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Patricia – Episode 10

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“Why do you hate me doctor? Because I’m a woman? Or because you don’t like me telling you what I think? “she asked. “No Patricia. What are you saying? I don’t hate you. I only want to know you more, that’s all “replied Ronato. “Don’t you get it? I don’t like you. I don’t want to be friends with you either. I want you to stay away from me. And if you can’t do that, then I will “said Patricia as she left the library. “Hold on wait “he followed. He held her hand and she stopped. “I’m sorry Patricia. I know I have been so mean to you. But believe me when I say this, I am sincerely sorry “he pleaded, then Patricia separated her hand from his, and she left.


At night, Patricia returned back from work. On getting home, Sabrina was already fast asleep as usual. While Innocencia is still awake, waiting for Patricia to return. “Hi there Patricia “said Innocencia as the both embrace each other. “You don’t look so happy. What’s the matter? “asked Innocencia. “I’m okay Innocencia. You don’t have to worry about me “she replied. “I won’t take that for an answer. I know there is something wrong “said Innocencia as they both sit. “Is it about Ronato? “she asked, then Patricia nodded her head for positive answer. “What happened again? I thought you have made up with him “asked Innocencia. “Yes we’ve patched things up already. But I discovered something else about him “Patricia replied. “What is it? “Innocencia asked again.


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Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


(Alfredo’s office) “I don’t know. She doesn’t even want to hear me out. In fact, she doesn’t want to see me at all. She doesn’t want me to come near her “said Ronato. “You shouldn’t blame her. After what she found out about you today, she wouldn’t want to be close to you “said Alfredo.






Patricia & Innocencia P. O. V.


“He is a womanizer “Patricia replied. “A womanizer? But how did you know that? “asked Innocencia. “I actually heard the nurses when they were gossiping about it “Patricia replied.



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Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


In fact, I don’t even know how she knows my secret in the first place “said Ronato. “It isn’t a secret anymore my friend. It has already been spread all over the hospital. Perhaps she overheard people talking about it “said Alfredo. “I guess you are right “said Ronato. “So what are you planning on doing now? “asked Alfredo. “If that’s what she really wants, then I’ll give it to her. I am going to stay away from her? “Ronato replied.





Patricia & Innocencia P. O. V.


“I think you should stay away from a man like him. I don’t think he has a good intentions for you “said Innocencia. “I know that perfectly well Innocencia. That’s why I told him to stay away from me. I hope he would do as I told him “said Patricia. “I trust you Patricia. You should know better on how to handle people like him. You are strong enough to do that “said Innocencia as they both hug once again.





Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


“Are you sure you are willing to do that? “asked Alfredo. “Yes bro……… But not


permanently. I know on how to make her talk to me on her own will “he replied. “What’s your plan? “Alfredo asked. “Just you wait and see. Tomorrow is another day. It’s going to be fun “said Ronato, smiling to himself. Then, they both rounded up the activities for the day and left for their various houses.


The next morning, Patricia dresses up herself gorgeously for work, while Innocencia dresses herself for school. Then the both went outside to get the blessings of their mum. “Are you guys ready? “asked Sabrina, sitting beside her goods. “Yes we are “they both chorused, moving closer to Sabrina, bending down



their heads for Sabrina’s prayer. “Bless you my dear daughters. My prayers will always go with you “said Sabrina. “Amen “they chorused. “Do you guys mind taking some of these popcorns along with you? In case you get hungry “asked Sabrina. “Don’t worry about me mother. I can manage myself well at the hospital. I think you should give some to Innocencia. She needs it more than I do “Patricia replied. “Of course not. I’m not a kid anymore. There are lots of good foods at school that I can buy. I don’t want to be a laughing stock at school because of that. You know perfectly well that only people from rich family attend that school. What would they say if they see me eating it “said Innocencia. “Just because you are going to a wealthy school doesn’t mean you should forget who you are. That shouldn’t change you at all. Remember, you are Innocencia Domingo. And the reason why you are going to school is for you to succeed in life, and not to show off yourself as one of the riches “said Patricia. “Don’t you worry Patricia. I know perfectly what my reasons are…………..And you as well, don’t forget about what we


discussed yesterday “said Innocencia. “Sure I won’t “said Patricia. “Hold on, what are you guys talking about? “asked Sabrina. “It’s a secret “said Innocencia. “Hmm……….. Really now…… So you are not going to tell me what it is “said Sabrina as she start tickling both Patricia and Innocencia until they ran off.





Ronato P. O. V.


He went to Patricia’s office and found out her door is still locked. Then he went to the nurses. “Hold on girls, has anyone seen doctor Domingo this morning? “he asked. “No we haven’t “they all chorused, and he left. “Only God knows why he is looking for her so badly after what happened between them yesterday “said Lucia. “After what happened between them, I think he wants to apologize “said Laurette. “I guess you are right Laurette “said Christina. “And I’m sure that doctor Domingo will never accept any of his apology. Only God knows what he might have done to that pretty doctor “said Delia.


Ten minutes later, Patricia’s patient (Moses), the charming guy who had a serious accident on Patricia’s first day at work, is now having an uncontrollable breathing. Delia discovers this and she run to meet Ronato since Patricia herself isn’t around. “Doctor Gomez, the patient in the ICU (Intensive care unit) is having a convulsion “said Delia as Ronato stand hurriedly and run to the ward where Moses is being placed. He treated him and Moses returned back to his unconscious state. “You know what Delia, before doctor Domingo arrives, you should at least



come and check him once. Okay? “Ronato instructed. “Yes doctor “Delia replied, then Ronato left.





Alfredo P. O. V.


(Ronato enters) “What’s up dude “said Ronato, feeling so happy. “Bro, how are you? You look so happy today “said Alfredo. “Is that obvious? “asked Ronato. “Of course it is “Alfredo replied. “Well it’s all about our yesterday’s discussion. Now, Patricia won’t have any choice but to approach me today. She’ll definitely talk to me after what I did today “said Ronato. “Really? Tell me about it “said Alfredo as Ronato explained everything to him. “Wow! Bravo bro. She’ll definitely talk to you. I’m certain of it. That is such a great opportunity. If you hadn’t help that patient, he would have died. And Patricia would be responsible for that. She would have been in great trouble because of her carelessness “said Alfredo. “Absolutely “said Ronato. “But Ronato, you only want her to talk to her and nothing more. Don’t take advantage of that. You know she isn’t that kind of person “said Alfredo. “Of course I know. You don’t need to worry………….Now my main problem is Romina. I’ve been trying to call her but she isn’t answering “said Ronato.





Liliana & Jessica P. O. V.


(In a bar) “I’m really so happy today Jessica. That stupid girl called Romina won’t be able to bother me anymore. She is going to leave Ronato for good “said Liliana, smiling. “Hold on, what did you do? Did you eliminate her? “asked Jessica. “Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous. Why would I do such thing?…… I just put her in


her place where she deserves. She’ll never think of calling Ronato ever again. Nor will she think of coming near him. Because the next time I see them together, even if I can’t do it, I am going to hire people to take her out of the picture. And that will be for good “Liliana replied. “That’s great Liliana. You are in control of everything “said Jessica, smiling. “Yes Jessica. Ronato is mine and mine alone. And anyone who try to come between us will have to face the consequences……… Now I just

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have to see Ronato right now. I need to celebrate this with him “said Liliana. “When? “asked Jessica. “Of course right now. Don’t be silly. I’ll be leaving here in the next five minutes “said Liliana as they both smile.


Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


“I think you should keep calling her till she picks the call “said Alfredo. “Why should I do that? I can’t force myself on her. In fact, she should be the one running after me and not the other way round. I think she has gone for good. I’ll soon find someone else. Besides, Liliana is enough for me “said Ronato. “Okay if you say so “said Alfredo.


Fifteen minutes later, Patricia arrives. “Good morning girls “Patricia greeted the nurses. “Good morning doctor “they all chorused. “It’s a good thing you arrive doctor Domingo. Moses Santos had a convulsion earlier. But thank goodness, doctor Gomez was able to handle the situation very well “said Delia as Patricia left to check on Moses. (She enters the ward). I’m really sorry if I wasn’t able to protect you. I promise it won’t happen again……… I have to say thank you to


Ronato. And I should also apologize to what I said to him yesterday…………… And


he is so arrogant. Who knows how he will react about it. Nevertheless, I’ll still try my best “Patricia said to herself and left the ward.





Ronato P. O. V.


(In his office) “Now I’m waiting for her to come and approach me. You’ll never be able to refuse me now Patricia “said Ronato as he smile to himself. Then Liliana enters. “Hi dear “said Liliana. “Liliana? What are you doing here? “he got shocked, moving towards her. “Don’t you miss me? Well I came here because I’m missing you already my love. But too bad you don’t feel the same “said Liliana as she move more closer to Ronato. Their chest touches one another, trying to place her lips to Ronato’s lips. “Of course I do. I miss you “said Ronato, looking at Liliana’s sexy lips. Then the both started kissing each other passionately, forgetting to roll down the curtain. Patricia was about to enter Ronato’s office when she caught them both through the glass door. “You monsters “she said softly, feeling extremely furious and hurt.




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