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The Black Angels – Episode 26

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Episode 26






Javan’s Pov:


I stared at her in shock. No; this is not possible.



Olivia’s pregnant!! What the f**k??? How did this happen?


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She’s still passing through conception and in a few days, the baby would’ve been completely formed.



No; I can’t let this happen. She can’t be pregnant for Mishael. Its only going to ruin my plans.






I groaned and left the room angrily.






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Phin’s Pov:


After much conviction, Tabitha finally agreed to return with me so she could see Mishael.



Even a blind man could tell she was scared.



Well, I just pray Gera will be around to control Mishael else, I sincerely don’t know what he’s gonna do.



Tabitha insisted on getting some of her clothes from the house and I agreed and accompanied her.



We got to her little apartment and as soon as we got in, she started screaming someone’s name.



‘Marcia?” She called.


“Marcia? Where are you? Marcia?”



She kept on calling and calling, going into different rooms.


I had a look around the sitting room and thought. So, this was the kind of life she’s been living?



She returned to the sitting room after a while.



“I can’t find her” she said, looking worried.


“Who’s she?” I asked.



“A..A lady. She’s been staying with me for some days now and…I suddenly can’t find her. I don’t know where she went” .



“Well…its possible she went out to visit her friends or something…”



“No; she doesn’t know anyone around here. I mean, she didn’t even tell me she was leaving. She didn’t tell me anything”.


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“Well…she didn’t just vanish, did she? I’m pretty sure she’s fine and might


probably return. But for now, you really need to come with me” I told her,


already becoming impatient.






Marcia’s Pov:


I felt so weak and pained.


My head was hurting like hell.



I opened my eyes blearily and found myself lying on a cold dirty floor. Huh?



I tried sitting up and discovered my hands and legs were tied. What the hell is this?



My mind immediately flashed back to what had happened.



I was at home when I heard a knock on the door and I went to check it out. As soon as I opened the door, it was a lady and she casted a spell on me and I passed out immediately.



But what the hell happened? Who’s she and why am I tied up here?



I groaned and tried sitting up but couldn’t as I was bounded.



Just then, I saw her – the lady. She came up and squatted in front of me.



“You’re awake” she smirked.



“Who are you? Why did you bring me here?” I managed to ask.



“Hmph. I bet you wouldn’t know me. Well, that’s because your mother had me locked up for sixteen years” she said with a loathful look.






“She’s such a fool” she continued.


“After locking my mother and I like animals for sixteen years, she sent me down here to look for you. Well, guess What? I found you. But I’m gonna make sure you don’t go back to her alive”. *




Javan’s Pov:


I opened the door and walked into the room where Olivia sat on the bed, reading a book



“Hey” I called when I got to where she was and dropped the cup of coffee on the bed close to her.



“Hi” she reciprocated and closed the book.



“What have you been reading?” I asked



“Uh…just saw an old book from the closest”.



I nodded and lifted the cup of coffee to her.


I really hope she takes this. She has to.


I can’t let her have a child for Mishael.


“Here; I made you some coffee” I told her and she smiled and shook her head.



“I’m sorry, I don’t take coffee”. She replied and my eyes drooped.













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