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Blue Love Story – Episode 37

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JAJA’s Point Of View




“Wake me up, sweetie..”


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I quickly got up and get out of the room where I was admitted because I fainted out. I need to see Ben now. Momsh was about to enter my room when she saw me emerged from it.


“Darling, where are you going? Are you okay now?”


I hug Momsh that made her surprised. “Momsh, I had dreamt of Ben. He’s alive.”



Dad approach us when he saw us. “Are you okay now, Jaja? You fainted out yesterday.”


Yesterday? Just how long did I sleep?


“Dad, how is Ben?” I asked hopefully.


Dad smiled a little. “I don’t know if he’s okay. He’s still on the fatal situation.”


“What do you mean, Dad?”

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“He’s in a comatose state, Jaja.”


That’s it. Ben showed on my dream to say that I need to wake him up. Ben really don’t want to go. He want to be with me. He wants to wake up. “Dad, where is he? Can we visit him?”


“Of course. Let’s go.”


Dad lead the way. I wear a robe and a face mask required for visiting a patient who has undergone on an operation. I entered the room alone, Dad and Momsh was left outside.


I walk near to Ben, slowly, as I stare at him. I feel pain just by seeing him like this. He’s half alive and half dead, the worst idea here is only the machine that keeps him breathing.


I sighed and sit on the stool beside his bed. He just looks sleeping with a bandage on his head and with a tube on his mouth. I feel the heat in my eyes, tears wants to go out, but I stop it. I shouldn’t be weak now that Ben needs me to be strong.


I hold his hand and let it touch my cheek. I look at him, watching him breathe. “Hi, heart. They say those who are in a comatose state can still hear everything around them. I know you can hear me. You look ugly with that bandage on your head. I hate to see you sleeping here on a hospital bed. I hate the sound of the life machine. I hate the smell of the hospital. Now, wake up and let’s get out of here. I more likely to to lie down beside you on our bed. I like to hear you snore than the beeps of this machine. I like to sniff your hair than the odor of this hospital. Ben, wake up. You want me to wake you up. I’m here to wake you up.” My tears fell down when I couldn’t hold it anymore.


“Ben, I miss your smile, your laugh, your hug, your kiss, your voice. I miss you. Come back to me please. I can accept if you forget about me, just be alive. Be alive and I’ll be okay.”


I closed my eyes and wiped my tears. I let my face close to his ear.


“I love you, sweetie. Fight and live for everyone who loves you. Jaja is waiting for you. Wake up for your Jaja.”


I removed my face mask to kiss him on his lips. I stared at him for a moment until I decided to get out. I couldn’t see him like this any longer.




IT’S BEEN two days since Ben was in a comatose state. There’s a good changes happening to him as the Doctor said and we are hoping that one of these days, he’ll wake up. But they couldn’t assure to us that he’s 100% okay if he wake up. There are possibilities problems that he’ll encounter like pain in his head, difficulty to talk, to move his body, or to remember.


My heart jump when my phone rings. It was Dad.


“Jaja, come here. Ben is awake!” Dad said in an excited tone.


“Thank you, Dad. I’ll be right there.”


Oh my God! Thank you very much, God! I quickly cleaned myself and hop in my car.


“Jaja, where are you going?” Momsh asked. She walk towards the car.


“Momsh, Ben is awake!” I said. Happiness filled my heart.


“Really? Oh God, thank you! Wait, I’ll come with you.” Momsh quickly hop in my car. She became close to Ben.


“Wear your seatbelt, Momsh.” I smiled as Momsh did what I said.


“Be a car racer, darling.”


I drive my car as fast as I can just to be on the hospital quick. After five minutes of driving, we approached the hospital. After I parked the car, me and Momsh run towards the elevator and enter the floor level of where Ben at. We saw Dad outside the door of Ben’s room.


“He woke up earlier but he was injected with a sedatives because he’s freaking out. Now he’s calm when he woke up again.”


We entered the room. The doctor is checking him. I saw Ginny, Ben’s Mum, and Olga standing on the right side of Ben’s bed.


“He’s okay. He just freaked out earlier because he can’t remember anything. Even his name. Please don’t stress the patient, it may lead him confusions. The surgery still affects his thinking so expect for him to have a difficulty to anything. I’ll leave you for a while and I’ll be back later to check him up again.”


The doctor leaved after he said those words. The three ladies circled Ben. “Mum, what happened to me? Why am I here?” Ben asked. He don’t remember what happened.


“What are you doing here, Olga?” Ben asked.


“I’m visiting you, dear. I’m concern about you that’s why I came here.”


“I don’t need your concern. You leaved me before so don’t act like you’re still care for me.”



Ben remember Olga. But he don’t remember what happened. I gulped. Ben tilt his head to look at us, his sight was blocked by Olga.


“Get out of there, Olga.” He is still rude. Olga walk and stand beside Vina and


Ginny. Her face is color red.




I look at Ben. He’s staring at me. I can see that he’s trying to remember me the way he look at me. My heart beats fast. I don’t like the way he look at me. “You look familiar. Do I know you?” he asked.


Stunned. All of them, Vina, Ginny, Dad, and Momsh are looking at me, surprised can be seen on their face. It was just Olga who’s smirking. “You don’t remember me,” I said.


“I don’t. Who are you?” he asked.


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::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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