was damn worried and felt uneasy. He was the last to enter his room.




[The Jones residence ]



Leo checked his wristwatch again, for the twentieth time… “Oh, it’s almost 7:20 and she’s not here yet. I think you should call her or better still, let me have her phone number and call her myself.” he said.


“Let me call her.” Mrs Jones said and walked to the landline. She made a call across to Mona, it rang and rang but wasn’t picked. She tried two more times but it wasn’t picked.


She got scared a bit.


“She’s not picking up.” she said to Leo who uncrossed his leg and stood up.



“She refused giving me her address. Can you help me with it ma, so I can go over to her house. What if she’s not really fine?” Leo said. Of course he knows the house address now but he has to pretend to the old lady. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


“Oh… Alright, please go to her. It’s Grand street, Silver house 001. Her house is the most beautiful in the area, white and sparkles in the night. You will find it without much stress and it’s not so far from here.” she said.


Leo smiled. “Thanks so much ma. Here’s my number. Call me in few minutes time once I leave so I would be able to reach you when I get there and see her.”he said and took out his Card and handed to her.


“That’s a very good idea.” Mrs Jones said.


Two minutes after he left, he got a call from Mrs Jones



Alright ma, I have your number now. I will give you a call once I see her. he said.


Thank you so much Mr Leo, you are sure a good man Mrs Jones said.


Leo smiled.




[Silver house ]


“…..It’s fine Miss. We Won’t love to have such problem with you, so we will let


you have a room upstairs. The one you are in, currently. But we would love you to abide by the rules on that sheet.” Mr Lee said after minutes of disagreement between them and Mona Lisa.




The first door that opened was Jeff’s..



He wasn’t comfortable and just need to get a glimpse of what’s going on downstairs.


He stepped out to the corridor and was quietly heading to the downstairs staircase, when he noticed a door open, he turned and it was Michel.


Both stared at each other.




“Take the ten rules paper,” Mr Led said and Mr Park handed Mona back the ten rules paper.. ” but we will take back the other one and bring you a copy of it tomorrow. Before 12am..Go to our Employees website..” Mr Lee said and his assistant handed Mona another smaller paper. “…which is written on that paper. You will find a portal for new approved employee. Type your names and your work post, your file will be brought out for you on the screen. Fill the small question blocks there which includes your account details. Submit it and we will see you tomorrow. You have a smart phone right?”


“Yes,” Mona answered.


“Alright. We are done. Please if you may excuse us, we have a meeting with spark5.” Mr Led said.


“Okay,” Mona nodded and stood up.


“Less I forget, you have a sweet looking pet” Mr Lee said.


“Thank you.” Mona said with a faked smile that vanished just immediately and then she left to upstairs.


Just as she got to the corridor, she saw Jeff and Michel at the corridor.


That startled her cos she wasn’t expecting that.


“Are you okay?” Jeff asked her.


Mona nodded. “Yeah”



“What’s that paper in your hand?” Jeff asked.


Mona glanced at the paper like she was just seeing it.


Just then, Michel’s phone rang and he picked it up


“Please excuse me………sir” Mona said and hurried away, into her room.


She sat back on her mattress, exhausted and when her eyes caught her phone at the edge of the mattress, she immediately remembered Leo.


“Oh my God!” she exclaimed and grabbed the phone to see six missed calls from Rose mom.


“Aigooo! What do I do now?” she said and quickly called back. Mrs Jones picked up, telling her Leo should have arrived at her gate right now.


Mona’s mind flew instantly that she feared she’s going to get a heart attack.


She ended the call, and rushed out with Blue and her phone.


‘How could she give him this house address. How do I escape this now. It’s damn late!’


She climbed downstairs ower boys and the men were obviously in a serious meeting.


They saw her and all eyes fell on her.


“I’m going to see someone. You don’t have to worry about anything.” She said and before they could say jack, she was out but that doesn’t mean she didn’t make eye contact with Jeff and Michel.


“That girl scares the hell outta me,” Mr Chang said.


“Me too” Mr Park said.


“I think she’s cool and calm. We can trust her.” Mr Lee said.


“I agree with you, Director” manager Kim said.



Someone immediately chuckled from the five flower boys. It turned out to he Michel.


Jeff breathed out. He didn’t like that.




Mona rushed out of the gate and saw a car a little distance away. She immediately recognized the car as Leo’s.


“Oh my God.. what is he doing here!” she muttered in a scared tone and hurried towards the car.


The car began driving towards her and she covered her face from the headlights.


They soon met, and the car stopped and she stopped too. The headlights went off and the driver’s window glass got wind down. It was Leo indeed.


Mona inhaled.


“Did I get you scared?” he asked her with a very cute smile.


Mona nodded hurriedly “Yes, can I come in?” she asked.


She just wanted them to move far away from silver house.


“Yes, of course.” Leo said and she did, getting into the passenger’s seat and shutting the door.


“Is that your house, it look magnificent.” he said.


“Thank you. Can we just drive around. The weather is cool tonight. I’m sorry for being late. I was very busy.” she said.


Leo smiled. “That’s okay. Maybe you wanna buy me instant noodles tonight, right?” he asked as he reversed and drove away.



Mona sighed and scratched her neck. “I’m sorry, I didn’t come out with any money.”


“That’s fine. You know of any nice place we can have that?” he asked.


“Yes, I do.” she said.


Leo glanced at Blue. “So good to see her tonight. How are you doing Blue? Haven’t seen you in a while,” he said.


“Meow,” Blue responded and both Leo and Mona laughed at that.


[Written by Rejoice Jeremiah✅]







[Beijing, China]


“Woahhh! I love this view. Wow, it’s beautiful up Herr, really beautiful.” Angel said.


They were at the top roof of the 5star hotel they would be staying in for the three nights.


“It’s really beautiful out here. I love this view” Babé said and took a selfie with her camera.


Their manager and one of the hotel workers who was specially picked out to follow them and see to their needs around were all up there with them.


“Beijing is a beautiful place to visit. We are glad to welcome you here,” Cha cha, the hotel worker said.


Li Sugar was taking pictures with her phone but her thoughts were somewhere else, on Michel.


Angel went over to meet her.


“You okay?” Angel asked her…. Recommend you to read more interesting and erotic stories from www.generalloaded.com


Sugar smiled. “Yeah I am. This place is too beautiful to be true. I’ve been too so many places but here look amazing.” she said.


“Yeah, it is..” Angel said.


Sugar exhaled. “Don’t you wish to come here with your boyfriend? It’d be so romantic.” Li Sugar said.


“I don’t even know if I have a boyfriend. I can’t remember the last time Best and I had a talk and even see each other. The truth is that, I wish to end my relationship with Best and wish to date someone who isn’t a celebrity. I don’t think he love me anymore. I remember our early days, It was so beautiful but not anymore. He’s so cold to me.” Angel said.


“Don’t say that. You can’t loose him same way that I can’t loose Michel.” Li Sugar said.


“Sugar, you and Michel broke up.” Angel said.


“We can’t leave each other. He’s mine and mine alone. I will make him mine again and I will bring him here to watch these together.” she said and smiled. “It would be more than beautiful.”


Angel exhaled.









Two plates of Ramen were brought to their table with bottles water, packs of juice and glasses.


“But this isn’t instant noodles” Mona whispered.


“You owe me that one.” Leo whispered back.



Three minutes later into the meal


“Your aunt told me a lot about you.” Leo said.


“About me?” Mona asked.


“Yeah, she told me you are good writer. I was glad to hear that.” Leo said.


Mona sighed. ‘Mrs Jones! How could you!’


“You okay?” Leo asked, noticing her red face.


“Yeah yeah…” Mona answered sharply.


“So, I would love to see your works.” Leo said.


Mona’s heart skipped immediately, she got choked and began coughing.


“Oh my.. Sorry, take water.” Leo said and handed her a glass of water which she took and drank from.


In a minute, she got better.


“Sorry, you okay now?” Leo asked.


Mona nodded. “Yes I am. Thank you.”


“It’s okay, we can talk after we’re done eating.” Leo said.



An hour later


They were back in the car, heading back to Grand street.


Through all that time that they spent at the restaurant, Leo didn’t mention Silver house.


They only talked about her writing skill which she told him a lot.


And it was sure an interesting topic but Leo had silver house in mind to bring up.


And here, in the car now is the right time.


“I saw the news.” he said and Mona looked at him. “What news?”


She totally forgot that what happened would be a news both on the TV, online and newspapers. She totally forgot.


Leo smiled. “Don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about.”


Mona tilted her head in thought.


“You were on the news today.” Leo said and Mona’s mind skipped immediately she got what he’s talking about.


She had no idea what to do?


Should she compose herself and go on with the lie or should she tell him the truth?


Wait, she can’t forget!


Leo Bethel once made a hate speech on Spark5. He and Michel were best friends but now they are like enemies.


She is totally confused on what to do.


“I want to know if truly, you sold the house to Xspark.” Leo asked after noticing her silence.


Mona tried to compose herself but it felt like her words are failing her. She couldn’t say a word.


“If you sold the house, what about your brother and why will you get a job with same people you sold your house to when you must have gotten a whole lot of money to start up your own business?” Leo questioned again.















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