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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 16

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Thirty minutes later, Patricia and Ronato got to the spot. They got down of the car


and moved towards the others. Patricia exclaimed after seeing how sabotaged their

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house was. She couldn’t stop herself from crying after witnessing that. While


Ronato was right there consoling her. “Oh my goodness! Who could have done this


to us? “she weep. “You should calm down Patricia. Please “said Ronato. Then


Innocencia glanced at her from where she was and called out her name. “Patricia


“said Innocencia as she ran towards her sister and embrace her tightly. “Sister, our


house is gone. It has been destroyed “Innocencia said bitterly. Then they freed


from the tight hug. Patricia then wipe her sister’s house tears off. “Don’t cry dear


sister. Everything will be okay. I’m certain they will catch those Monsters soon

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“said Patricia. “I hope so too “said Innocencia. “Let’s go meet mother “said Patricia


as they all walked towards sabrina, Antonio and a chief police officer. “Mother


“said Patricia as she embrace her mum. “Are you alright mother? “asked Patricia.


“Of course I am “replied sabrina, trying to hide her pain, even though it hurts.


“What are you doing here Ronato? You are supposed to be at the hospital right?


“asked Antonio. “Yes director. I only accompanied Patricia. I couldn’t bear to leave


her all by herself “replied Ronato. “Who are these people Mr Marcesa? “asked the


chief officer. “This is Patricia Domingo. She is the first daughter of the house


owner. And the guy beside her is Ronato. Her colleague at work “replied Antonio.


“Alright then. We’ll be leaving after the two officers return. Hopefully, they will


get some evidence from your house “said the chief officer. Two minutes later, the


two officers came out of the house and walked towards the others. One of them


was holding a gold purse iThathis hand. “Guys, what did you find? “asked me the


chief officer. “We found this purse at one corner of the room sir “said one of the


police officers as he handed over the purse and to their boss. “That’s


good…………….. Ma’am, sir, have you ever seen this purse before………….. Perhaps


with someone? “asked the chief officer. “No I don’t think I’ve ever seen this kind of purse in my life “replied Sabrina. “This purse looks familiar. I don’t know where but I think I’ve seen it before “replied Antonio. “Really Mr Marcesa?…… Try to


remember where “said the chief officer. “I really can’t remember where. Why don’t we just take a look at what’s inside the purse. Who knows, we might find answers to what we are looking for “said Antonio. “That’s right “said Sabrina. “Alright then “said the chief officer as he opened the purse and found a bundle of cash in it. “I don’t think we can get anything from here. It’s just money “said the chief officer. “Hold on, let me take a look “said Sabrina as she take back the purse from the chief. “Oh my, who could have own this purse? The culprit shouldn’t get away like this ‘said Sabrina as Patricia also collected the purse from her mum. “Wait a second



everyone. There is an hidden zip at one side of the purse. Wait, let me check “said Patricia as she brought out an identity card. “Look! I found this…………. Who is this


woman? “she look strange. Then Antonio collected it from her. “What!……….. It’s


Angelica “he exclaimed. Then Sabrina hijacked the I. D card from him. “Oh my goodness. It’s her. What a despicable woman “said sabrina as the chief officer got it back. “Did you know this woman? “asked the chief officer. “Yes I do. She was my friend in highschool. I know her very well “replied Antonio. “Do you know if she has a grudge with your family ma’am? “asked the chief. “Yes chief. I remember she threatened me once “replied Sabrina. “But why would she threaten you? “he asked again. “Well for some reason, she told me to stay away from Antonio. Failure to do that, she will make me pay “said Sabrina. “Hold on a second Mr Marcesa, are you perhaps in a relationship with Miss Angelica? “he asked. “Of course not. Although, she’s asking for more than friendship but I didn’t allow that. I think she’s really getting back at us because of that “said Antonio. “Thanks for the help Mr Marcesa and Mrs Domingo. We’ll take it from here. We now have a new lead………… Miss Angelica Bermudez “said the chief officer.





Alicia P. O. V.


(Alfredo knocks) “May I come in? “he requested. “Sure Alfredo “Alicia replied then Alfredo came in. “Any updates on Patricia and Ronato? “he asked. “Well I just received Patricia’s call, she told me someone sabotage their house. It was set on fire “she replied. “What! “he exclaimed. “Patricia told me that the woman left a trace. How fortunate they are. Hopefully, they would catch her soon “said Alicia. “So she’s a woman? “asked Alfredo. “Yes she is…………… That’s why I don’t


understand how she could be so heartless. Women are supposed to be the kindest, coolest and simplest. But they turned out to be a ruthless monsters “she replied. “Well I guess that’s how it is. Only God can explain how he created them that way. Some men are cruel while some are cool. The same also goes to the women. No one except God can give answers to these kind of questions “he said. “Well I totally agree with you “said Alicia.





After few hours, three police officers arrived at the hotel Angelica lodge in. They introduced themselves to the receptionist. And they requested to see Miss Angelica Bermudez. The receptionist try helping them contact her room, but she didn’t pick



it. The officers couldn’t wait any much longer so they traced her room number as described by the receptionist. After they got there, they knocked on her door. But she didn’t open instantly. It took them five minutes before Angelica finally showed herself. When she opened the door, she got shocked. “Corps “she said. “Are you aware we’ve been knocking since. Are you trying to avoid us? “asked the first officer. “Of course not. Why would I want to avoid you when the fact is that I don’t even know you are coming. The truth is I was in the bathroom so I couldn’t get the door immediately. I’m really sorry about that “she apologize. “It’s okay “said the first officer. “Well what can I do for you? “she asked. “It’s simple. We just want to invite you to our prison. We have some questions to ask you “said the second officer as Angelica smile briefly. “I’m sorry. I think there is a mix up here. You chose the wrong room. I suppose you go forward. You might get the room you are looking for. Please excuse me “said the Angelica as she turned her back, trying to return back to her room. “Hold on………………. Aren’t you Miss Angelica Bermudez


“asked the second officer. “Yes I am “she replied. “Then we are not mistaken. You are the one we are looking for “he said. “Hold on, why do you want to interrogate me? …………… For what? “she asked, starting to get angry and scared. “Don’t be too


hard on yourself ma’am. We just want to ask you some questions regarding the recent event at the Domingos “said the third officer. Angelica couldn’t take it anymore so she raised her voice. “But why me?…………… Am I the suspect? I’m

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innocent. I didn’t burn that house. It wasn’t me. You have to believe me “said Angelica. “Hold on ma’am, how did you know that is the reason why we here to see you? “said the first officer, then Angelica startled. It’s like she already exposed herself out of shock and fear. “That only prove one thing ma’am, you are really the one behind that mess……………. We have a warrant of arrest for you Miss Angelica


Bermudez. You have the right to remain silent. Because whatever you say here will be used against you in the court of law “said the second officer as they handcuff her, then the third officer held her on her arm. “Let go of me ………….. I can walk


on my own. So don’t you try to romance me, pretending as if you are arresting me “said Angelica. “Stop your nonsense madam. Respect yourself…….. Now move it “said the third officer as they all left the building.





At the hospital;


Finally, Patricia and Ronato arrived. Then they were welcomed by Alicia and Alfredo who has already been waiting for their arrival. “Thank goodness you guys are back……….. How are you Patricia? “said Alicia. “Well I’m good “she replied.


“Are you sure? “Alicia asked again, feeling concerned. “Of course I am………………


Don’t worry about me Alicia. It’s just a house. I know I’ll be fine. Thankfully, the woman had been caught already. She well finally get what she deserves “said Patricia. “That’s good to know “said Alicia. “But how about your house?……………


Where are you going to live now? “asked Alfredo. “Well that has also been sorted out. We’ll be staying at the director’s residence henceforth “replied Patricia. “That’s good. You are much safer right there “said Alfredo. “Hey common guys, enough of the questions. We just got here, now you are throwing questions at us already. Give us a break “said Ronato. “We are sorry about that Ronato. We are just showing our concern “said Alicia. “I understand that…….. And I was just kidding. You took it so


serious “said Ronato as they all smile. “Anyway, I’ll go do my rounds. I’ll see you guys around. And thank you very much for your concern “said Patricia as she left the spot. Then the others followed suit.





Moses P. O. V.


After few days of recovery, Moses has also been helping himself to recover faster by standing up all by himself. Few minutes later, Patricia entered and caught him doing that. She was really impressed. “Wow! I see you are exercising. You are now walking now, even with the help of no one. I guess you are more determined to recover faster “said Patricia as Moses returned back to his bed. “Yes you are right Patricia. I’m much determined to recover faster because of you “said Moses. “What do you mean by that? “asked Patricia, looking a little surprised. “Well I know we’ll haven’t been seeing often. But during the little time we spent together, I see nothing but care in your eyes. I see how much you care for me………………. I


know am not worthy to say this but I really have to. Ever since I arrived at this hospital, you’ve always showed concern for me……………. And that also give me


more reason to be with you. I love you Patricia. Will you be my girl? “Moses confessed. “Umh? “Patricia got shocked.






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