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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 1

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It’s a beautiful Saturday morning, it was raining the entire night and now the weather is cool. I smile thinking of what a perfect day lies ahead, if anything I love spending time with my son.


I slowly push the beddings away and look at my Victoria secret pajamas, I ordered them online and they are original. The silk white material massages my body and I can almost swear it’s making me feel like a woman, I chuckle at the thought and get out of bed.


As my toes with nicely done nails touch my house slippers, I smile. I have had it easy in life, my parents made sure to build us an empire that would last me and my siblings a life time but I was quick enough to get away from home and started my own empireand I must say it is a success.


‘Good morning Ma’am.’ My house help greets


‘Good morning Chisenga.’ I say walking past her

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I have had her since I was eighteen, she was my first house help brought to me by my mother and I must say she knows more things about me than what my twin sister even knows. Eight years later and she is still with me.


I walk to the kitchen and pour myself some Oolong tea, it’s just after the festive season and I have gained 11lbs which I am trying so hard to lose.


‘Mummy.’ Sean screams


‘Jesus!’ I scream spitting out the tea


‘I scared you?’ He asks laughing


I put the cup down and wipe my mouth looking at his naughty face


‘You will scare me to death one of these days.’ I say opening my hands


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‘Sorry beautiful.’ He says as I pick him up


‘You are becoming too heavy for my liking.’ I say kissing his cheek


He laughs lovingly as he wraps his hands around my neck


‘How did you sleep?’


‘Peaceful.’ He says not so enthusiastic


‘What is with the face?’


‘I wanted to spend the night with you.’ He responds looking down


‘Don’t worry baby one of these days mummy won’t have to work so hard and she will sleep with you okay.’


‘You said that last year.’


‘Baby last year is just two days ago.’



‘I know.’ He responds laughing and I laugh with him


‘When I grow up I will work so hard you won’t have to do your night job, okay?’


I nod my head words failing me, because how can I tell this innocent soul the kind of job I do in the night.


‘Yes baby and I don’t doubt you will.’ I say


Chisenga appears from I don’t know where and comes to get him, I am sure it’s time for his bath.


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‘Hey Chichi.’ He says winking at her


‘Boy I am not your age mate.’ She says


‘You are so pretty am gonna marry you.’ He says causing both Chisenga and I to laugh


‘I should start preparing your dowry because I am sure you are not coming cheap.’ I say


‘Please do.’ She responds walking away with Sean in her arms as they laugh


One of the many other reasons why Chisenga is still here is the relationship she has with Sean, I got pregnant when I was eighteen. About the same time when I left home and my father was so angry, he said that was the reason I wanted to start living on my own because I wanted to be playful. But that’s not even the case, I loved Ezra, he was my first and we planned on starting a life together but it couldn’t work out. He left just before I could tell him about the pregnancy, I tried reaching out. Even told his mother about it but she shut me off saying I just wanted to milk her son out of their family money, boy I had wanted to laugh that day. I came from old filthy money why would someone assume that I wanted their money?



Well mum was understanding, she held my hand through it all and even though my sister shut me off as well I survived.


The ringing of my phone brings me out of my reverie.


‘Kat.’ A husky voice says on the other end of the line


‘Good morning.’ I respond


‘Appointment for 9PM.’




‘Radison blu room 203.’


‘Any specifications?’




The line goes dead, I know his type. The depressed old male, with family problems but with a lot of money to waste. Doesn’t ask for more than cuddling because he doesn’t want to feel bad about his old wife or grandchildren, so will ask for a few kisses here and there. But nothing more than that and that you lay in bed with him for not more than three hours.


I head to the bedroom and strip off of my clothes, I want to bath before power cuts because even though we have a genset running the hike in fuel prices is something that I don’t want to feel.


After finishing I settle for a mustard floral dress and gold slippers, I have a breakfast date with my only friend Katurah but I call her Urah.


After instructing Chisenga on what to prepare for lunch and saying my byes to Sean, I drive to levy junction and walk to mugg and bean where we are having our breakfast from.


‘If it isn’t my son’s mother.’ She says



I smile and go to hug her


‘Girl I missed you.’


‘I missed you.’ She responds


I settle into a chair opposite hers and we right away make our orders ‘How is Sean?’


‘Being naughty.’ I respond putting a huge chunk of bacon in my mouth ‘You are lucky to have Chisenga around.’ ‘She is a blessing that one.’ I say thankfully


I see the blood on Urah’s face drop as she stares at something behind me I turn around and my mouth drops open unbelievably.


‘Is that?’ She asks without completing her sentence ‘Yes.’ I respond swallowing hard

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