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Crazy Vanessa – Episode 2

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Chapter 2



Author Ella





I was finally back in school. My mom found a lodge far away from my old friends and Nnenna decided to come and stay with me.



I was walking to a lecturer’s office when I ran into my old friends. I acted like I didn’t see them and tried to walk past. “Lisa!” Sekinat called after me and a stopped for a while and turned back to hear them out. “Didn’t you see us?” Kira said. “Oh I did.” I said and tried to walk out on them again then Kira held me back. “Look Kira, don’t you ever! I mean ever! touch me again.” I said looking at her sternly. “Lisa what’s going on? Imagine you got back on campus and you didn’t even let us know.” Sekinat said. “You guys got me into that abortion mess. Look at yourselves. You were so innocent before you entered this school. You guys were brainy also. Look at what we did to ourselves. I’ve decided to turn a new leaf so I won’t put myself into any mess that will maybe cost my life. Are you guys in?” I said. “How many times do I have to tell you that we need to hustle. This is…” Kira was saying and I interrupted her. “I thought as much. Bye girls and I’m not willing to be friends with you guys again if you’re not willing to change.” I said and left them in awe.


I knocked on the door of the lecturer’s office and I was told to go in. “Good day Mr. Bello.” I said. “Yes! Good day miss Lisa Ekeh.” He said removing his spectacles. Mr. Bello was a very stern man and it was not usual for him to invite students to his office but when he did, it was usually for bribe to fake their scores. “You sent for me?” I asked. “Yes I did. You have been absent in my class for a while now. What happened?” He asked. “I got hospitalized sir.” I said bowing my head. “And you told no one to sign in for you?” He said. “I’m sorry sir. It was an emergency, I didn’t have the chance to tell anyone that.” I said. “And your roommates? They didn’t know you were hospitalized?” He asked again. “They did sir but…” I said trying to think of an excuse. “They are bad friends then, they don’t care about you but I do.” He said and I looked at him in shock. “What do you mean sir?” I said. “We had an examination that you missed and you know what that means.” He said. I did know what it meant. I had to repeat that semester. “Please sir. Please it wasn’t my fault. I’ll give you money, anything you ask for, just promote me please.” I pleaded almost kneeling. “Oh I don’t want your money.” He said smirking. “Then what do you want?” I asked already knowing what he wanted. “You know now. The usual.” He said laughing mischievously. Before I got hospitalized, I used to sleep with certain teachers just so they could give me the scores I wanted, after the incident, I regretted every single bit of it and I didn’t even want to hear of it again. But this man meant every single word he said and I didn’t want to repeat a semester. My juniors would have no regards for me again. “I’m sorry sir. I can’t do that again.” I said. “Why not my dear Lisa. You know I’ve

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missed your body.” He said and tried to get closer to touch me. “I’m sorry sir but if you dare touch me, you’ll have yourself to blame.” I said strictly and a little too rude to someone older than I was but I meant what I said. “What insult!” He yelled at me. “Now get out of my office immediately!” He shouted and I left. “What do I do now? I’m probably in huge trouble with this man, I can’t repeat a semester, I can’t also sleep with him. What do I do?” These were thoughts running through my mind as I walked down the hallway then I bumped into someone. “Hey watch it!” The person yelled. “Oh I’m sorry.” I said and looked up and it was Charles. “Lisa! You’re finally back.” He said hugging me. “I’m sorry I bumped into you.” I said. “No, I bumped into you intentionally when I noticed you were lost in thoughts and not really paying attention to where you were going.” He said. “Oh. Its just… Never mind.” I said. “So where are you going to?” He asked. “Home. Do you mind joining me? I prepared lunch before I left.” I offered. “Of course, can’t wait to taste your food.” He said and we laughed it off. Then we set off for my house.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen


“What a lovely place you’ve got here.” Charles said looking around. “I know right? My mom got me this place so I can be away from my old friends.” I said offering him juice. “Oh no thank you, water will be fine.” He said rejecting the offer. “Alright.” I said going back to the kitchen. Then I returned with a glass of water. “So why did you decide to isolate yourself from your friends?” He asked sipping from his cup of water. “I don’t want to be with them anymore, you’re looking at the new version of me.” I said and smiled. “I’m so glad. I’ve waited so long to hear you say those words.” He said. I could see the glitter in his eyes. I was in love with him, I didn’t know if he felt the same way. “Okay! Now you’re good, can I bring lunch?” I said excitedly. “Of course! I’m famished.” He said.


We finished eating to our satisfaction and then we decided to play a game of chess. I had the chess board since I was a kid. It was the game my father loved to play before he passed out. Then I decided to keep my memory of him alive by playing it every now and then. “And I win!” I shouted after beating him the second time. “Alright you win. I agree that.” He said and stopped. “Say it?” I said nudging him a little. “That you’re the Queen of chess.” He said. “Wohoo!” I shouted in excitement. “And also the queen of my heart.” He said. “I’m sorry what?” I asked because I wasn’t sure of what I heard. “Lisa. Ever since I met you, I always had this thing for you. You never liked me but I did. Though we’re in two different worlds but I still feel like we’ve know each other for so long. Lisa please give me a chance to be your knight in the shinning armour.” He said kneeling and holding my hand.



“Charles I also liked you! But I didn’t know you did and besides I was still dating that no good Tobi but it’s over between us now. So my answer is yes!” I said and he lifted me and swirled me around for a while then dropped me. “This is the happiest moment of my life.” He said hugging me. “Oh don’t be silly Charles. This is my happiest moment.” I said and we laughed. “Oh its 6pm already.” Charles said looking at his wrist watch. “Its time to go.” he added. “Okay. We’ll see later then.” I said then walked him to the door. “Take care of yourself Lisa.” He said and kissed me on the cheek. It felt like the movies to me. That part where a highschool girl newly falls in love with a highschool hottie. I started blushing but he didn’t see it because he already left.





“Really you guys should take it easy on her. She wants to change, leave it for her.” I said trying to convince Kira and Sekinat in their lodge. I went there to pack my things and Lisa’s so we could completely move in to our new lodge. Then I got a phone call and it was Lisa.


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Me:: hello



Lisa:: Nnenna where are you? Its getting late oh and I want to lock up.



Me:: I’m sorry Lisa, I didn’t finish with my course mates early but I’m there now.


Lisa:: Okay but please hurry. I have gist for you.



Me:: okay I’m almost done self. I’ll be with you in a jiffy.



Then I hung up. “That was Lisa right? You guys are unbelievable.” Sekinat said folding her arms. “Yes! And childish too. Imagine grown up girls moving out because they claim we’re a bad influence.” Kira said. “Okay oh. You guys should Say whatever you want. But I advice you guys to change.” I said. “I’m leaving now. Come and open the door for me.” I said when I was done packing. Sekinat just threw the keys at me and angrily walked inside. I just smirked and grabbed the



keys from the floor. When I opened the door, I alerted them to lock their door before they get robbed.


**In the lodge**


“Someone has been missing me.” I said as I entered the lodge. “Yes. You’ll never believe what happened today.” Lisa said excitedly. “What happened?” I asked still carrying the things I packed from Kira’s place. “Just drop the load first, the gist is not running away.” Lisa said giggling. We were done arranging our things then we sat down to eat dinner. “Charles asked me to be his girlfriend today.” Lisa said excitedly. “Really? Babe. You’ve got yourself a nice one. Hope he treats you right and you do the same.” I said. “Of course now. Trust me!” She said laughing. “By the way this meal is unusually delicious, what happened?” I said, jokingly. “What’s that supposed to mean now?” She said frowning her face. “Maybe it’s the love you feel for Charles.” I said laughing. “Is it that I don’t cook well or what?” She said. “See babe I was just joking, don’t mind me.” I said. “That’s better, I was about to take my food away now.” She said laughing. “Ha!” I exclaimed. “Someone cannot play with you again?” I said and we both laughed. “But Charles will be a very busy person oh. You know he’s a medical student.” I said. “Yes. But it doesn’t matter. It even gives me peace of mind that he won’t have time for other girls.” She said. “Nawa!(exclamation) you’re there!” I said laughing. I stood up to go to the kitchen to get some water. “Where are you going?” She asked. “To take more meat.” I replied laughing. “Someone cannot stand up again ” I added. “Babe when you’re ready come and join me in bed.” I said walking to the room. “I’ll join you later.” She said chatting on her phone.






I went into the room to check if Nnenna was already asleep and I confirmed it. So I went back to the living room and gave Charles a call.



Me:: Hey



Charles:: Hey lover girl.



Me:: really. That’s the best name you got for me.

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Charles:: I’m bad at giving nick names. Alright I’ll work on something else.


I laughed heartily



Me:: How was your journey?



Charles:: It was normal. The usual hustle and bustle of the Ibadan commercial drivers.


Me:: Yes about that.



Charles:: What?



Me:: I was thinking you could maybe use my car for the meantime because I think you need it more than I do. I mean, you’re busier than I am and you go to different places you know? As the course Rep and all that.


Charles:: Really? Then what car will you use?



Me:: Oh don’t worry about me. My uncle will get me a car soon so don’t bother about that.


Charles:: I know you care about me but I’m sorry I can’t accept that offer.



Me:: well, I’m not taking no for an answer. Come by my house tomorrow to take the keys.


Charles:: You see…


Then I interrupted him.



Me:: Goodnight Charles. And make sure you come here to get the key.



Charles:: Alright. Thank you so so much. You’re the best! Goodnight.



I felt fulfilled that I had at least done something good to someone then I went to sleep, satisfied.





I was back from Lisa’s house so I drove in majestically with the car she gave me. Then I entered the house and met my already excited friend, Chris. I guessed he already saw the car. “Oh boy! Where did you get that car from?” He shouted excitedly and gave me the guy handshake. “My babe gave it to me.” I said smiling. “I knew the car looked familiar.” He said. “But seriously, that girl is a tough one. We had to argue about who would take the car. I told her to forget it but she still insisted so here it is.” I said spreading my arms. “Guy! You have hit the target. Congratulations man.” He said and gave me the bro hug.


**At school**


I got cornered by Tobi and his dangerous friends when I was waiting for Lisa to get a few things before we left. “See guy! You don fall our hand oh(you have disappointed us.)” One of the guys said. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I said. “Shut up pretty boy. So you think say you fit collect my babe japa like that abii(so you think that you can steal my girlfriend and go scot free right?)” Tobi said. “Look Tobi. Accept the fact that she doesn’t want you anymore.” I said. “Oh he’s still blowing grammar for us!” One of the guys said angrily and wanted to hit me then thanks to God Lisa located where we were. “Guys. What’s going on here.” She said. “Nothing babe just having a little chat with the guys nothing more. C’mon let’s go.” I said leading her out of there to the car. “I hope he’s not picking on you.” She said when we were in the car. “You know he can’t pick on me. Your boo is strong.” I said and we laughed it off.




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