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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 8

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Chapter 8
Why is there a lot of mess happening?
I walked inside the class and sit on my desk.
I felt someone poking me on my back, I turned and I new face greeted me.
“Hi, my name is Beauty.” She grinned.
Hmm, she very pretty her name complement her.
“Nice to know you, oh my name is Alexandra.” I smiled.
“Can we be friends.” She beamed.
“Yeah sure why not.” I nodded.
The teacher walked in I face book.
We walked to the cafeteria, when I say ‘we’, I mean Beauty and I.
“Wow! this school is sure cool.” She squeal with joy.
“Yeah sure it is.” I rubbed my nose.
When we got in the cafeteria, we walked to our table.
“Beauty come and meet my friends.” I dragged her.
I don’t know why I did that.
She’s just so friendly and easy to get with.
“Okay.” She said.
We both walked towards Ariana and Ria
I dragged her down beside me and we sat down.
“Meet my new friend this is Beauty.” I beamed.
“And beauty this are my best friends, Ariana and Ria.” I said.
She seems shy.
“Don’t be shy we don’t bite, and nice to meet you.” Ariana said.
“Nice to meet you and welcome to our school.” Ria said.
Beauty nodded her head.
“Well Ariana, are you and Efron a thing?.” I dipped my fingers in my fries.
“Ah, no that’s not possible, I like Austin.” Ariana almost yelled.
“Oh, just asking.” I winked at her.
And she cringed.
“Beauty eat with me, next time you will order, you can have the burger too.” I said to her.
“Okay, thanks.” She said.
“My friends always order for me, because I always arrive late, if you want they will order for you.” I explained.
“Okay.” She nodded.
“But seriously Efron is way more better than Austin, i mean they’re both jerks but Efron is a little steady.” I said.
I wish she could move her attention from Austin to Efron.
“Hey babe.” Austin popped from nowhere.
“Hey” the girls greeted him.
And i just avoided.
“How are you girls?” He asked.
“Just fine.”
I hissed.
“Alex are you avoiding?.” I glared at him.
“She loves me.” Austin said.
And my gaze swept over Ariana and she looked uncomfortable.
“Who loves you, didn’t i tell you that i don’t like blond guys, because they look feminine.” I hissed.
Ria and Beauty burst with laughter and i let out a ridiculous laughter.
Everyone stopped laughing and they glared at me. And i continued laughing.
“Listen, i like guys who have dark black hair, 1.8 tall, with muscular body, not loud guys, and when they eat they don’t rush, ahh what else very handsome very pretty.” I said.
Did i just described Zac now!
A smile crept on my lips.
“Well i can change myself for you Alex.” He smirked.
He such a stalker and so annoying.
“Can you stretch your years and become 5 years older than me?.” I glared at him.
Beauty laughed hard.
“I-i_ .” he stammered.
“I-i i what, can you do that, no you can’t so can you please leave me the hell alone.” I sneered at him.
“Are you guys fighting?.” Ariana glared at me.
“Uh no, just making somethings more clearer.” I said and continued eating.
“Alex, tell us who is that guy you just described.” Ria smiled at me.
I could feel everyone on the table gazing at me.
I was caught off guard.
“I-i you see.” I scratched my hair.
“It’s me.” Ricky walked towards our table.
I let out a small laugh.
“Is it baby.” He said and winked at me.
Ricky, Aria and i we are actually childhood friends.
Before i met Ria and my brother’s friends who met in high school except for Zac.
“Ah no!.” I punched his chest playfully.
“Ouch! That hurt.” He joked.
I could feel Austin gazing between Ricky and i.
the bell rang and we all walked to our classes.
“You have nice friends. especially Ricky.” Beauty said.
Suddenly voice came from the telecom in our class.
“All students should stay in class, there’s a student who have been stabbed.” My heart leaped.
I could her mumblings, everyone is shocked.
My hands began to sweat.
“Any friend of Ricky Martin, please report to us.” I could feel hot tears roll on my cheeks.
I stood up and ran out of the class to the dean’s office and Beauty followed me behind.
Who could do that to him?
He is just harmless, i know Ricky very well we are like siblings.
Why why him?

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