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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 14

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Chapter fourteen



Ryan pov


“What do u want?” I asked.


“I want u” she replied.


“I don’t get u.” I said.


“U can stop pretending like u don’t understand bcos I know u do.” she said.


“U are going to do the things I want u to do and there will be no problem,” she said.

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“How can I trust u?” I asked.


“Bcos u have no choice than to trust me, don’t worry it is just a simple task” she said and smirked.


Vivian pov


I can’t believe what Vincent’s mom said.


I can’t believe am getting married in two weeks, I can’t get married now totally not now.


‘What should I do,’ I thought.


“Why now” I said whimpering.


I don’t want to get to get marry.

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Vincent pov


“Seems like my plan is working perfectly,” I said and sat down on the sofa.


I was the one who asked my mom to make the wedding take place in two weeks time.


I can’t lose her to another guy after all dis years.


I have liked Vivian since my childhood and she has been the only one on my mind.


I can’t lose her to a guy who came a month ago.


Definitely not.


And anyone who stands in my way dies.


If I can’t have her no one will.



Vivian pov


It been a week now, dat means I have a week left to the wedding.


Vincent’s mom have been preparing, I even got my wedding dress yesterday. I haven’t told Ryan about the wedding, how will I? We hardly see each other.


He seems to be busy.


Hiding something from me but none of dat matters if am getting married in a week’s time.


I have tried talking to my dad but he said he has no choice.



Getting married to Vincent was my mom’s dying wish, both her and Vincent mom were best friends.


I really can’t escape dis marriage.


“Darling,” Vin’s mom said as she entered my room and sat down on my bed comfortably.


“U have to see dis cake, I was thinking we should use dis” she said showing me some pictures.


“Whatever u want?” I said resultantly.


“What is going on?” She asked.


“Nothing,” I said.


“Don’t lie to me, we’ve been together for long so I know when u are happy ” she said.


“U are right, am not happy” I said.


“Why is dat?” She asked


“Bcos of dis marriage, u guys are just rushing it without caring about what I want.”


“U guys are busy making decision for me, I don’t know if I like Vincent or not but u guys just want to get us married and start living like husband and wife like it’s dat simple” I said.


“But u guys have known each other for years” she said.


“But dat doesn’t mean I love him.” I said.


“I don’t want to rush into marriage like dat, I want to feel something for him more than just being friends” I said.


“And when is dat going to be?” she asked.


“I don’t have the answer to dat” I said.


“But I really don’t want to rush into marriage” I said.


“First I want to thank for listening and agreeing to dis marriage not all kids will agree” she said.


“But I want you to know I can’t cancel ur marriage but I can postpone it” she said while I looked at her glad.


“U have a month,” she said and left my room.


“Yes!” I shout.


I took my shower, pick a beautiful dress and applied my make ups.


I should at least tell Ryan about dis.


‘But am going to just tell him about it, don’t I look overdressed’ I thought.


“Who cares” I said and giggled.


I took a cab to Ryan’s house, I have to be careful so no one will suspect us.


I got to Ryan apartment, I didn’t bothered ringing the bell.


He told me his password, I opened the door and entered.


I was surprised by what I saw.


Linda in a towel.


“What is going on here?” I asked.


Ryan came out from a room.



“Vivian,” he called surprised.


“Care to explain what is happening?” I asked.


“Linda why are u in a towel?” He asked also surprised.


“What do u mean love, u didn’t tell Vivian dat we are dating” she said rubbing his chest.


“U know what, am out of here” I said and left.


“Hey wait up,” Ryan said.


“Let me explain” he said.


Hey” he said as he caught up with me.


“I have my reasons,” he said.


“I don’t want to hear it,” I said jerking my hand out of his and started walking but he held me back by back hugging me.


“Am sorry” he said.


His reactions melt my heart.


“Ok,” I said. “Let’s hear ur reasons”


“Ok,” he said and we head to the park near his house.



Linda pov


I was going out, when I saw vivan coming.


Both me and Ryan just came back from a date, he pretend to be my fiance in front of my parent.



I went back inside without Ryan knowing.


I picked a towel I saw, removed my dress and wrapped it on my body.


Vivian entered and started asking Ryan questions.


Exactly what I want? I want them to break up but I guess my plan failed when I saw Ryan back hugging Vivian and they left holding hand.


The anger within me knew no limit.


It is not like am really into Ryan but I don’t wish to see Vivian happy not in dis world not in the next.


Seeing her sad makes me happy, like am on top of the world happy.


But seems like my plan is failing so I go for plan b.


There is no way they will be together after it.


And dat way Vivian will be sad till she dies.



Vivian pov


“So she threatened u?” I asked.


“Yes, I have no choice” he said.


“But u could still have told me” I said.


“I wished to, and it is not like am the only one keeping secrets” he said.


“What do u mean?” I asked.


“I know u are getting married in a week’s time” he said.


“Actually it is a month now” I said and bit my lower lips.


“So what are we going to do?” I asked.


“I don’t know, guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” he said.


“We have just started dating but, now we will have to….” I stopped.


He chuckled at my words.


“Let not think about it but think about what to do with our limited time” he said.


“Sure,” I said and smiled.


My phone beeped, I looked it and it was a text message from my dad telling me to come home.


“I have to go back home,” I said.


“Sure,” he said sad.


“Bye,” I said and pecked him.


“Bye,” he said.


I hailed a cab and entered.


I Kept thinking about his words.


He is right we have limited time but I should at least spend my limited time with him.


“Stop,” I said to the driver.


“What?” He asked.


“Stop,” I said and he did.



I step down from the car and went back to the park but I couldn’t find Ryan.


I ran to his house.


I pressed the bell breathing heavily.



Ryan pov


I went back home and couldn’t find linda, thank God she is gone.


A month, I wonder what will happened after a month.


Can I let go of Vivian after a month, can I do it?


The door bell rings.


I stand up and went to opened the door.


“Vivian” I called surprised.


“So I have been thinking, we have a limited time left. “Why don’t make sure we spend the time to fullest” she said.


“What do u mean?” I asked confused.


“I love u,” she said and pulled me closer and kissed me.


Now I understand what she meant.


I pulled her in and closed the door.




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