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Ecstasy – Episode 52

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“What the heck is happening?” Aaron asked confused.


The Granduwellas all sat down with worried and confused faces. Imogene and Elma where looking both weak, confused, angry, there where having mixed feelings.

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“I should have known what Maren was up to.” Eliza said.


“But why will she bring back Rebecca for this? She made her evil.”


“She kidnapped Bryan, Alex and jay just to take us there and she hurt them to make us angry. She is so wicked.” Imogene said.


“I will make sure she pays for it.” Elma said.


“Am with you.” Imogene said.


Marcus looked at his mom, “but mom where have you been and how do you know rebecca will be here? What was that thing you use on her?”


“Well, have been in China and I knew she was here cause I stay close by, just got back some says ago. The powder I use was made by me. It made her scared. Remember I went to China to make cures. Well that’s one.”


“But where you able to make everything?”


“Yes. I have the medicine to change a supernatural to human.”


“that is wow.”


Freda said.


“We should talk about this later, for now let’s look for a solution.” Lucius said.








“The only way out for you is through your mind. You weren’t meant to be here cause you are a chosen one and an hybrid who can fall in love with any specie.” Emedin said.


“My mind?”


“Yes think of the person that matters a lot and everything he has ever done, then imagine yourself back at home.”


Carlisa closed her eyes and the first thing she remembered was Alex, her first day with him, and everything that follows. She then thought of the mansion. And a protal appeared.


“Your portal is ready, have a safe trip.” Emedin said.


Carlisa hugged both Richard and Emedin, “thank you grandma, thank you uncle.” She said and went into the portal. She appeared in the mansion.


“Omg, carlisa is back.” Imogene shouted when she saw her.



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The family where so happy to see her, they celebrated carlisa’s return.


After the celebration, carlisa went to Alex house.


“Oh my god, carlisa is that you? You came back.” Alex asked.


“Yes. I will always come back.” She said.


He hugged her tight, “I was scared and worried.”


“So was I but with you in my thought, I was able to overcome it.” She said and looked deep into his eyes. “I finally realize that I can’t do without you. You are all I need and want.” Carlisa said.


She sighed, “I love you Alexander.”



Alex couldn’t believe his ears, carlisa just told him how she felt. Was he dreaming? He don’t know when he did it all he knew was that he kissed her.


“I love you too Carlisa.” He said. He kissed her again.








Finally Carlisa is back, Elma went to the hospital to look after Bryan. His family don’t know about anything yet courtesy Jay. He begged her not to let anyone know.


She sat on his bed. Since the day she brought him to the hospital, she fell in love with the hospital and white coat more than she did before.


She saw Bryan move.




He moved again.


“Bryan doctor.” She called pressing a button.


In no time, a doctor came in.


“He moved.”


The doctor examine him.


“Goodnews miss Granduwella, he’s out of coma and will wake up soon.”


“Really?” Elma asked.


“Yes ma’am.”


“Thank you.” She said happily, she can’t be less happy, finally the love of her life


is out of danger. Finally.








Carlisa breathed on Alex cheek. He held her close to him with his hand round her shoulder.


“So about your mother, what are you going to do next?” He asked.


“Am going to do the right thing, am going to bring her back.”


“How? Why?”


“I will help her regain her memory, it was my fault she died, she died all because of me. As a baby, I used her blood as water and her inside as food. I killed her from the inside. And I blamed her for everything that happened.”


“Carlisa its not your fault.”


“It is.”


Alex hugged her, ” just believe in your self. You are not at fault.”


Carlisa close her eyes enjoying the moment in his arms, she will have to believe in herself.


In the night, when everyone where asleep, carlisa left the mansion and went to a forest. She sighed knowing what she was about to do. She just hope it works.


She closed her eyes, and with a loud voice she said, “I command Rebecca to come here, we have an unfinished business.”


A light appeared in her front, Rebecca came out of it.


“How dare you disturb me.”


Carlisa looked at her mom, she is really beautiful.


“We have a business to deal with.” Carlisa said.




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