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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 11

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Episode 11



The door closed and all her friends heard was a horrific scream for mercy. She came out later with a black eyes. They rescued her as she slumped to the ground. *


David kept tossing on his bed that evening. He had been feeling the inclination to call Omolara and ask how she was doing but he didn’t want it to seems as if he was disturbing her.


He gazed at the wall clock, the time was a few minutes past eight.


“What would she be doing right now? Hope she isn’t already sleeping?” those were the thoughts going through David’s mind as he contemplated on either calling her or not. He later resolved to calling her early the next morning.


Sitting upright, he picked a book and started reading. He read for a while but he couldn’t make any meaning out of it because his mind was far away. He dropped the book, picked up his phone to fulfill his inner desire and dialed Omolara’s number. While it was ringing, David tried to adjust his voice to sound as endearing as it could be. He waited for the call to be picked but it continued ringing till it eventually stopped. When David realized she didn’t pick up, he dialed it again and it rang, rang and rang with no one to answer.


“Perhaps she is already asleep or she might went out. She may even be busy with

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something important. She would call me back when she sees the missed call.”


David thought as he continued with his book expecting his phone to ring any






Omolara lay on a coach in the dressing room. She placed ice block on her swollen face, slowly letting the tears flow. Her thought drifted to the day she started her job at the club. She had been a young innocent lady back then. She was been unable to pay her school fee and the school authority had threatened not to allow debtors sit for the examination. She tried begging her friends to borrow her but no one could. It was Cynthia her best friend who told her she knew where she could raise the money dancing over night . She had been too excited to ask any question. Cynthia brought her to the club and took her to Don Carlos.


Her mind was brought back to the present by the incessant ringing of her. Thinking it might be her mother who would be worried about her, she picked up the phone but was disappointed when the caller turned out to be Mr David. She hissed before dropping the phone on the table. The ringing stopped for a few seconds but resumed later.



“Why is this man calling me again? Hasn’t he done all he is supposed to do? What does he want again? ” She thought as she dropped the call and switched off the phone.


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She almost jumped out of her skin when the door suddenly opened bringing Don Carlos in. Omolara shuddered in fear as she saw Don coming towards her. He sat beside her and relieved her left hand of the Ice block. He placed the ice block on her eyes as he speaks.


“Cherry my dear, you know I really like you. ” He said with his voice as calm as it could be.


“You are the best of my girls, my very top earner. I can’t afford to lose you Cherry but you really broke my heart with the stunt you pulled out with the Senator. Although he is a son of a bitch but he pays really well. If it had been someone else you know where her body would be lying now. Cherry, I need you to promise me your action won’t ever repeat itself again.” He said. “I promise. ” That was all she could say.


Am going to give you two days off so you can get back in shape. I would like you to always remember that I truly love and appreciate you my dear Cherry.” He kissed her on the forehead before taking his leave.



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