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Heavenly Fight – Episode 29

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Episode 29








Lisa’s pov




Looking at the way Ashley and Archie’s feelings are growing as time passes by I feel sorry


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They still don’t know what’s coming for them


Sacrificing themselves to save the world


So there will be time I won’t have my best friend beside me, A time there would be no cat and rat fighting


What are you thinking about ” Liam asked as he sat beside me


Them” I said pointing at Archie and Ashley who are playing at the beach


There would be eclipse of the moon tomorrow, what would happen to them ” I asked


If the don’t mate tomorrow, we can still be with them they wouldn’t disappear but they can never be together again the hatred will be back and lives would be at risk ” Liam said


I can’t lose two friends at the same time something has to be done” I said


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There is nothing we can do in this period ” Liam said


We can stop them from mating tomorrow maybe after tomorrow they can mate” I said


Lisa!!! ” Liam called


No don’t call me, if they disappear nemesis superior will come back she would attack the heavenly realms since the two leaders are gone she will kill death superior and love. It would affect the humans there lives are at stake. If the goddess of love dies and light isn’t there to take over there would be no love on earth. Liam please we have to do something ” I cried


If there was something I could do, I would have done it a long time ago” Liam said as he tried to touch me but I shifted


Don’t touch me” I yelled as everyone looked at us


We are about to lose two important people in this world and we are just too weak to do anything ” I said as I left


Lisa, what’s the matter” mom asked as she blocked me


Nothing ” I said


Sweetie ” mom called


Judith let her be” my grandma said as she dragged me away from mom and took me to I and Liam’s room


There is nothing that can be done lisa” grandma said


Grandma ” I called


Stop crying, what you have to do is create the best memory with them with the little time left, a memory That Won’t be forgotten so soon” grandma said as she left


I stayed in there as I cried my eyes out


Grandma is right I need to create the best memory in this few hours




Ashley’s pov


Can someone pass me the drinks” I said


As I saw something dripping on my body


I turned to see Lisa pouring the drink on me


Hey Lisa ” I yelled as I stood up


Sorry ” she said in between laughs


What was that for” I asked


Creating the best memories ” she answered as she opened another can of beer and showered me with it


You guys should continue with your play we elders have something to discuss ” Archie’s dad said as we rolled our


Since we started this summer holiday you guys have been discussing something important ” Liam said What is it that we don’t know about” Nora asked

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Leave them, let’s gossip a little ” I said as I tried to leave but mom held me You are not going anywhere ” she said


Mom am still in the beach am not going far ” I said


You can’t leave my side never” she said


She would leave sooner or later” Lisa’s grandma said


Ashley you won’t leave mom right, even though she killed your dog you Won’t Leave her” mom said with tears as I looked at her confused


Lisa, Archie, Liam come and help me here” I said as I turned only to find Archie’s parents in tears, Lisa, Liam, dad and even Leo in tears


What the hell is going on” I asked


Why is everyone crying suddenly , did someone die” I asked as I looked at the


No body died is just dat we might not be able to gather like this again ” Lisa’s grandma said


Ahhhhhh, before that why did you have to put I and Archie in a room ” I asked


Is true why did you put I and Liam ” Lisa asked


It was supposed to be like that, each couple in one room” mom said as she cleaned her tears At least my change of topic worked


What happened, come let’s have our girly gist” mom said Mom!!!” I yelled


I couldn’t sleep at all last night” I said


Why” mom asked as my face turned red


I should be the one complaining here cos of the whole night I was been tormented ” Archie said Me too” Liam said


Can you guys just shut up ” I and Lisa yelled


Tomorrow is eclipse of the moon, what should we do tomorrow ” I asked as everyone’s mood changed



I act like I don’t know anything that is going on, I guess I have to continue acting that way if I have to sacrifice myself


Let’s go and swim ” Lisa said


I, Lisa, Nelly and Nora sang while Archie, Ken, Kelvin and Liam were dancing , I will confess they are good dancers


After bathing ourselves with beer we decided to take a rest I guess this is the best memory ever




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