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Ecstasy – Episode 40

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The girls sat in front of Eliza fully dressed for battle.


“Today is the day you face Maren for the first time. Its time to show how what you are made of and to see how powerful she is. I seen her fight and I know how she us but i will tell you, you girls will find out yourself. This is your first mission so don’t blow it.” She said.


“Yes Eliza.” Elma said.


“Good. Now Imogene, you haven’t gotten the hang of transforming to a beast yet and if you do, you don’t know how to control it, so try to control yourself and don’t transform. Carlisa, the demons are going to take control of you, that we all know. But try not to kill her yet. Elma, you too haven’t gotten the hang of transforming, but try following the instruction given to you. You can perceive any smell, scents and so on, at any far distance. Vampires have a great smelling ability but werewolves is more great than that of a vampire. And they also have good hearing ability.”


“Really? This keeps getting interesting.” Elma said


“So you girls should expect the worst and the best


I will teleport you girls there now.” Eliza said and created a portal.


“I hope this is successful. Eliza wish us luck.” Elma said.

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“All the best.” Eliza said.


Elma smiled at her and they all entered the portal.



“I will take care of Maren.” Carlisa said.


“Imogene won’t be able to fight her mom, and I have the demons in me so I will be perfectly fine. Should I push through with it Imogene?”


“Do you really had to ask? Go ahead.”


“You two will go look for the red bloods.” Carlisa said and they parted ways.








Imogene and elma ran to the dungeon leaving carlisa behind.


Imogene led the way while elma followed. “Nana.” Imogene called when she got there.


“Imogene.” Marcus called.


“Where is nana?”


“Maren took her to a different cell cause she helped you.”


Ashton said.


“That woman.” Imogene said feeling her anger surging out. “Elma am coming, I need to save her.” She said and left.


“I don’t have the keys to the lock.” Elma said.


“Are you are Richard daughter?” Marcus asked.




“Really? Am marcus your grandfather, abd here are your uncles.” Marcus said pointing at both Ashton and michael.


“Really?” Elma asked excited.


“Quick, get us out of here.” Marcus said.


Elma was about to opened the cell lock using a stone but a sword was thrown to her.


She looked towards the dirctiom of where it came from. She saw five monsters.


“Gosh.” She said.


Her nails came out so did her fangs. Her skin turned pale and her eyes turned red. She charge towards them but fell on the floor before she got to them. “Gosh I haven’t gotten the hangs of it.” She said.


“Ok, listen to me and do all what I tell you to.” Michael said.


“Ok uncle.”


“First of all stand up.”


“Right.” Elma said and stood up.


“Close your eyes and imagine hitting one of them on the face and try doing same thing, be very fast in that.” Elma imagined herself hitting one of them and the face, she then came back to the real world and gave one of them a punch which made him to fall down. “Awesome.”


“Kick the next one close to you and at the same time give the other one at your other side a punch.” Ashton said.


Elma did as she was told. “Cool, am getting the hang of this. This monsters are dummies.” She said and kicked the last two which made them fall on the floor unconscious. “Maren could have made the monster stronger than this but she made them weaklings.” Elma said and opened the cell.


“Let me go and help my friends.” Elma said and left to look for Imogene.


Carlisa was really hitting on Maren so badly. Maren was really weak ,she was losing it and carlisa was showing no mercy.



Imogene searched for Nana in the palace and finally, she saw her with her dad. “Father let go of Nana.”


“You still call me father after everything you have done, after betraying your mother and i.”


“You both lied to me. Now please just let nana go.”


“No, Infact am ending her life. She have been a bad influence on you.”


“Don’t you dare father.”


“Are you daring me?”


Elma traced where Imogene was with her sense of smell.


She saw Imogene and her dad talking but not with love but hatred.


“Father please do not harm her.” Imogene begged.


“She is the only one you love, so now am taking her away from you and this universe.” Gab said and held Nana’s head to twist her neck but Elma with her speed ran and took Nana away but they did not land well, Elma hit her back against a tree while Nana fell on the floor.


“You……..” Gab said going towards Elma but Imogene atop him. “You will have to


to through me father.” She said.


“Then let’s begin.” Gab said.


He used his nails to scratch her neck. Imogene groaned in pain, Gab did not give it a break, he went deep into her neck with his nails. Imogene screamed in pain.


Gab smiled seeing her in pains. Imogene manage to raise her hands and held his neck tightly. Her eyes changed making her grip to be tighter. Gab left her neck and tired removing her hand from his neck. Imogene pinched him hard on the face.


“This is not right, gab is still her father.” Elma said.


“Yes. You go and hold her, I will make him sleep.” Nana said.


Elma quickly held imogene back while nana casted a spell on gab making him to sleep.


“Why did you two get into the way?” Imogene asked.


“His your father Imogene.” Nana said.


“His no longer my father.” The wound on her neck healed by itself.


“C’mon, let’s go help Carlisa.” Elma said.


They all left there going to the palace.


When they got there, maren wasn’t in a good state.


“I need to stop this, now isn’t the time for this.” Nana said and casted a spell on carlisa to make her calm. “You two go help her.”


“We will but I want to talk to my mom first.” Imogene said and went to met her mother, she bent a little.


“Mother you deserve all what you received today. I thought I had a good parent but I was wrong, they are devils. This is just the beginning, the next time won’t be good for you. It won’t be me who will fight you but the chosen one in her full strength.” She said and went back to Elma and Carlisa.


“Are you okay?” Elma asked.


“Yeah, why?”


“They are your parent you know.” Elma said.


“Not anymore.” Imogene said.


Nana teleport them back to earth in the granduwellas apartment.


“Marcus.” Vanessa called.


Marcus looked at her and smiled, they both hugged. “Have miss you. That maren, am so gonna deal with her.” Vanessa said.


“Welcome back home all of you.” Freda said.


She looked at carlisa who Elma and Imogene held to support so she won’t fall. “What’s wrong with her?”


“I casted a spell on her to make her weak if not she was determined to kill Maren.” Nana replied.


“am glad you all are back and your first mission was successful.” Ivy said.








Maren control was removed from both the mansion and hospital.


Eliza gave the news with a smile on her face.


“Wow this calls for celebration.” Aaron said.


“Yes, let’s celebrate, I made pie cakes.” Ivy said and brought it to them.


“Ice won their first battle, awesome. Marcus, Ashton and Michael are back with us.” Freda said.


Carlisa took some pie cake and left the apartment.


She walked to Alex’s door and raise her hand to knock but stop when she heard something.


“Sandra we need to find out more ways to know more about the Granduwella’s. I really want to wrap things up and leave……….. Where are they now?……….This is



so hard. I also think the black out in LA is connected to that strange rain. But from what source……….Right now, its only the Granduwella’s that have an answer. Do all you can to find that nurse.”


Carlisa gasped.


“Let, let me know when you found a clue.” He said and carlisa heard a beeping sound which mean he has disconnected the call.


She knocked on the door, Alex opened the door. “Hi.” He said.


“Hey.” She said.


“What are you doing here?”


“Came to give you a pie, my aunt made enough so we can’t finish it, that was why I bought some you.”


“Thank you.” He said and collected it.


“See you soon.” He back slamming the door.


“Why was he asking about Granduwella’s?” Carlisa asked and quickly went back home.


“We shouldn’t go to the mansion now, someone is suspecting us. We need to he careful.”


“Who darling?” Ivy asked.


“I want to kee that a secret” she said and went to her room.








“I can’t believe those girls defected you.” Gab said. “And also that girl called our daughter, she is such a betrayer. I will kill her when I see her next. But am still surprise Maren, you are the most powerful witch, you defected the vampires, but what happened, some immature girls won you.”



Maren stood up angrily, “have rested enough. I kept all my faith on Imogene, I thought she would take over but no, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have told her to go back to earth. And those demons, have been scared of them but not anymore. I will deal with them so badly that they will never want to cross path with me. Have been silent and weak, now the old Maren is back, but this time more dangerous and powerful, and I got someone to help.”




“The moon maidens and……”


“And who?”


“Rebecca, the chosen one mother.” She said smiling evilly.













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