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The Pink Clouds – Episode 29

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When Rebecca heard that, she ran into the room and unexpectedly kissed Richard.




“Why didn’t you tell me that he threatened to kill me?” Rebecca asked.





“Well, I just don’t want you to be worried,” Richard replied.



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“I will make sure I find a way to bring him down,” Rebecca vowed.




“And for you, I will never forget this betrayal,” she said looking at Achuba.


“I am really sorry, is not that I despise you or something, I was just talking about my own point of view,” Achuba explained.




“I’m pretty sure that if Richard was like other guys, you could have convinced him.”




“Then you are lucky that he’s not like other boys,” Achuba smiled.

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“Stop trying to act cool,” Rebecca said and walked out.




“How comes we didn’t notice her arrival?” Achuba asked.




“I didn’t know that she’s an expert in sneaking until now,” Richard replied.




“Did you talk to Thomas?” Achuba asked.




“No I didn’t,” Richard replied.




“Don’t tell me that is really over between the two of you,” Achuba said.




“Is pretty obvious that it is,” Richard said.



“You know, I’m absolutely certain that the feelings Thomas has for your sister are real. He has been in worry for the past day and I’ve never seen him like that,” Achuba announced.




“Well, that’s not my problem,” Richard replied.




“Can I ask you something?” Achuba said.




“Yes you can,” replied Richard.




“When you first fall in love with Rebecca, you told me that you weren’t supposed to fall in love with her. But despite all the reasons not to fall for her, you were blinded that you couldn’t see the reality. You even chose to give up school because of your love for her,” Achuba announced. Richard remained quiet for a moment.




“You are absolutely right,” Richard finally spoke.




“Don’t you think is the same thing for Thomas? I noticed they looked at each other the day they first met and Thomas even had her phone number. But I quickly interfered and reminded Thomas of the consequences of his actions, and because of that, he didn’t call her,” Achuba explained.




At that moment, Emmanuel walked into the room.




“Hey Richard, do you know how to play FIFA on PlayStation?” He asked.




“Actually, I’m not that good. It’s been years since I last played a video game,” Richard replied.




“Do you have the game with you?” Achuba asked.




“Oh yes I do, it is in my room,” Emmanuel replied.


“Bring it here, I would to play it,” Achuba replied.


“Okay, give me a moment,” Emmanuel said and went to his room.


Rebecca was in the dinning room with her books doing some her projects when she saw Emmanuel going out with his game.


“Where are you going with that?” She asked.


“I’m going to Richard’s room,” he answered.


“Okay, has his friend left?” Rebecca asked.




“No he hasn’t,” Emmanuel replied and went out. He arrived at Richard room and placed the game on stand that was close to the wall. He went to other guest room where Susan was lying on a bed and took the TV that was placed on the wall.




“Where are you taking it to?” Susan asked.




“I’m taking it to the other room,” he replied and walked out. Susan curious stood up and went after him. By the time she arrived at Richard’s room, Emmanuel was done setting the game up.




“What are you guys doing?” She asked.




“Do you want to join us?” Achuba asked.


“No thank you,” she responded. She sat beside Richard on the bed and watched as Achuba and Emmanuel played.



As they were sitting, she suddenly received a text message from


Thomas reading “I’m waiting for you.” She looked into Richard’s eyes after reading message.


“Is it Thomas?” Richard asked.




“No it isn’t him,” she replied as she stood.




“You know you are a terrible at pretending, don’t you?” Richard asked.




“You don’t have to believe me,” she said and walked out.


She walked out of the house and found Thomas standing under the tree they met the previous time.


“I thought you are not going to come out,” Thomas said when Susan had finally got to where he was.


“Why are you here?” She asked.


“I’m here to see you,” he replied.


“But I’m sorry we can’t be seeing each other from now on,” Susan replied.




“Is okay, but I’m really curious,” Thomas announced.




“What are you curious about?” She asked.




“Did you ever love me?” He asked.




Susan walked closer to him and looked into his.



“I do love you, but my brother doesn’t approve it,” she said.




“Does that mean you are going to give up on me?” Thomas asked.




“I’m left with no option,” Susan replied.




“In my entire life, I never knew this type of love exist till I met you. I felt something unique since the first time I set my eyes on you,” Thomas said.




“This is a lie that every boy tells a girl that happens to be his victim, you do know I’m older than you right? I have met quite a lot of boys saying similar things,” Susan responded.


“I swear to God, I have never felt something like this Susan. Is like I haven’t been alive until I met you. You we were in relationship, I felt like I have made the greatest achievement of my life and I didn’t even care if I die the next day.”


She became speechless at that and only looked into his eyes.


“What do you want me to do now?” She finally asked.


“Just give me a chance,” he answered.




“How do I know I can trust you?” Susan inquired.




“Look into my eyes and tell me I’m lying,” Thomas said.




“Okay, then you need to talk to my brother first,” she conditioned.




“Okay, that won’t be a problem,” Thomas replied.







Rebecca going through her projects when she saw her mother’s secretary calling her.




Rebecca: Hello




Secretary: Rebecca, how are you you?




Rebecca: I’m fine, and how is my mum doing?




Secretary: well, I just called to inform you.




When Rebecca heard that, her heart started beating faster and her imagination went wild. She wished the secretary won’t tell what she was thinking.




Rebecca: what happened to my mother.




Secretary: she passed some few minutes after her surgery.




Rebecca: please tell me this isn’t true.




Secretary: I’m truly Rebecca, I know this will be very hard for you to accept.



Rebecca didn’t know when the phone fell of her hand. She suddenly screamed at the top of her that the whole compound echoed her voice. Richard and everyone rushed to living room to see what was wrong. When they got there, they found Rebecca on the floor crying out loud like never before. Richard bent down and held her hand as she was crying.




“What’s wrong Rebecca?” Richard asked.




“My mum is death,” she said crying. Richard couldn’t believe what he just heard. He could process the information that got into his head, and everyone around became devastated.


Emmanuel ran out of the living to his room and locked himself. Unconsciously, tears started falling from Richard’s eyes. He couldn’t utter a word to Rebecca, he just sat there and watched her in disbelieve. Susan instantly came in and saw Richard and Rebecca crying. She became very confused to why they we’re crying like that.




“What happened?” She asked Achuba who was standing behind them.




“Rebecca’s mother died,” Achuba explained.




“Oh my God, that’s terrible,” Susan said.




“Yes it is,” Achuba replied.




Susan went to Rebecca and held her hand trying to calm her while Achuba went to Richard. Soon, people from all over came in trying to calm them. Rebecca felt like all of it was it. She couldn’t believe that she won’t be hear her mother’s voice ever again. She couldn’t believe that believe that she won’t hear or see her laughing ever again. The more she thought of things like that, she Wilder it drove her.







It was midnight, and Rebecca could not stop crying. Even though she saw her mother’s death coming, she couldn’t believe it actually happened. She wished she could wake up for that nightmare. At some point, she got up to go to the bathroom. As she was passing by Emmanuel’s room, she heard him crying in his room. She opened the door and walked into the room. He was sitting by the edge of the bed crying when she walked into. When he looked up and saw her, he ran to her and hugged her. She couldn’t feel his tears wetting her clothes.


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“I’m so sorry,” Rebecca cried.




“What are we going to do now?” He asked.




“I don’t really know Emmanuel, but I’m sure God is with us,” Rebecca said.




“If God is with us, why did he take our mother away from us?” He asked.


“Because his place is better than here,” Rebecca replied.


“I wish this was not real,” he said.


“Me too,” Rebecca replied.


He cried on her shoulder for minutes before she told him that she needed to go to the bathroom. After she done she headed out and sat on the park bench opposite Richard’s room. She suddenly burst into tears when she saw Richard approaching her. He came and sat beside her and held her hand.


“I just can’t believe that my mom is really gone,” she cried.


“Me too, I’m still shocked as you,” Richard replied.


“I was a fool for not going with her, I could have been there during her last moments,” she cried.



“You shouldn’t blame yourself, she wouldn’t have allowed it even if you wanted to go with her,” Richard replied.


“She couldn’t have allowed me if I insisted.”


“I think the best for us to do now is to pray for her,” Richard said.




They remained sitting till Dawn. Soon, Rebecca’s aunt arrived the house. When Rebecca saw her, she quickly ran to her and hugged her. They both cried out as they hugged each other.


“I can’t believe Grace is really gone,” her aunt cried. Emmanuel came out of his room and went to them. Richard stood behind and watched them in sadness. He felt sorry for them because they became orphans like. And I that moment, he vowed to himself to never let go of Rebecca no matter what happens.


In the morning, students and lecturers from the university started coming to say their condolences to Rebecca. Richard gave them some space and stayed in his room. It had been a busy day because people did not stop coming even after 4 pm. Just around 5 please, Alice and Amirah arrived. They stayed with Rebecca in the room for the rest of the day.







About a week later, susan travelled back to her place and Rebecca was expected to move out of the house since it’s a government property. They were to move to a house Rebecca bought that was just about a kilometer away. They woke up early in the morning and started making the preparing to leave. They gathered all their stuff in big bags and boxes. At about 10 pm, they were done packing everything.


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“Are you hungry?” Rebecca asked Richard.




“I think so,” Richard smiled.





“Okay, I will eat when we get there,” she responded.




Everything was loaded into a big truck and soon they took off. The truck was behind Rebecca’s car which was leading the way. Emmanuel was sitting on the back sit with their aunt, while Richard was beside Rebecca. In just five minutes, they arrived at their destination. It was 3 bedroom apartment with medium sized living room. It has a short fence around it and was painted yellow. There was a small canopy at the front of the house that was meant for parking a car. Rebecca parked the car and they all got down from the car.




Their luggage was unloaded from the truck and taken into the house. After everything was taken off the truck, Rebecca paid the truck driver and he drove away with his fellows. Soon, they started arranging everything in the house. It took them about 4 hours to finish arranging everything. They were so tired and hungry by the time they were done.


“Could you please go and get us something to eat?” Rebecca asked Richard with a sick face.




“Is okay, what would you like to eat?” Richard asked.




“You can get me anything,” she replied.




“How about you Emmanuel?”




“I’m okay with rice and stew,” replied Emmanuel.




“Okay, I will be back,” Richard replied and walked out.




After Richard went out, Rebecca’s Aunt asked Richard to go out because she needed to have a word with her.




“You said you needed to talk to me,” Rebecca said.




“Yes, I have been here for almost a week, and I noticed that this young man has been so close to you,” her aunt replied.




“Yes he has been.”




“Can I ask what’s your relationship with him?” She requested.




“He is my boyfriend,” Rebecca answered.




“Boyfriend? Is he working?” She asked.




“No, he is first year student in this University.”




“What? How could you be with someone like that? I’m pretty sure he’s after your money.”




“No, Richard is not like that,” Rebecca responded.




“I don’t think I can tolerate this, you must break up with him,” she declared.




“I don’t think I can break up with him, even my mom has approved our relationship,” Rebecca replied.



“Are you being disrespectful to me because I’m not your mother?” She asked.




“No I’m not being disrespectful,” Rebecca replied.




“In case you have forgotten, your mother is my younger sister and she does everything we ask to do. Since your beginning to show this behavior, I will ask your uncle to look into this,” she expressed.




Rebecca was silent at that moment. Her heart was boiling in rage wondering what she’s going to say.




“I’m old enough to take care of myself and my brother, why can you just let us live our lives the way we please?” Rebecca asked.


“This is truely unbelievable, I can see that you have been brought up with no manners at all. My first child is 20 years older than you, but he’s never said something of that nature to me,” she said.




“I’m really sorry, I will do anything you wish, but breaking up with Richard is something I will never do,” she answered.


“Well, then I will have to inform your uncle,” she said.




30 minutes later, Richard returned with the food he bought from the restaurant nearby. He bought Rebecca and her Aunt some pounded yam, while he bought himself and Emmanuel rice and stew. When arrived, he noticed Emmanuel sitting on rock outside the house.




“Hey, what are you doing there?” Richard asked.





“So you are back,” Emmanuel replied as he stood up.




“Yes I am,” Richard replied trying to go into the house.


“Wait,” Emmanuel called out. Richard stopped walking and looked in his direction.


“There is something I need to tell you before you go in,” he announced.


“What is it?” Richard asked.


“I heard my aunt and Rebecca talking about you,” he announced.


“Really? What were the saying?” Richard asked.


“My aunt said you can’t live with us anymore,” Emmanuel replied.




“Well, I wasn’t planning on living here either,” Richard responded.




“She asked Rebecca to break up with you,” he added.




“Why did she want me to break up with Rebecca?”




“She said is because you are poor and have no better future,” Emmanuel explained.




“What? And what did Rebecca say?” He asked.




“She said she won’t break-up with you and my aunt said she going to get our uncle,” he explained.




Richard became shocked when he heard that. He moved closer to him and asked him to tell him more about relatives.

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“My mum has 2 siblings and they are both older that her. My grandparents died even before Rebecca was born. My mom hasn’t been in good relationship with my aunty and uncle, for that reason, why don’t visit them often,” Emmanuel explained.




“Why do your relatives live?” Richard asked.




“They live in Calabar, Cross River State,” he explained.


Richard smiled and placed in right hand on Emmanuel’s shoulder.




“What do you think of me?” Richard asked.




“I think you are very kind,” Emmanuel responded.




“I’m glad you think. Let’s go in, aren’t you tired of standing here?” Richard said.




“They asked me to come outside,” Emmanuel replied.




“Why did they do that?”




“I guess my Aunt didn’t want me to hear their conversation which I already heard anyway.”




“You are such a naughty kid,” Richard smiled.




He walked in together and met them sitting on the sofa in the living room.



“You are back,” Rebecca smiled as she stood up to meet Richard.




“Yes, I’m so I’ve kept you waiting,” Richard answered.




“Is okay,” she replied as she received the poly bag from his hand.




“What did you get me?” She asked.




“I got some pounded yam for you and your aunt,” Richard replied.




“Oh thank you so much, as if you’ve read my mind, it’s been a while since we last ate pounded yam,” Rebecca said excited.




After he handed them the food, went to the bedroom that was right next to the living room and took his bag with all his clothes and went out without Rebecca and her Aunt noticing it.




“Are you going already?” Emmanuel asked asked when he noticed Richard living.




“Yes, I’ll be going back to the hostel,” Richard replied.




“Why are you going to leave us?” Emmanuel asked sadly.




“Our exams are starting next week, I want to go to the dorm and prepare,” Richard explained.





“Does Rebecca know that you are living?”




“Yes she does,” Richard smiled.




Richard started walking, and Emmanuel went after him. He held the other side of the bag as Richard walked.


“You could have at least asked Rebecca for a lift,” Emmanuel said.


“She is very exhausted, I don’t want to bother her,” Richard smiled.


“Are you leaving because of our aunt?”


“No, I’m not leaving because of her, I told you why I’m leaving,” Richard explained.


“And don’t worry, I’ll be coming here from time to time,” Richard continued.


“Okay, I wish you would always be here,” Emmanuel said.


“I will always be here,” Richard replied.


He boarded a taxi to the dorm, and Emmanuel went back home. When Emmanuel got in the living room, he found Rebecca eating the food Richard bought with their aunt.


“Are you aware that Richard has left?” Emmanuel announced.


“Left? Where did he go to?” Rebecca asked.


“He said he’ll be going back to the dorm, I saw him leaving with his stuff,” Emmanuel explained.


When Rebecca heard that, she quickly stood up and ran out.


“Don’t waste your energy, he has taken a taxi already,” Emmanuel said after he had gone after her outside.




“How could he leave like that without saying anything to me?” Rebecca asked.




“I told him about your conversation with our aunt,” Emmanuel revealed.




“What do you mean my conversation?” She asked.




“I heard aunt telling you to break up with him,” Emmanuel revealed.




“What? You must be crazy, how could you be telling him something like that?” Rebecca asked furiously. She went back to the house and tried calling his number, but he was unavailable.










Richard had just arrived at the dormitory. He climbed the stairs dragging his bag along. When he opened the door to their room, all his room members were surprised to see him.




“Richard, why are you here with your stuff? Did something happen between you and Rebecca?” Achuba asked.




“Nothing happened between us, is just that her Aunt is trying to get between us,” Richard explained as he walked.




“Why does she dislike you?” Achuba asked.




“She said is because I’m poor,” Richard replied.




He walked to his closet and put his bag in it and then proceeded to sit on his bed. When he looked up, he made an eye contact with Thomas, and he quickly looked away.



“I thought you said Prof. Grace promised to give you 20 million Naira,” Achuba recalled.


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“Yes she did promise to give me 20 million Naira, but she is no longer here,” Richard sadly replied.




“This must be really terrible for you,” Achuba said.




“Indeed it is, I don’t know what to do with my life anymore,” Richard said.




“What do you mean by that?” Achuba questioned.


Richard remained quiet for a while before he finally spoke.


“After thinking about it, I don’t blame her Aunt. I mean look at me, I’m approaching 30 and I haven’t done anything reasonable with myself life. How am I expected to take care of Rebecca, my sister and my nieces? I just feel like I was born unlucky,” Richard complained.




“Calm down bro, I thought you are only 24,” Achuba replied.




“24 is not a small number when it comes to age,” Richard replied.




“Please calm down Richard, if you mad about not getting that money, why don’t you ask Rebecca to loan you some money to start your with it?” Achuba asked.




“I don’t think I can do that, she will think I’m after her money,” Richard responded.





“Stop over thinking Richard,” Achuba adviced.




After a while, Achuba left the room leaving behind only Richard and Thomas. The room remained silent for more than 10 minutes until Thomas broke the silence.




“I’m sorry Richard,” Thomas apologized as he got down from his bed.




“Are you talking to me?” Richard asked as he looked up.




“Yes, who else could I be talking to?” Thomas asked.




“I don’t know,” Richard replied.




“I’m really sorry for dating your sister,” Thomas apologized.




“That’s your problem,” Richard replied.


Thomas stood up and went closer Richard.




“I swear to God, my feelings for your Susan are real. I’ve never met a girl made me feel like that in my entire life. I’ve tried my best not to fall for her, but at end, I fell irresistibly in love with her. Please give us a chance Richard, and I swear I won’t talk any other girl ever again,” Thomas begged. Richard became surprised at his words and somehow became weakened.


“Okay, but don’t ever talk about other girls in my presence,” Richard agree.




“Oh thank you so much,” Thomas replied as forcefully hugged Richard.




“Get off me please,” Richard said.




Just then, Achuba came back holding a poly bag.




“Someone is looking for you outside, the person is at the entrance of the dormitory,” Achuba announced to Richard.




“Who could that person be?” Richard asked.




“You can go there and see for yourself,” Achuba replied. Richard got down from his bed and headed out. When he got of the dormitory, he saw Rebecca leaned against her car with her arms folded. Richard walked slowly towards her coming up with words to tell.




“You must be very disappointed to see me,” Rebecca said when Richard got to where she was.




“How can you say?” Richard asked.




“How could you leave just like without saying a word to me?” Richard asked.




“I’m sorry, I just came back here to prepare for my exams,” Richard replied.




“Go and get your stuff, we are going back,” Rebecca replied.


“I can’t go back, I told you I have things to do,” Richard replied.


“Unless you don’t want your future wife to be rapped, go and get your stuff ready,” Rebecca said.



“Rapped?” Richard retorted.




“Yes, rapped. My aunt has travelled back, only I Emmanuel will be willing be left at home,” she replied.




“Okay, give me a minute,” Richard replied.




He went back to their room and grabbed his back.




“Hey, are living so soon?” Achuba asked.




“Yes I am,” Richard replied.




“You didn’t tell us where your new home is,” Thomas smiled.




“I’m not telling anyone,” Richard responded. He walked out of the room and went to Rebecca. He got into the car and soon she started driving.




“I know you heard about what my aunt said about you,” she said as they drove.




“Yes, but is not your fault,” Richard replied.




“That woman is really crazy, I don’t know she is so interested in my person life,” Rebecca said angrily.




“Do you know what?” Richard asked.




“No I don’t,” Rebecca replied.


“I think she is right in some ways. I mean see how useless I am, how am I supposed to take care of you and your brother?” Richard asked.




“What?” Rebecca asked after she stopped driving. She parked the car out of road and glared at Richard.




“Yes Rebecca, it makes feel so pathetic each time I see how perfect you are. I don’t have anything nor a brighter future.”




“Richard, I love you just the way you are, it wouldn’t matter to me if you are poorer or richer than you are right. You have a very beautiful personality and not everybody can see,” Rebecca smiled.




“Do you think so?” Richard asked.




“I think so,” she replied.


She continued driving the car, and soon, they arrived at their house.




“Your friend told me that you need money to start a business, but you don’t want to ask me because I thought I will think you are after my money,” Rebecca said.




“Yes, but why would Achuba told you that?” Richard asked.


“Well, he did the right thing,” Rebecca smiled.Kindly share out stories from using the floating social media icon button on the bottom of the screen





“I just don’t want to be a burden to you,” Richard replied.




“Never will I think of you as a burden,” she replied.




“How much do you need?” She asked Richard.


“I can’t accept your money Rebecca, this is exactly what your aunt is against,” Richard said.


Richard tried to get out of the car but Rebecca grabbed his hand.




“Okay, think of it as a loan. You will pay me later,” Rebecca smiled.




“What if the business fail?” Richard Asked.




“I have confidence in you, it won’t fail,” she replied.




“Thank you for trusting me,” Richard also smiled.




“Do you know what?” Rebecca asked.




“My aunt said she is coming back with my uncle, they won’t allow me to live alone,” she announced.




“Don’t you like your relatives?” Richard asked.




“No, I hate them,” she replied.




“So, what will you do?” Richard asked.




“You should marry me,” she announced.


Richard became so surprised when she said that.




“Do you mean we should fake the marriage?” Richard asked.




“No, I mean like a serious marriage that normal lovers do. I would like you to remain by side forever,” Rebecca said.


“Marrying you would be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me, but I don’t have anything to offer you,” Richard complained.




“Don’t worry about what you have to offer me,” she replied.




“I want to marry you like a real man, so you should please give me a year,” Richard requested.

















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