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Endless Obsession – Episode 40

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Episode 40








I look at the time on my phone and notice five minutes have passed since Poppy went into the kitchen. What in the hell is taking her so long? I know I’ve kept her in bed the past two days, and I’m sure she’s hungry, but damn it, so am I. Not just for food, but her delectable body. I can’t get enough of her, just like I knew it would be once I had her.






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A message pops up on my screen, reminding me of the text I got a few minutes ago from Rex. He was on his way to the station. His guy in the lab department found a match from the blood left behind at Olivia and Tony’s place and he’s sending over the results once he has them.






I pull the message up, only to drop my phone to my lap. My blood runs cold as ice as pure rage rushes through my veins. My teeth grind together as I clench my jaw. That motherfu.cking bastard. I fu.cking trusted him.



I flip the covers off, grab my briefs from the floor, and drag them up my legs. I need to find Poppy. I need to tell her what Rex found out. I need to hold her in my arms, because knowing she’s been so close to this guy for months has my skin crawling. I want to hunt him down this very second and pummel the life from him. I want to feel his bones cracking beneath my fists. I want him to beg for his life as I watch it drain from his eyes. He hasn’t hurt Poppy yet, not physically, but I have no doubt he will. Him killing Brice proves he’s capable of it. I just don’t understand why.






I walk with determined steps down the hall, my anger mounting with every step I take. My nails dig into my palms, and I relish the pain.

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I feel a sense of foreboding when I realize it’s too quiet. Poppy should be making noises in the kitchen. When I round the corner of the hallway, I understand why. The phone I still have in my hand cracks.






Eric, my best fu.cking friend, is sitting on a chair with Poppy sitting in his lap, a knife poised at her throat. Poppy’s terrified eyes are pinned on me as I take another step in the room. My anger mounts as tears trickle down her frightened face. She cries out against the hand that’s over her mouth when the knife digs into her flesh.






“Don’t come any closer,” Eric says calmly.







“Drop the fu.cking knife, Eric,” I growl.

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I see fu.cking red when he just smiles at me and yanks Poppy’s head back further.


A bead of crimson slides down her neck.







“Nah, I like where it is.” His smile is sinister. “Now, why don’t you have a seat.” He lifts his chin, indicting the chair across from him. “I want you to have a front row seat for what I have planned.”







Icy fear runs through me. I have no idea what he’s doing or what he has planned. He’s gone off his fu.cking rocker. How in the hell could he have fooled me so well?




I keep my eyes on the knife as I move slowly to the chair and take a seat on the edge of the cushion, ready to spring forward as soon as I can get the chance.






“Relax. Get comfortable. You’re going to enjoy this.” His words come off as casual, but I can see the hardness in his eyes.






I grit my teeth as I slip back in the seat a bit further.







“What in the fu.ck are you doing, Eric? Why are you doing this? You were my fu.cking best friend,” I force out through my dry throat.



The smile that comes across his face has my fear spiking. It’s eerie and proves he’s not stable.







“Because you took what was mine. Poppy was supposed to be mine, not yours. Now that you’ve taken her, I’ve decided if I can’t have her, no one can.”




I grip the arms of the chair and try to control my breathing. My heart pounds so hard in my chest that I’m surprised the walls around us aren’t shaking with it. My eyes slide briefly to Poppy to see her face is red, except where his hand is over her mouth. The skin of her cheeks around his hand is white from the pressure he’s applying, and wet from the flood of tears that’s coming from her eyes.






I need to keep him talking until I come up with a plan of attack.







“What are you talking about? She was never yours. You didn’t even show any interest in her until a few weeks ago.”






My body tenses when Eric’s hand moves away from her mouth and traces a path down her ribs, until it rests on her upper thigh. She whimpers when his fingers dig in.







I snap my eyes back to his when he says,“Like you? You didn’t go after her until a few weeks ago either.”




“You know why I didn’t,” I growl.







He sneers at me. “I watched her from the moment she started working for the company. I wanted her, but then I saw your interest. I waited and waited for you to make a move, but you never did. All you did was send her those fu.cking flowers every week. Such a fu.cking pussy. Then one day, I was in your office after hours looking for a file on your laptop. You’ll never guess what I found?” His sneer turns heated and he leans down and runs his nose along Poppy’s cheek. Bile rises in my throat.



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“Why didn’t you say something? Why didn’t you tell me you wanted her?”







His laugh is humorless. “Would you have let me have her?”







“No.” It comes out harsh. The thought of his hands on her has my blood boiling. My eyes go to his hand that’s slowly inching its way up her thigh, my black button up shirt she’s wearing sliding away with the motion, revealing more of her flesh.







He chuckles. “That’s what I thought.” He sighs wistfully, his eyes filling with desire again. “Anyway, there she was in all her na.ked glory, there for my viewing pleasure. I sat in your chair and jacked off to the sight of her and it was fu.cking delicious.”




A growl rumbles in the back of my throat. The arms of the chair strain as I force my hands to stay glued to them instead of pouncing on the bastard.






“I broke into the video feed and linked it to my computer so I could see her anytime I wanted.” He leans forward, causing Poppy to cry out when the knife pierces deeper into her skin, but he just ignores her pain. “Fuck, man. You have no idea how much fun I had watching her. It’s fu.cking hot that she sleeps na.ked.” He smirks again. “But you already know this.”






“Watch the fu.cking knife, Eric,” I warn through gritted teeth.







I feel sick when I realize Eric hasn’t done anything I haven’t done myself. However, the difference between me and him is I know when I’ve lost. I may have been relentless in my pursuit of Poppy the last few weeks, and it would have killed me to give her up, but had she truly not been interested in me, I would have. I would have because seeing Poppy happy, even if that was with another man, is all I want. Eric on the other hand has no remorse. He’d rather kill her than see her with someone else.






While he looks down at the knife, I inch closer to the edge of the chair. “What?” he asks, like it’s no big deal he’s damn near slicing her neck. “She’s going to be dead in a few minutes anyway.”




Poppy cries softly and my gaze briefly flickers to hers. I try to communicate with my eyes that everything is going to be okay.







“I’m going to kill you.” My voice, even to my own ears, sounds eerily menacing.






He shrugs. “I know.”







Fuck. This man is twisted.







“How in the hell did you get past the ping reports? I put security on those feeds. I should have been alerted that you broke into them.”






The motherfu.cker laughs, spit flying and landing on Poppy’s cheek. “I know you, Asher. Do you really think I’m stupid enough not to know you put your own security on them? Give me some damn credit. Hacking the reports and changing them was easy enough, since I helped you design them.”






Fucking motherfu.cking bastard!


“Let her go, Eric. You don’t want to do this.” I try to reason with him, hoping there’s still some form of good in him. What in the hell set him off to flip like this?




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“Actually, I want to do this very much. I’m looking forward to it.”







“Why? Why do you want to hurt her? She never did anything to you.”






His eyes turn hard and the hand holding the knife shakes slightly with his anger.


Fear makes its way down my spine when Poppy winces in pain.







“Because she chose you,” he snarls, losing some of his control. This is bad. I can’t let him lose control. “I tried,” he continues, “when you started contacting her. I tried doing it the right way. I asked her out on date, but I knew, I knew, she didn’t want me. You were already under her skin.”






“Why didn’t you just try to pursue her before then?” I ask to keep him talking.







He shrugs again. “I enjoyed watching her too much. It was exhilarating and felt so fu.cking good, knowing I was violating her. When I broke into her house at night, I knew just where the cameras were so you couldn’t see my face. I even knew when you were watching yourself, so I always avoided those times.” He laughs, and the sound has my blood turning to fire. “You wanna know something else, Asher? There were a few times I rigged the camera so it played the same scene repeatedly. It was during those times I had some real fun with her. I touched her,” he whispers. “I’d stripped down the covers and touched her soft pussy. I’d slide just the tip of my fingers inside her. She’d moan a pretty little sound, but never woke up. She tasted so good against my tongue.”



He stops talking and pulls something from his pocket. It’s a piece of lavender silk that I recognize right away.







“Do you know how many times I’ve jacked off in these, knowing they are her favorite pair, knowing they’ve touch her pussy over and over again. Knowing she’s creamed in them while thinking about you?” He brings them to his nose and sniffs loudly, before putting his hand on her lower stomach. Poppy whimpers in his lap, the sound sending shards of glass to my heart.






All of a sudden, Poppy gives a loud cry. Eric’s hand yanks the shirt apart, the buttons going every which way. She scrambles to try to close it, but the knife in her neck keeps her from moving too much. I’m helpless to do anything, just as much as she is. Rage clouds my vision of all reason and before I know it, I’m on my feet, stepping forward.






“Eric!” I bellow. Every vein in my body feels like it’s going to explode from the furious lava flowing through them.






“Sit the fu.ck down, Asher!” he yells, his eyes looking wild. “We fu.cking finish this now. You can do whatever the fu.ck you want with me afterwards.”







A man that knows he’s going to die and doesn’t care is not a man you ever want near the woman you love. There’s nothing he won’t do to get what he wants. I look at Poppy and see her openly crying. Her sobs and fear break my fu.cking heart. I’m trapped. I can’t charge him with fear he’ll run the blade across her throat and end



her life. But I can’t sit here and do nothing. I need more fu.cking time. I glare at him with pure loathing. Once I get my hands on him, there won’t be a piece of him that won’t carry my mark. I wasn’t lying when I told him I was going to kill him. He’s already fu.cking dead.






I stay standing and we glare at each other before he smiles his creepy smile again.






“Fine,” he says with a shrug. “Have it your way.”







Poppy’s shirt is still open, revealing her soft and flawless flesh. I force my legs to lock into place as I watch helplessly as Eric runs his hand that’s not carrying the knife up her inner thigh.






“Mmm… I don’t think it’s fair you got to have her and I didn’t. I think I should get a taste before I snuff the light from her eyes.” Eric murmurs and lifts his menacing eyes to me. He continues with a whisper, “And what makes it even better is you watching. The man who took her from me.”






The next several moments happen so fast, they’re a blur. Eric’s hand lands on Poppy’s pussy, just as there’s a loud bang at the door. I move fast when his eyes go to the door to his left. I lunge forward and grab the hand that’s holding the knife and twist while pushing Poppy to the ground. She gives a small cry, but I can’t focus on her right now. Eric’s shocked face comes to me and he screams when I feel his wrist snap in my hand. Immense pleasure fills me. With a roar, I shove him and the chair tips over. I follow and land on top of him. I swing with every bit of



rage I feel inside me and connect with his face. Bursts of blood splatter on the floor. I pull my arm back and swing again, and again. Each blow to his face brings even more euphoria rushing through me. I feel a hand trying to drag me off, but I lash out and my fist connects with something hard. I’m not nearly done with this bastard. He was going to hurt my Poppy. He did hurt Poppy. He terrified her. Touched her. Cut her. He tried taking what was mine. He needs to die and it needs to be by my hands.



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I hear yelling in the background, but my


focus is on the man lying on the ground beneath me. The need to completely wipe the earth of this bastard consumes me. It’s the only thing I can think about. My fist slams against his nose and I hear a crunch. It’s not enough. I want to feel every bone in his body break beneath my fists. I want to hear his last gargled breath leave his lungs. I want to watch as his chest stops pumping up and down. I want to hear the last beat of his heart. Only then will I be satisfied.






This time, two arms grab me, one on each side. I roar and kick out my legs, connecting a couple times with Eric’s stomach when they manage to pull me away.







“Get the hell off me,” I growl, trying to yank my arms away. I’m not fu.cking done. He’s still fu.cking breathing. I can see it. His chest is still rising. It needs to stop. I need to make it stop.








Endless Obsession

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