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The Prince Maiden – Episode 12

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Chapter 12


Three days later,



Tyler’s POV


She refused to talk to me not even a word.


But I’m happy she’s here, I just have to show how sorry I am.


She doesn’t come out of her room and whenever I give her food, she eats it almost immediately before I leave the room.


Does she know she’s pregnant?

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Gosh, she’s now a prisoner in her own room.


If only I had listened to her and try to understand her.


I reflected back to what the detective had said.


“Do you mind trading places with me or trading wives?


“I love your wife, she’s what I can call a perfection”



“your wife is a role model to others. Her name is being plastered everywhere especially with her speech


Everything has been your wife’s doing. She has been doing it all in your name. No woman would want to do that, instead she’ll want the fame for herself. My wife already took her as a role model.”


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“please don’t stop loving your wife. She’s truly one in a million and the best one could ever ask for. It’ll be bad if you make her cry. She’s precious”


“I don’t think she’s mine to keep because she’ll never forgive me”.


I took my car key and drove out, heading to the address I received on my phone.


“Heyyy! How you? What brings you over?”


“Hi, you’re going with me to apologise to my wife” I replied


“Why would I?”


“Because everything you said was wrong, why did you lie?”


“Who wouldn’t want to trade places with your wife” she rolled her eyes.


“Even if she had left, I still wouldn’t choose you”


“Well even if you didn’t choose me, you would choose another woman who doesn’t deem herself perfect like your wife so that’s enough”


“Now I know you’re crazy, you’re going to apologize to her or yours beloved brother dies right now, you get tired in your workplace and I’ll get you sued”


Her face became pale and white as sheet


“You’re joking right?”



“No I’m not” I said matter-of-factedly ” Now I’m at a point where I don’t care anymore, you made me something unforgivable”


“I hope she leaves you soon then” she grinned


“Are you going with me or not?” I raised an eyebrow


“Fine let’s go”


My phone rang,



“Yes mum?”



“No greetings” mum scoffed over the phone “so you still want her or not?



” Don’t worry about us mum”



“Really?” She squealed over the phone “I knew I chose the right girl for you, she has a very big and generous heart and at the same time daring and bold. I’ll come sometime to see you”


“No mum” I replied quickly “we’ll come over instead, I promise”



“Okay” she hung up happily


“Your mother likes her?” The girl asked


I glared at her and led the way out.


Just outside her room, I heard Allison’s phone ring and decided to wait for her to answer her call before going in.



“Mumm……. I’m fine” I heard her say



“Yes, he’s good too”



“We’ve decided to stay a little longer for now and get to each other even better”



“Yeah no worries, I’m sure”

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“I’ll come home very soon, prepare my room”



“No I’m not sick, just tired”



“Bye, I love you too”


I knocked and opened the door gently.


“Can I come in?” I asked


She looked at me pointedly, I took that as a yes and ushered myself and the girl inside.


She looked at the girl and glanced away happily.


I glared at the girl, signalling she starts talking.


“I’m sorry Mrs Allison, I said really bad things about you to your husband, I painted you as a gold digger and a cheat. I told him all about the bad rumors I heard because you know why? She acting a little too perfect for my liking and I wouldn’t mind trading places with you. So if you’re angry with your husband, forgive him and leave your position to me. I’ll do well with it” the girl said with a rush and ran outside.


“You’re so dead” I shouted after her.


No expression was on Allison’s face, I don’t know what she’s thinking.


She took a book and pen and wrote gently on the paper then sho


wed it to me



“She said things but she didn’t make you do it. That was your decision to make and you choose to do it” she wrote on the paper and threw it away.


“I want a divorce after childbirth, I can’t bear you”


“Please give me till then to make things right” I knelt down by her side ” I’ll never hurt you again. Give me a second chance till you give birth before you decide you want a divorce. I don’t want to lose you please”


She gave a subtle nod.





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