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How The Game Goes With Girls – Episode 19

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Chapter 19


Nicholas’s p.o.v


I heard the story..serina Clark’s… Dorris mother? Revenge? What’s going on?


I stare at Collins suspiciously,aint they working together why Is he telling me this? “How would I believe you, besides you betrayed our friendship…infact , I should be killing you right now, your tricks can’t work this time Collins”I said . He stare at me for a while and rubbed his temple.

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“I knew this was going to be hard”he muttered.


“Okay… those numbers you were showed yesterday…I was the one who E-mailed them ..'”I looked at him more confused.


“I know you won’t believe me but it’s okay..I only sent this emails to you so you will know who’s behind the stolen money from your company, am sure you found the GPRs numbers….24609B is fake …that belongs to me, I never stole anything

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from you….24609h Belongs to Dorris has is real, she’s the culprit behind all the


stolen money , and you couldn’t track her because she has a secret lock, am trying



to get through it …now it will be better you remain quiet let me finish talking”he said, I wish I could just punch him.


“Let’s have a seat and talk better “he said .


I stare at him for a long time before i took my seat on the mini couch . “Why are we talking here what happened to your house”? I asked . He sat down


“I don’t want Dorris to find me with you , so here is more better …do you want whiskey or something? He asked .


I stare at him , is he trying to poison me, sorry but that’s not happening.


“No …start talking”I said .

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He took In a deep breath.


“Sure ,look Nicholas, Dorris asked me for help to destroy you and your family, it all lead to the break up between you both years ago, I didn’t know she was using me I fell for the trick and here I am, your not the only one who hates Dorris I do hate her even much more , her mom is no one else but serina Clark’s who attempt killing your mom years ago… according to everything Serina asked Dorris to play a game to make you fall for her, so she could move on with her revenge, after she escaped from prison she went into another city and transform her self Into someone different”


“She had Dorris after a year of her escape with some rich man whom she cliam she doesn’t love but had no choice to stick to Him cause of Dorris and his money, he died 3 years later and she inherited his property, now my measure concern right now is she’s planning to ruin your reputation using iyna’s background, I don’t know if she’s told you about it but I won’t tell you that , you ask her about it it’s really important”


I stare at him quietly, what background information? is Iyna also faking her love for me ?


“You don’t need to think too much Nicholas, Iyna loves you so much that’s why she’s scared to tell you about it , but you need to confront her befor it’s too late , as for now am discouraging Dorris not to link out the info yet, and I will keep you updated from henceforth about any of their plans ” he said . I stare at him disbelief, but they are working together.


“Collins why are you telling me all this ain’t you both working together? I asked . “Yes we are, and am telling you this because I still love you as a brother, I know what I did was so wrong but I was also deceived, am only doing this to make her think am helping her , so I can carry out my Revenge on her , and to let you know, serina still claims to love your father and she said she will destroy him along with


everyone…..and I won’t let that happen….do you believe me or you think I just


made a conference speech ?he asked .


There’s honesty in his eyes, could I believe him? But all this thing’s are clear right ? Is he saying the truth ?.


“Let’s work together”he suddenly said .


“We want to take revenge on the same woman ,if we don’t act fast we will fail “he said .


“So is it a deal”? He asked .


I stare at his hand for a long time , I think I can trust him just a little.


“Deal” I shook his hand.


He smirked while I gave him a hard long.


Iyna’s p.o.v


Right now am in Nicholas house waiting for him,he asked diva to take me back to his house am seated on the couch waiting for him now .


I checked my time , it’s almost late ,where is he? Just then the front door open and I quickly got up, I rushed and hug him.


“Nicholas….tell me what did Collins say , why was he always stalking me?I asked .


Nicholas looked at me as if searching for something, what’s wrong, he gently


pulled my hand in his .


“Nicholas what’s wrong? I asked


He touched my cheek and Caresse it gently,as he stare into my eyes.


“I love you Iyna “he whispered.


My heart skipped a beat with how he said it, why is he so moody what’s wrong.


“I love you too Nicholas”I said .


“Then why can’t you tell me what I need to know about you …your family.


Everyone around you ? He asked .


Suddenly my heartbeat stopped, I was planning on telling him, but how will he take it , what if he says he doesn’t want to have anything to do with a prostitute daughter, who doesn’t even know her father and the mother detest her?


“Iyna why are you quite, is there something I need to know, about your background? He asked inquisitively.


I moved away from him, I knew I was going to loss him, let me just tell him, it’s no point hiding it , he will find out some day and it will be worse .


“Umm….my mom is ….umm…”I turned my back on him I can’t look at him while


saying this.


“My mom is a prostitute” I said quietly but am sure he heard me.


“What? He exclaimed.


I turned to face him he looked surprised, my eyes getting heavy to cry .


“Yes …she’s a prostitute and she gave birth to me during her prostitution, I don’t even know my father , and my elder brother is the same , we were so poor that’s why she went into prostitution, my mother wanted to abort me but my grandma saved me , my mom says am her worse night mere she hates me alot that’s why my grandma and brother sent me over here , cause I suddenly became a shadow to her…. I had to go away cause she could kill me cause of the hatred she has for me


that my dad ran away after finding out , the same goes to my elder brother, we were born out of prostitution and non of us knows our Father …” I cried. He just stare at me with his eyes still wide .

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“Am sorry I should have told you this , but I was so scared you might not want me anymore, Nicholas I will understand it that you would change your mind about us , I don’t want to be the reason to ruin your reputation, I care alot about you and your business, I know no one would accept a common prostitute daughter to have a relationship with ..and even now I know it will tarnish your name if anyone knows about it, it makes everything worse ” am so broken.


“This is why I was scared to fall for you , I know my life is messed up, you


wouldn’t want to have anything to do with me …am sorry Nicholas, I have to go ” I


quickly turned and ran out.


Nicholas p.o.v


I can’t believe this , she doesn’t know her father ? Her mom is a prostitute?


But…but…but …but that won’t change my love for her, I mean it’s not her fault that she’s been brought into the world by a prostitute right ? She can’t just walk away , I can’t let her go .


She ran out of my mansion I quickly chase after her .


“Iyna stop “I yelled but she continued Running.


“Iyna ….”I yelled .


Once I reached her I grab her hand and sprang her to face me she was crying by now we were beside the gate now.


“Please Nicholas let me go ” she cried struggling.


“I can’t ….don’t tell me you also want to abandon me just like Dorris did , I love


you Iyna …it doesn’t matter if your.mother is a prostitute or you don’t know your fatter , I accept you , I love you” i touched her face with my both hands.


“What about your reputation, it will ruin it once they find out am nothing but a low class woman , I don’t want to hurt you or your family” she cried.


“Iyna I can give anything In the world just to have you , it’s not your fault, I will take care of this mess, trust me ….I would not let this harm you in any way ,my



family loves you , they will still accept you we could work this out , I love you, don’t turn your back on me I love you so much ” I said . “I love you too, I love you ” she said .


I kissed her passionately on the lips and we walked back into my house , I didn’t waste time before crushing my lips on hers again, I lifted her and took her to my bedroom.


And I showed her how much i love her, and won’t stand lossing her.


I love you so much Iyna …your past doesn’t matter.True love is meant to accept anything, that comes in the way .



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