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Gay High School – Episode 4

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Episode 4.








My eyes were filled with watery sheen as I watched Fred being carried.


Alex and Eric stood still while their faces were clouded with guilt and remorse.


Mason walked to me and held me by my shoulder.


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He took me to his bed and order me to lie down. Daring Eric to challenge. But Eric didn’t say a word.


My eyes went heavy with sudden sleep. And I slumber.




“Get up boy, don’t be late for school.” Mason nudged and I opened my eyes.


I looked around the room. Eric tied a towel around his waste as he headed to the bathroom.


Mason was cleaning his shoes.


Alex was still asleep.


And surprisingly, Fred was on his bed, with a bandage around his head. He was staring into empty space.


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The room was awkwardly quiet, the only noise, was the splash of water from the bathroom.


“Good morning.” I greeted to all.


“Leave greetings, go and take your bathe.” Mason ordered.

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I yawned tiredly and stood up.


I was tempted to talk to Fred but I can’t. He seems angry.


I ignored him and started heading to the ‘bathroom’.


“Oliver!” Someone called my name making me turn.


It’s Fred.


“Good morning.” I greeted and he beckoned me to come.


I walked to him.


“How are you?” He asked. “Am fine….you?” I stuttered.


“Quite fine.” He replied.


“What…really…happened to you.” I found myself asking.


But it was Mason who replied.


“Two Fools were fighting, and he went to separate. And accidentally, one of the fools, pushed him, making his head flung on a steel.” Mason explained.


“Mason, will you stop referring to me as a fool.” Alex interjected from his bed.


“Thats what you are….you And Eric.” Mason sneered and Alex sighed.


“Am sorry for fighting, it wasn’t my intention.” He breathed out.


Then the door opened, Jeffrey walked in.


He ignored everyone totally and walked to ‘Us’ [me And Fred].


“Hey, Fred, how’re you doing.” He asked.


“Quite fine.” Fred reply.


“Will you be able to make it…?” He asked. “Like, will you come to school?” Jeff asked immediately.


“Not sure.” Fred muttered and Jeffrey sighed.


“Things will be stressful for me.” He said.


“Didn’t you realised that when you took the post.” Fred returned.


“I do, but you are actually omitting most of your responsibilities and putting it all on me.” Jeff said.


“Am sorry, am just so busy.”


“No biggie, i___” Jeff was about saying something, but he paused and looked at me. His eyes trailed from my face to my hand. He kept looking at my hands that I had to hide it.


He looked back at me and asked.? “Whose signature is that?” He asked and I realized what he was talking about.


“Mine.” Fred answered curtly. ” It seems I haven’t introduced him to you, yet. Well


meet Oliver, my SCHOOL SON.” Fred said putting a lot of emphasis on the last two


sentence. “Oliver, meet Jeffrey, the deputy senior prefect.” Fred said and I gasped






Well, it suits him. He’s quite responsible. Just that he has a tattoo on his neck.


He was abashed for a while.


“Nice meeting you Oliver.” He said magnanimously.


I didn’t reply.


“Bye Fred…” Jeff said suddenly and started rushing out of the room. But he bumped into Eric. They exchanged angry glances. Then Jeff left after hissing aloud.


I shook my head.’ So dramatic.


“I’ll go take my bath now, so I won’t be late for school.” I rushed the words and hurried to the bathroom.




“How did you cope, staying with the FAME?” Jimmy asked in the class. I shrugged and reply. “They are nice.” “Apart from__” “Eric.” Jimmy completed it and we laughed.


Then his eyes caught the signature on my hand. It seems, the signature is not erasable. It’s like a tattoo.


“Wow. So you finally have a school dad?” He proved cheerily.


“Yeah…It’s Fred” I replied and he gasped.


“Oh… that’s bad!” He mumbled sadly. “People will definitely hate you.” He chipped. “How?”


“Alex is my school dad, and everyone is envious of that. Some are avoiding me….”


“So they’ll definitely hate me,if they find out that Fred is my school dad.” I asked and he nodded.


Then Eric entered into the class. Noise stopped. The class went dea


d silent. The only sound I can hear was the sound of pounding heartbeats.


The class were too scared that they forgot to greet him.


“Am now your age mate.” Eric began. “That whenever I come into the class, you all would keep looking me like a movie.” He said and smiled bitterly.


“And you…why are you rolling your eyes at me.” He said as he pointed at innocent Jimmy. “I…i didn’t roll my eyes.” Jimmy defended fearfully as his legs wobbled.


Eric shut him up with a slap.


“Not even your school dad, would save you today.” He said and dragged Jimmy out of the class.


And it dawned on me, that he’s doing it as a payback to Alex.





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School closed and i walked to the FAME room. I’d wonder if the initial letter of my name shouldn’t be added in the word ‘fame’. Maybe, it would be “FAMEO.” lol, that doesn’t make sense.


I pushed the door opened and walked in.


I interrupted the hot quarrel going on in the room.



Between Alex and Eric….again.


I know, they will definitely quarrel after what Eric did to Jimmy.


Alex was Damn furious. While Eric was just like a triumphant beast.


I gave a general greeting and walked pass them.


“Mason, am hungry?” Fred groaned as everywhere was settled.


“Am not your father.” Mason teased and Fred rolled his eyes.


“But today is your turn.” Fred fired.


“Turn for what?” Mason asked.


“To feed us.”


I scowled. “Nope, today is Thursday.” Mason replied.


“Well, Monday was me, Tuesday was Alex’s, Wednesday was you. And today is supposed to be for Eric.” Fred blurted.


“And tomorrow would be Oliver.” Eric snorted.


“Yeah right.” Fred reply.


“For what?” I asked Fred.


“On Friday, you’ll be the one to order food for all of us…at your own expenses.” Eric was the one who answered.


I guess, is the first time he’s talking to me.


‘But I thought, food are being served in the school?’ I said in my mind and it seems Fred read my mind. He quipped. “We don’t eat school foods, it’s unhealthy.”


He said, making me scowl.


To Be sincere,I didn’t come to this school with a dime.


I came on scholarship, if not I wouldn’t have been in school.



Mason came closer to me and whispered.


“Don’t worry, I’ll be the one paying”


I heaved a sigh of relief. “Don’t bother mason, it’s my responsibility.” Fred retorted.


And they argued. I sighed happily and walked over to Alex. Who was quiet.


“Am sorry Alex.” I blurted.


“Senior Alex.” I corrected myself immediately.


Then he looked at me for a while and a smile curved his lips.


“Apologising for no reason, isn’t that a sign of madness.” He teased.


“And being angry and quiet for no reason, isn’t that a sign of insanity.” I returned and he playfully knock my biceps and beckoned me to join him in bed.


I jumped on his bed and he took his duvet to cover the both of us, head to toe.


“Am not angry for no reason, Eric is getting on my nerves.” He explained as we laid underneath the duvet.


“I understand, he’s also treating me like a leper.” I returned.


“Don’t pay him any attention, just act like he doesn’t exist.” He said and I scowled.


Then he looked longly at me. “You are just so beautiful.” He commended and I smiled coyly.


“Handsome, not beautiful.” I corrected.


He chuckled and move his head closer to mine. Then he’s lips touched mine.


“I love you Oliver.” He said and it seems the world was about to explode.

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If it continues like this..Then I will end up being a big-time gay.



“What are you two, doing under the duvet” Fred voice echoed and Alex brought down the duvet and said.


” I thought you’ll never talk to me again.” Alex said to Fred.


“Not when you are cuddling my school son.” Fred said as his face turned red.


“You mean, you FAKE school son. You once said it…he’s your FAKE son.” Alex blustered.


“It doesn’t matter…Oliver, come here…” Fred ordered.


“I stood up slowly and left Alex’s bed.


“Now between I and Alex, who are you gonna choose, cause I hate sharing my school son, with anyone.” Fred muttered.


Seconds thick by as I thought for answer.


“I choose ****”











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