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Sequence 12




© Aaron Ansah-Agyeman




Bajoe scrambled to her feet with a cry of alarm, but her feet got entangled by her jeans, and she went falling down heavily on the floor again.


The police commander, Derbie Gyeshie, uttered a cry of absolute revulsion as she suddenly flew at the IT operative.


“How dare you dirty my office with your lustful and disgusting behaviour!” she cried as she landed two hefty slaps on the hapless Bajoe’s face.


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Adobea, still crying silently, turned around and rushed for the door. Shalom got to his feet and rushed toward her blindly.


“Adobea…please, wait for me, wait for me!” he cried, obviously distressed at the sight of her shattered expression and not paying any attention to the infuriated commander as she continued to beat Bajoe. Opanyin Asare looked at Shalom with stunned eyes.


“The kidnapper was apprehended, my boy,” he said dully. “You did it! We came to inform you…and here you were greasing yourself!”


“I was not greasing myself biara!” Shalom said with absolute indignation. “Bajoe was teaching me how to do atopa in dog’s fashion and others. It did not stick in. I was afraid it will stick in.”



Opanyin Asare looked at Shalom, and then he looked down at the boy’s still dangling appendage, and then he scowled and turned to look at the open door but Adobea was already out.


“Did you…put that thing into my daughter?” he asked in a concerned voice.


“What thing?” Shalom asked, flustered.


Opanyin Asare pointed at the boy’s dwindling appendage.

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“My pe.nis is not a thing,” Shalom said with a shake of his head. “No, we haven’t done that yet. I want to marry her before!”


“I see,” Opanyin Asare said curtly. “You want to marry my daughter by going around putting your stupid pe.nis into any woman you meet for the first time?” Shalom gasped suddenly, and then his lips trembled as tears came to his eyes immediately.


“Oh!” he said, his eyes widening. “Adobea is…she is hurt, isn’t she?” The older man sighed and nodded sadly.


“I think she’s pretty hurt,” he said, and his voice was a lot calmer. “Amazing! I didn’t know she felt that way about you!”


“Oh, no, no, no!” Shalom said dejectedly. “I never meant to hurt her! I was just learning. Bajoe…she told me if I don’t learn it properly, Adobea will leave me for another man…and I was scared!”


“You better go and explain it to her then,” Opanyin said. “She took permission from her job to come and give you support here, and this sight just about killed her soul.”


Bajoe screamed as Commander Gyeshie held her hair and threw her hard into a table, and then kicked her in the thighs.


Shalom hurried toward the door as Opanyin moved toward the women to separate them. He had to hold the Commander tightly to stop her from inflicting further damage on Bajoe who now had a torn lip and a really hideous bulge over her left eye.Read more interesting and erotic stories from


The weeping girl took the opportunity to flee into the washroom, and Opanyin smiled secretly as he watched her huge backside wobbling as she ran.


Shalom raced outside where he saw the Member of Parliament, Josh Aboagye, and the other top-ranking officials running up the staircase. There were reporters behind them but some big policemen were trying to stop them from following. “Hey, Shalom, Shalom, my main man!” Mr. Aboagye shouted. “You did it, boy, you did it! You solved the case! We got the kidnapper! We captured him and rescued…yei, Shalom, why is your pe.nis outside like that? What is wrong with you?”



They had all stopped and were looking at the handsome young man who had still not tucked in his dangling organ. Some of the reporters were trying to aim their cameras to capture this rather incredible sight, but the policemen were frantically pushing their cameras away, shouting that they would be arrested for taking any unauthorized photos.


Shalom stopped with some confusion and looked down at his dangling member. “It was Bajoe,” he said in a most depressed voice. “She put my etutobi into her mouth, then her anus, and then her etwe bokiti. She told me she was showing me how to do it well…but Adobea is hurt! Oh, Adobea, I need to find her!”


“Oh, that Bajoe, she caused another confusion, right?” said one of the BNI officers hotly. “Always wants something inside her buttocks, that one! She was the one that made Kwesi Mintah’s wife leave him two years ago when she forced him to do it during his twenty years wedding anniversary when they were saying the vows again! Right there in the church, after his vows when we were all dancing! She took Kwesi Mintah behind the statue of Mary and they were doing it jiga jiga jiga and the statue broke…and kweeeerh…there they were! And she has done it again!” Shalom had momentarily forgotten his woes and was laughing now.


“Their atopa shew broke the statue of Mary?” he asked whilst giggling. “Heerh…atopa commando, atopa Jet Li, atopa shaolin Shinto Shinto shifo!” “Don’t stand there and fool, my young friend!” the Member of Parliament said indignantly. “We met the young lady, quite depressed! If you don’t want to lose her you better go after her now!”


Shalom stopped laughing immediately and moved forward in a rush. “Yes, yes, oh Adobea!” he cried, worried. “I love Adobea!” “And zip up that thing already, aaaaba!” Josh Aboagye said.


Shalom quickly put his lance back into his trousers, zipped up, and hurried down the stairs past the stunned and excited journalists.


“Hey, Shalom!” Josh Aboagye shouted. “Thank you very much, okay? There’s a handsome reward for any help toward capturing the kidnapper, and I think you just won it!”


“Shalawele!” Shalom shouted as he descended the steps rapidly.


At the mention of the prize and the fact that Shalom had helped capture the kidnapper, the journalists now turned and began to pursue him.


When Shalom got downstairs he saw a young policeman holding the upper arms of the distraught Adobea and trying to speak to her, but her right hand was across her forehead as she fidgeted, evidently not in the right frame of mind to speak to him.



When she saw Shalom, however, she quickly turned and rushed out of the police station.


“Adobea, please wait, wait!” Shalom screamed and began to run frantically. Adobea, weeping dejectedly, was running outside, and Shalom also ran furiously after her, pumping his arms hard and then finally caught her at the lorry station. He slipped his arms around her waist and held her hard, stopping her from further flight.


There were a lot of people at the station, obviously as a result of the kidnapping case, and eventually some of the journalists also caught up with them.


“Let me go, Shalom, please,” Adobea said softly as tears fell down her face. “I don’t want a scene!”


“Your tears hurt my heart, Adobea!” Shalom said desperately.


“Really?” she whispered in great pain. “Shouldn’t you have thought of that when you were hurting me by making love to that woman?”


“I didn’t make love to her!” Shalom said indignantly as he shook his head hard. “No, no, no, I didn’t!”


Adobea gasped and took a step back.


“You didn’t sleep with her?” she whispered in pain. “I saw her on top of you…riding you!”


“Am I a horse?” Shalom said indignantly. “She put my etutobi inside her holes, yes, three holes! But I was not making love to her!”


“What do you mean three holes?” Adobea whispered with unbearable pain. “She sucked it, and then put it inside her va.gina and her anus!”


“Gyimmii!” cried an irate elderly woman in a severely-sewn kaba as she glared at Shalom with wild eyes. “Ahhh! Leave him, young woman! He doesn’t deserve you! Men and their wickedness!”


“Herrh, don’t make Adobea leave me, you bad woman!” Shalom shouted at the old lady. “She told me that if she doesn’t show me how to make love to a woman properly you will not be satisfied with me, and you’ll leave me and take Reuben back! She was only teaching me that dog style and other styles! I didn’t even want to do it because I couldn’t find her va.gina when I opened her buttocks! Her thighs were too big so the va.gina was lost. She herself took my…”


“Gyimiiii!” the old lady screamed, stepped forward and slammed her handbag into Shalom’s face. “Ahhhh, you’re so stupid!”


“Agyeeeeiii!” Shalom shouted and held his cheek as he glared at the woman. “You witch! What did you do that for?”



“You’re a fool!” the irate lady shouted, causing many people present to laugh heartily at what was going on. “You cheated on this wonderful woman and she’s hurting…and you’re standing there describing the act too! Are you a fool? Are you stupid? Can’t you see you’re hurting her?”


“I’m trying to explain!” Shalom said in a soft, child-like voice, and tears suddenly shone in his eyes. “I just want to explain, Adobea! I don’t want to hurt you!” “Explain what, Shalom?” Adobea whispered painfully. “I love you. You told me you want to wait and make it right before making love to me. You explained it so beautifully, so nicely, so maturely! And now you tell me you slept with a woman you just met simply because she conned you into thinking she’s teaching you how to make love?”


“He’s such a pathetic liar and a fool!” the old woman screeched. “Ahhh, what nonsense!”


Shalom shook his head hard, and tears trickled down his cheeks.


“No, no, you bad woman, I’m not lying!” he said painfully. “It is the truth, Adobea, please! Now that I know it hurts you I’ll never do that with any other woman no matter what!”


With a cry of disgust the old lady threw her bag at his head again, but this time


Shalom ducked, and she lost her balance and crashed down hard on the ground.


Her headgear fell off, revealing her hard, hairless head.


“Conkahead!” Shalom screamed with glee and began to prance around with obvious delight. “See your conkahead, Abrewa! Conkahead Abrewa nana!” A lot of people were laughing now at this rather peculiar behaviour. Two young men were standing a way off watching and laughing.


“Heerh, you rec that paddy?” one said. “Ebe him, remember? That paddy who put chicken thigh and stew into ein pocket that other night!”


“Yeaaahh!” the other shouted with a laugh. “The one with the howa chick? The crazy handsome paddy?”


“Yeah,” his friend replied. “But I no sure sey e craze. E just no correct, like ein mind dey trouble am small!”


Adobea turned and began to walk away.


Shalom stopped whooping and followed her, catching hold of her arm and turning her around.


“Please, Adobea!” he said painfully. “Don’t do this! I love you!” She shook her head at him painfully.


“Do you even understand the word, Shalom?” she asked and brushed tears from her cheeks. “You can’t tell me you didn’t know making love to that lady was going



to hurt me! Shalom, you’re a genius, the cleverest and smartest person I have ever known! You cause things to happen!


Jesus, you just solved a kidnapping case that had been going on for weeks! You’re a physics wonder, you’re so amazing! Lord, you explained to me how you wanted everything to be right between us even when I practically threw myself at you!


How do I juxtapose all that with this flimsy excuse that you made love to her because she was showing you how to make love?”


“But it is the truth!” the young man cried with absolute confusion. “Why can’t you understand that, please? I won’t do it again because when I see you hurt and crying it also makes me hurt and cry!”


“It doesn’t make sense to me!” Adobea whispered, shaking her head. “I want to believe you, Shalom, but my heart is so shattered! Why? Is it because of her…what do you call it, boodan what?”


“Boodankadunks!” he said with a wild giggle, and then his face clouded over immediately and he became sad. “No, no, Adobea! I love yours. You’re beautiful and curvy and sweet, but that’s not it. I feel you inside me all over and you’re precious!”


“This paddy no correct one sef!” one of the journalists said with a shake of his head.


Adobea flagged down a taxi.


“Go back to the police station, Shalom,” she said painfully. “I just need a little time to myself.”


“But I want to be with you!” he said desperately, his face all cut up with sudden terror. “Don’t leave me like this, Adobea, please, I beg of you. I won’t do it again, please, please, pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplea…”


“Shalom!” she said, cutting into his hysterical voice. “When such things happen, women need a little bit of time to themselves, do you understand?”


He stopped speaking and stared at her, and then he nodded once.


“Good,” she whispered. “Go back to father. I need a bit of time to myself, okay? I’ll see you at home.”


She turned quickly and entered the waiting taxi.


Shalom just stood there watching her, and she made no attempt to stop her again. As the taxi moved away Adobea turned around and looked at him. He was still standing where she had left him, and there was a frantic look on his face. She turned quickly away, leaned her head on the back of the seat and then shut her eyes.



The images of that girl on top of Shalom with her massive buttocks moving fiercely in the throes of her orgasm came back to mind, and she gasped frantically at the pain that seared through her.


Shalom stood quite still as the taxi moved away, and the expression on his face was so distraught that those near him were moved with pity, especially when his eyes filled up with great tears that slowly fell down his handsome cheeks.


“Yes, she left you!” the old woman screeched as she came around to stand in front of Shalom, clapping her hands gleefully into his face. “Gyimiii! You men think the world revolves around you so you can fool and do whatever you want! Apuuuu!


You’re nothing, nothing, do you hear? Nothing! She’s left you…and now you’ll see your piiiiinga!”


“Fior!” Shalom screamed at her and pointed his hand at her with four fingers crooked and his thumb pumping, just like a petulant child, and his eyes blazed with fury. “Onye …, Abrewa Conkahead witch! It’s sweet for you! Otweeeeeaaaaka!” This crude gesture, coupled with the childlike passion his words were uttered, and his utter lack of shame that he could be crying and hurting so plainly, finally made the people around him know that indeed this was a young man who was somehow a child.


He turned away dejectedly even as the journalists now aimed cameras at him and put their microphones to his mouth and fired questions at him rapidly relating to how he had helped the policemen capture the kidnapper.


“Fior!” Shalom screamed at them. “Go away! Leave me alone!” Meanwhile, Adobea opened her eyes finally and sighed greatly.

“Driver?” she called as she took a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped her


face. “Take me back, please.”


“What?” the young driver asked.


“Turn down the volume of your music so that you can hear!” Adobea said indignantly.


The startled taxi driver turned his volume down.


“Take me back to where you picked me, please,” Adobea said in a gentle voice.


“Sorry for barking at you.”


“That’s alright, madam,” he said.


And when they got to the bus station, there was no sign of Shalom.


Adobea’s heart skipped a beat when she got out of the taxi. There was an excited hubbub as the people around saw that she had come back.


“Where’s he?” she asked in a dry voice. “Did he go back to the police station?” A kind-looking lady journalist shook her head sadly.



“He was…shattered,” she said softly. “He simply got into a trotro that stopped, and it took him away.”


“Oh, Lord, no!” Adobea whispered with horror. “Took him away where?”


“I don’t know, lady,” the journalist said. “It went down that stretch. Maybe you can catch up with him when it gets to the main station, which is not far from here. It was a yellow two zero seven Hyundai bus.”


Heart beating with pain and strife, Adobea got back into the taxi and asked the


driver to go down the road toward the main station and look out for a yellow bus.


But, although they stopped two yellow buses on the way to check before


eventually getting to the main lorry station, Shalom was no where to be found!


He was gone!




“Oh, God!” Adobea whispered in agony as she held her temples and her tears fell harder. “Oh, what have I done? Oh, Shalom, my love, what have I done? My dear Lord, oh God, please, bring him back, bring him back, God! I forgive him, I need him back…I need him back, Lord, please! Shalom, Shalom, I love you so!”






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