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Blue Love Story – Episode 11

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Episode 11 : LOST






JAJA’s Point Of View




As the day goes by, I had adopted Master’s wildness. And I am getting used to our daily routine. Each morning and evening has been erotic between us.


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It’s been a week since I became a slave of Master Benjamin. He’s treating me nice and good, it’s just that he’s wild and brutal in bed. He’s a nymphomaniac.


I am keeping myself busy by removing the sheet of my bed. I’ve been replacing the sheet many times because there’s always something happening between me and Master right here in this bed. I heard the door opened and closed.


Did Master come home again? An hour had passed when Master leaved me and


now he returned? Maybe he left something here. I get out of my room and come


down stairs.


“Who are you?”


I stopped. It was a girl’s voice. I faced the lady who asked me. She’s petite like me and beautiful. She looks like Master Benjamin. Master have a sister? I didn’t speak.


“I said who are you? You’re a thief, are you?!” She ran and screaming ‘thief’.


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“N-no. I’m Jaja. I’m Master Benjamin’s cook.” I quickly said.


She stopped and stared at me. “Cook? Are you sure you are his cook? You’re lying. Don’t make me dumb.”


I shook my head. “No. I’m stating the truth.”


She raised her one brow. “By the way, I am Ginny. Benjamin’s sister. Where is he?”


“He had gone to his work.”



She didn’t replied. She go to the kitchen instead so I followed her. I had just remember the rule number six. Sh*t! I had broke it! “I’m hungry,” she said and look at me.


“I’m going to cook. What do you want to eat?”


“Don’t cook.” She look at my body and smiled. “Come with me, let’s eat outside. I don’t accept rejections.”


I was about to reject her when she pulled me. I admit I felt excitement when we got outside the condominium. I’ve been imprisoned for a week. But I remember Master’s rules. I hope he won’t get mad because I am entertaining his sister.


Ginny is talkative while we are on the trip. She drive her car. I had learn that she came from the other country and returned here to have some vacation. She looks friendly and nice. We entered a big shopping mall. We eat first and then she invited me to shop with her.


“Let’s meet here, Jaja. I just need to buy something.”


“I’m coming with you.”


“No!” she curtly said. She cleared her throat and bring back her poise. “Just wait for me here. Don’t go anywhere because I might leave you. Stay.”


Having no choice, I just nod. She ran away from me so I search for a chair to sit. I made my eyes busy by looking at the people passing in front of me. Sometimes, I am watching the kids that’s playing on the kiddie room right in front of me.


I don’t know if how long I’ve been waiting for Ginny but I noticed that the people slowly getting fewer and fewer. Suddenly, I became nervous. Ginny, hasn’t come back yet.


“Ma’am, we’ve noticed that you’ve been sitting here for almost 10 hours. Are you lost?”


I look at the lady who approached and asked me.


“No. I am waiting for someone. Thank you,” I answered.


Another hour passed again and there’s still no Ginny. Should I find her? But she


said that I must wait for her. I sighed.






BENJAMIN’s Point Of View




My head ached because of the busy day. I haven’t called Jaja in the condo because my meeting is continuously without stop.


I took a glance on my wrist watch. It’s already 7 PM. Time to go home.



While on the elevator, I dialed the phone of my condo. I miss her voice. I furrowed my brow when she haven’t answered the call. I immediately hop in my car and drive fast. I have this strange feeling that something is not going well.


“Slave?” I called out as I entered my condo. No one answered. The whole condo is quiet. Did she escaped?


But I remember that I had closed the door before leaving. And I don’t think she knows my password.


I go to the kitchen but there no Jaja. I’ve searched the whole first floor of my condo but I didn’t saw her. I came up the stairs and opened her room. I saw a woman lying on the bed but it is not Jaja.


“Ginny, what are you doing here?!”


My sister quickly rose up. “Hello, Brother. How are you?”


“What are you doing here?”


“Seems like you’re not happy upon seeing me.” She showed me a sad look. “By the way, I came here to visit you.”


I didn’t give attention to her. I walk into the bathroom, there’s no Jaja. I get out the room and go to my room, hoping she’s there but I am disappointed. “What are you looking for?” Ginny asked.


“My slave!” I answered unconsciously. I am busy finding Jaja. “Slave? Who’s your slave? Is it Jaja? She said he’s your cook.” I turned to face her. “Where is she?”


“I don’t know. I pulled her on the mall and then I lost her.”


I slapped my forehead. D*mn! It can’t be! I really wanted to yell at Ginny but I should not. F*ck! Jaja might have escaped! “Where’d you lost her?” I asked.


“In the Yazu.” That mall is super huge! No wonder Ginny lost her.


“Stay here.” I quickly get out and go to the mall Ginny had said. The first place I run into is the management office of the mall. I ask them to find Jaja by describing her physical appearance.


“Sir, please wait here. If she’s here in the mall, she’ll surely go here,” said by the supervisor of the cctv room after they did the paging.


I didn’t speak. Jaja have the opportunity to escape, why would she come back to me? I gritted my teeth. She had broken my rules.


“Sir, maybe this lady is the one you were looking. She’s been sitting there for 11 hours.”


Waiting for 11 hours? I quickly watch the monitor that they’re pointing.


Indeed, that’s Jaja.


“Which floor is it and department?” I quickly asked.


“Sixth floor, west side of the Clothing depa–”


I didn’t wait for them to finish what they’re saying. I ran fast as I can to reach Jaja’s place. I’m thankful that the mall isn’t crowded too much. I stop in front of her. She’s looking at the floor.


The thought that she’s planning to escape became vague. Is this how a prisoner escapes? Never leaved her place for 11 hours?


I kneeled in front of her and hold her chin up. I saw tiredness in her eyes. She’s crying too.


“Hey.” I wiped her tears.


“Ma-master, please forgive me. I didn’t mean to get out of your condo and break


your rules. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”


I felt a little pain in my heart when I saw her crying.


“Let’s go home and we’ll talk about it.” I hold her hand and pulled her up. “Master, Ginny said I should wait here.”


I sighed. I knew it. “Ginny is at home. Come on, let’s go.”


I felt her hand hold tight on my arm. “What’s the matter?”


“I’m feeling weak, Master.”


Not speaking, I lift her up and carry her in a bridal way.




“Shut up,” I cut her.


I don’t care if people are looking at us. All I care is Jaja and I’m going to take her






::::::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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