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Life In Roody Woods – Episode 5

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Chapter 5




We walked according to the direction of the map. I was with Ray in front and the rest were coming behind us.


I think we need to pas through a cave now. Ray said facing the rest and showing them the map. We all gathered together looking into the map.


“This cave is likely to have dangerous animals, so we need to pull ourselves together.” Ray said while we all nodded.


He walked some meters more and we got to the mouth of the cave. It was looking very dark from the inside.


My heart kept beating fast as we walked into the cave. Ray was in front, followed by me and the rest.


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We brought out our touch lights to help see the path. We walked further inside the cave and there were cobwebs everywhere.


We used our hands to sweep them out of the way. I pointed my touch light to the cave wall looking at what was on it.


I saw Diagrams of things I haven’t seen in my life before.


“What are these things?” I asked and I heard my voice echo very loud, and instantly we started hearing creepy noises from down the cave. “Down everyone!” Ray whispered loud enough for us to hear.


We all bent out head quickly and some unfamiliar flying creature rush towards us screaming loudly.


I shivered in fear and Ray held me as they passed over us.


Soon they were all gone and I breathed in relieve knowing that. I guess this cave doesn’t like noise.


“You guys need to be quite. No talking till we are out.” Ray whispered into my ear and I passed it on to Tessy who told Steven and Den.


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We all nodded and started walking into the cave very carefully this time.


I carried all my steps with great fear. Ray was busy looking into the map when we had some noise at the back.


Our eyes opened and we looked back to see Den on the floor, his bag hit the floor and made the sound.


Ray walked up to him to pull him up, he looked so scared and terrified. We waited some minutes to see if their was going to be any sound, but we heard nothing.


We all sighed in relieve and faced the path. I kept praying silently that we scale through the cave, I am not ready to lose anyone.



Ray stopped suddenly and waved to us calling us closer, in front of us were there channels leading to only God knows.


He pointed the touch light to the map and used it his finger to trace the way. “We pass the middle.” He whispered and we nodded in fright. I looked in the channel and I saw it was a very narrow path. Only one person can move in it at a time.


“We need to go one by one crawling to the other side, I will go first.” Ray whispered again and I felt so scared for him.


“Isn’t there any other way apart from these?” Steven asked fearfully.


“No.” He said shaking his head.


“Ray please don’t go. We don’t know what is down there, you may get hurt.” I said fearfully.


“We can’t just go back now the treasure is close by. We need to summon courage, we can do this guys. No noise in there.” Ray said and we all nodded reluctantly except Den who was washed with fear already.


“See you at the other end.” Tessy said and he nodded walking to the entrance of the tunnel. He moved into it and started to crawl to the other side still using his torchlight.


“I will go next.” I said breathing hard before crawling in. I pointed my torchlight around the walls and I saw there were nothing on them. They were made of iron.

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I saw Ray in front of me still crawling quietly and I felt a little relieve seeing him. I looked back after crawling for sometimes to see Tessy behind me.


She bent her head for me to see Steven behind her. I nodded smiling and while I was about checking on Den.


I had a thundering noise from behind. We all stopped and looked back to see Den struggling with his bad.


We kept quite for a while trying to hear if there would be any noise but we had none. We all faces front sighing in relieve when we heard Den yell from behind us. “Den!” I yelled pointing my torchlight to him. Tessy and Steven bent too allowing me see him and I saw a very large snack drag his leg out of the channel. “Den!!” Tessy and I yelled as we bursted into tears.


“Quick guys!!! We need to get out of here!” Ray yeller crawling really fast. I was too weak to eben carry myself.


Tessy had to push me to my knees and I crawled quickly behind Ray in deep tears.


He was so gentle.


He didn’t have to die that way. Soon, we heard the hissing sound of the snake very loud in the channel.



“It is behind me!” Steven yelled in fear. We all increased our pace and soon we began to see the reflection of light.


We hears the hissing sound approach us faster and I heard my heart faster than ever.


Ray got to the other end and climbed out stretching his hands to catch me. I came out and dragged Tessy out almost immediately.


Steven was still crawling to us and we all could see the big snake right behind him.


I felt my feetw wobble as I watched helplessly.


“Steven!!” Tessy yelled in tears stretching his hand to him. Ray rushed to the hold the lid that covers the channel.


He grabbed her hand and with my support drew him out, the snake stretched out his head to grab Steven’s legs.

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Its fangs were very close to his legs but fortunately we pulled him out and instantly Ray dropped the lid right before the head of the snake could come out.


I quickly took a strong stick beside me and I used it to hook the lid from opening. I fell to the ground breathing very hard.


Tessy hugged Steven tightly as tears rushed down her face.


“I thought I would lose you.” She mumbled kissing him. I looked at Ray and I saw how hard we was breathing too.


He looked so sad and so was all of us.


“We need to move now, this place is dangerous.” Ray said carrying his bag. “This is enough! I am tired, I want to go home! We have lost two people, two wonderful people and you expect us to continue!” Tessy smacked in tears. “Staying here will get us all killed don’t you get it? We need to leave here first, even if you want to go home.” Ray said firmly.


I looked at Tessy nodding to her and Steven pulled her up to her feet carrying the bags. Ray stretched his hand to me.


And I grabbed it as he pulled me up my feet. I carried my bag weakly and we all


walked away from the channel.




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