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The Matchmaker – Episode 20

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Chapter Twenty






Seye pov


“Am the one with the power not you” she said which makes me more angry.



I clenched my fist trying to control my anger.


“You have no choice but to do what I want”

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“You seem angry, let’s talk some other time” she said stood up and left.


What am I going to do?


She’s really got me cornered should I just tell Ariyike?


Won’t she be angry at me?


Won’t she hate me?


Am really stupid.



Dolapo pov


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“Did you threaten him?” Mr Akin asked when I entered the car


“This won’t be enough, we have to act fast” I said.


“What do you mean?” He asked.


“Seye’s uncle, that is our card”


“Am going to inform him that I and Seye have been dating for a long time and after he took my virginity, he left me for another girl. The worst part is that am pregnant for him” I smiled at my plan while Mr Akin looked at me weirdly.


“Do we have to go this far, we could simply use this to collect some money from Seye”


“No, this could be a massive hit. Just wait and see”



The next day



Seye pov



“What are you doing here this early morning?” I asked Tim as I gulped down some water and wiped away my sweat.


I went jogging, trying to think of what to do.


“What is going between you and Tosin?” He asked while the water in my mouth spilled out.


“What do you mean?”


“I know you met her yesterday, I followed you”


“Why?” I asked.


“Because Ariyike called me, she told me you acted strange towards her”


“What happened?” He asked.


Can I trust him? He betrayed me once.


“It is nothing” I lied.


“I know you are lying, come on tell me”


“I might have done something that makes you think less of me but, am back Seye, you are my friend, my brother I want to help you” he said which melt my heart.


“Ok, I will tell you”









“Shit!” he said infuriated after telling him everything that happened between I and Tosin.


“What are you going to do?” He asked.


“I don’t know, I don’t want to hurt Ariyike at the same time I can’t tell her. Am cornered man”


“There is something off about this Tosin girl, she just seems odd, am just not sure what’s the deal with her.” he said.


“She is not the issue but Ariyike, what should I do about her?” I asked.


“I don’t know, you’ve got to tell her. You can’t keep it from her, it is better to tell her now”


“I can’t, I don’t think I can, it will hurt her”


“So what are we going to do now?”



Tim pov


“It is going to be ok” I said patting Seye’s shoulder.


“Trust me” I assured him.


There is something about this Tosin girl, she is just too weird and also how did she know who Seye is.


It is obvious, she has been on him for some time.


I can’t watch her ruin Seye and Ariyike’s relationship.




Later in the afternoon I left Seye’s house after assuring him that it is going to be ok.


This Tosin girl keeps baffling me.


I have to do something.


Of course, I know exactly what to do.



A month later



Ariyike pov


(in her room)


“How do I look?” I asked my mom.


“You look beautiful”


“Thank you” I muttered.


“So where are you going with Seye?” She asked.


“Well, he’s decided to show me his family since his uncle wants to see him” I giggled.


“Oh my god, am so happy for you, finally!”


“I know but there is something weird about Seye. Seems like he is hiding something from me” I sighed


“Something? I don’t think so what would he be hiding?”


“You are right”


I heard the car hoot.


“That is my ride” I said nervous.


“Don’t worry, just be yourself” my mom adviced after noticing how worried I am.



“See you” I said and went outside.


“Wow, you look beautiful” Seye compliments me while I blushed.


“Thank you” I said and he hugged me.


“There is only one woman in my heart, and that is you, I really mean it” he said which got me worried.


“There is something I want to tell you tonight and there is something I want to show you too”


“What?” I asked.


“I will tell you at night, just know that am sorry” he said and kissed me. What does Seye mean?


“Let’s go” he said and opened the car door for me like a gentleman.




We got to Seye uncles’ house, but the atmosphere there made me feel like am not welcome at all


Seye’s uncle and the other family members present were all looking at me with disgust.


“Seye, do you know the reason you are here” the man I assume to be his uncle asked.


“No” he replied honestly.


“I see, let her in” he said and Tosin came out with a strange man.


Her eye also widened when she saw us but she waved it off.



Why is she here?


“What are you doing?” Seye asked out of anger or should I say fear.


“Tell them what you told me”


“Well, like I said both I and Seye were a couple but he left me for another lady”


“That’s her” she said.


“The worst part is that he took my virginity then he left me, but now am pregnant” she said while my bag dropped.


“You bitch!” Seye said and stood up while his uncle slapped him.


“She showed me prove!” his uncle yelled.


“What?” I said which brought their attention to me.


“Prove?” I stood up


“What does he mean Seye?”


“Did anything happened between you and Tosin?”




“Answer me!” I yelled.


“Yes, something did occur but it was all my fault”




“You betrayed me again? I don’t think I can do this anymore. I think we should break up what I am even saying she is pregnant for you it is over already” I said picked up my bag and left.



“Ariyike!” Seye called behind me.


I got out the gate and luckily for me there was a cab, I took it and left. “He betrayed me and am not going to forgive him this time”


Dolapo pov


My plan worked perfectly, I smiled at mr Akin who disguised as my brother.


Seye came back to the house and sat down frustrated, seems like Ariyike really ended things with him.


That girl is just too stupid and easy.


“Am sorry for what he did and also don’t worry no one is going to take your place, you are now my daughter” Seye’s uncle said.


“That is not possible!” we all turned to the person and it was Tim with some policemen behind him.


“Tim, what are you doing here?” Seye asked.


“It isn’t possible” Tim repeated.


“What do you mean?” Seye’s uncle asked.


“This person can’t be your daughter because she has been dead for ages.” “But the person in front of me isn’t dead” retorted Seye’s uncle


“That is because she is a different person using another person’s name.” Tim said


“Right Miss Dolapo?”


I have been bursted.




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