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The One I Want – Episode 2

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Mrs Mark’s POV




I wake up so early and quickly cook for the two of us:me and my son




I goes back into my room and have my bath then wear my dress with speed


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rush down


“Hey dear!”I said calling to Jake




He moves out smiling


“Morning mom!”he said

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I move to him and sniff his body


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“Did you drink something?”I asks him




He laugh and laugh


“Nothing mom,just happy this morning!”he said to him




I look at him suspiciously


“Tell me something huh huh huh!”I said shaking his head




He giggles


“You’re late already,mom!”he said pointing at the clock direction




I gasps


“How did you know the direction cos I’ve change it last night?”I asks him




He laugh


“I follow the tick tock,tick tock sound and even remember,my ear drum is so sharp!”he said and I laugh




I nods


“Okay dear,gotta run!”I said and peck his forehead


He waves at me and smile


“Bye bye mom”he said




I winks at him and rush to the bus stop




Yes,today is the day I’ll start working for the first time at the Minister’s mansion and it really a rare chance to be able to be employ there so I shouldn’t be lazy first day at work




I enter the bus and soon,arrives at the gate and knock slightly




The door open wide revealing another security man and he looks like a hungry lion “What the hell are you looking for,woman?”he asks fiercely



I move back and bow


“I’m one of the new maid here!”I said




He hiss


“Where’s your identity card?”he asks me




I manage to hide my laughter


“What ID Card huh!”I said




He hiss


“Without that,you’re not entering at all!”he said


I sigh


“What to do?”I thought




He want to slam the door shut when someone rush to us


“Open it for her,she’s my maid!”the door open to reveal the youngest of the children,hmm




Oh yeah,she’s Natalie Cruz




I bow for her


“Morning ma’am!”I said greeting her




She smiles and bow too


“I’m like a child to you so don’t bow at all especially when we’re both alone!”she said and pull me in




I smiles


“You’re nice and even so beautiful!”I said to her




She smiles


“Really?”she asks and blink repeatedly




I laugh looking at her


“Really!”I said and she smiles





She’s truly nice,kind and respectful




We walk side by side until we enter the parlour and she walks in front of me




She turn to her mom


“Can I take her as my own?”she asks




Her mom looks up


“Yes,she’s just a maid anyway!”she said hissing and return back to her work




She beckon to me


“Let’s go!”she said




I walk after her but look back


“What a manner for a minister’s wife huh!”I thought


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We walk inside her room and she open the door wide as I enter and she slam the door shut




She turn to me


“I’m sorry for my mom’s behavior!”she said and bow




I smiles


“It’s okay!”I said




She move round



“Just tidy the room and arrange the dress,then few laundry in the room to do!”she said to me




I bow


“Alright ma’am!”I said to her




She frown


“Huh”she said twisting her neck




I laugh


“OK!”I said and stands straight




She smiles


“Nice one ma’am!”she said and rush out before I could say anything




I laugh


“Such a nice and funny girl!”I said




I clean the room,mop the floor,wash the cloth in the washing machine then arrange everything inside well




I open her wardrobe to arrange the dress when I gasps “Isn’t that Bally uniform?”I asks checking it




The door open



“Yes it is and how did you recognized it?”I turn to see her walking inside with flowers




And she out it inside the flower vase


“Can you tell me?”she asks




I smile


“I’ve a son going there too soon but on scholarship!”I said to her




She smiles


“Oh really?”she asks running to my side




I chuckles


“Yes and he’s your age mate too!”I said




She turn her head sideway


“Love to know him,ma’am”she said to me




I turn to her


“Really?”I asks




She wanna answer when her sis calls her




She rush to the door then look back


“There’s a spicy biscuit under the pillow,take and use it to buy what he needs!”she said and run away




Before I says anything


“Why did she turn her head sideway and also run when I wanna talk?”I asks and giggles




I sigh and turn to the bed


“How can a spicy biscuit be use to buy school stuffs?”I asks




I walk to the bed and look under the bed and I gasps more “MONEY !”I said exclaiming

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Oh gosh,I can’t ever take this




The telecom☎ rings and I pick it up


“Hi hi!”I said




Her voice boom on it


“Make sure you take the money or I’ll transfer you to mom’s place!”she said and laugh




I giggles


“Can I really take it?”I asks her




She smiles


“Bye!”she said and hangs up ☎




Oh gosh,what a child




I shake and mutter a prayer before taking it and put it in my bagi walk out and help other maids before going downstairs




I bow for the madam


“I’m through ma’am!”I said




She hiss and walk away




I sigh


“Oh gosh!”I said




When the minister turnbto me


“Here and you can go!”he said and give me some money




I bow collecting it


“Thanks”I said




He laugh


“No bowing or thanking so you can go!”he said and turn to face the TV




I giggles


“She’s just like her father!”I blurt out before knowing


He turn to me


“You said what?”he asks




I shake my head


“Bye sir!”I said and rush out




I look back smiling when I bump into someone




I was push and fall roughly in the ground


“Ouch!”I said grunting in pain




I turn to see the eldest daughter


“Can’t you watch out,silly maid?”she says




The male laugh


“She wanna rub poverty on you!”he said




They laugh and walks in




Natalie rush and help me up


“Sorry ma’am!”she said and pull me up




I force a smile


“Thanks sweetie!”I said


She escort me to the gate before waving bye




I walk through the narrow lane and sigh


“Life is so unfair,giving money to those who didn’t deserve it like mrs Theresa and her two first child huh,how could get treat me like that,have they forget I’m human like them with same parts and they’re now behaving as God?”I said and clean the tears in my eyes




I take another bus and arrives at the market




I buy everything my son needs:books ,pen✏,bag and many other things




I sigh


“I think the uniform is share in school!”I said and stretch




I walks happily home


“Jah bless Natalie and her father!”I said happily




I brought some foodstuffs too and smile


“Nice food at home today!”I said




I knock at the door


“Anybody home?”I asks




The door open as son rush to hugs me


“Welcome mom!”he said




We walk together inside and sit down


“How work being first day?”he asks




I smile


“So good!”I said




He sigh


“I doubt that cos those people won’t ever treat you like you’re human at all!”he said to me




I laugh


“Yeah right but the last Bron called Natalie and her father is really good!”I said to him




He smiles or should I say blush


“Oh right!”he said


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I tickle him


“Tell me something!”I asks him




He laugh and laugh


“Common mom,what that?”he asks




Don’t worry,I’ll know very soon huh


But my curiosity won’t allow me


“She’s going to your school too!”I said




He gasps


“You mean Natalie?”he asks smiling brightly




I didn’t answer and goes to the kitchen as he follows me “Tell me mom!”he said



I hiss


“You’re not telling me neither do I”I said




He nods


“Alright then”he said and walks back to the parlor




I think there’s more to this than I know huh cos he didn’t burge when I said I won’t says my own huh




I wlak back after an hour and serve the food “Let’s eat!”I said to him



We finish eating when I give him the school’s stuffs “Here dear!”I said



He check all out


“But how?”he asks




I smiles


“The minister and your girl gives me!”I said




He smiles


“Oh thanks to them!”he said jumping slightly in the chair




chuckles “Hmmm!”I said



He turn to my side


“Why?”he asks




I nods


“Just said your girl and you said nothing!”I said




He stands up as his face so red form blushing and walks back inside




He open his door ,walks in and look back slightly “Good night,mom”he said



I smiles


“Gudnite son!”I said to him




I too walk inside my room,close the door and fall so tired on bed then sleep off




In this life,never let us use what others didn’t have to bully them cos it today we sees,no one knows tomorrow




Someone who’s poor today can arrive in total money tomorrow and the rich become pauper




Have you ever see that it possible that the pauper cross the rich way and become rich like it magics




And the rich cross the pauper and become total penniless




But it funny in this our world,the wealthy oppress the rich,the rich oppress the poor and the poor oppress the wretched…




Don’t let us be like that,let’s us all make a change dears




Natalie’s POV




I felt someone tap me lightly on the bed and I turn to see a wrinkled but beautiful round face smiling


“Wakie wakie sleepy head!”I open my eyes




And smiles so bright


“Morning ma’am”I said and sit rght




She rub my hair



“It’s morning already and even my son is on his way to school cos it first day in high school!”she said smiling




My eyes open wide immediately


“Oh gosh!”I said standing up




I rush inside then rush dash out again


“Thanks ma’am”I said and winks at her as she winks back




I quickly on the shower and bathe thoroughly then hurry out




She has already help me lay my uniform on the bed even iron it “She’s a Darling!”I said blushing



I quickly dress up and hurry downstairs with my bag hanging on my back




Getting to the dinning,everyone is already sited “Gooood mooorning!”I said putting long on the words



They all turn to me


“Something happy going on?”they ask chorus




I chuckles


“There’s always a good in the morning!”I said sitting down and put my bag on my lap


We all eat silently and soon,the driver comes in


“I’m already, young master and youngest madam!”he said and walk out again


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I pick my bag and a maid handle my good flasks to me as I walk out with brother rush following me like a bodyguard




He smiles feeling refresh


“Girls are doom in high school!”he said smiling




He’s in second year while I’m in my first year but sis is in the university studying to become a super star fashionistas




We enter the car when someone rush to me and its my maid




I rush down to meet her


“What’s wron g,ma’am?”I asks her




She breath in and out before facing me


“Can I ask you to do something for me?”she asks




I nods immediately


“I’ll do so gladly!”I said holding her hands




She smiles and pat me


“Please do help me take care of my son,he’s bearing Jake Mark and don’t ask why now cos you’ll know why when you sees him!”she said




I nods


“Alright mam and I’ll help him well!”I said and peck her forehead




She force a smile and mutter


“Please don’t hate him!”she said to me




I nods and enter the car as brother face me


“Why so close with that wretched woman?”he asks me




I wish I could answer him but my mind has drift far on why will she said I should care for her son and even begging not to hate him




I stay quiet still we reach the their school and we get down as the driver waves at us and drive away




I walk like a Robot following brother when he pull me “Say hi to your new school!”he said to me



I smile faintly


“Hi school!”I said




He hiss


“Did they force you here huh?”he asks




Some group of boys and girls rush to us



“Hi Andy!”they said calling brother cos Andy is what his friends call him which is short o f Andrew




He smiles and shakes them all


“Hi hi dudes and babes!”he said as t he girls flock round him




He turn to me


“That’s my kid sister!”he said and I hiss looking away




T hen my eyes fell on that guy that has been on my mind lately




Before they could rush to me


“She’s damn hot and sexy!”they mutter rushing to me




But before they could reach me,I dash running away to the other direction and I could hear them hissing but who care




I dash to his side and tap him lightly


“Hey guy!”I said breathing so hard




He turn to me and smiles


“Hey Nat!”he said calling my name




I chuckles


“How do you know it me?”I asks him


He laugh


“My instinct, brain and…”he said halfway




As I cut him of f


“And my innersight!”I says and he laugh




Then nods his head


“Yeah right!”he said




I smiles and bow


“I’m Natalie Cruz!”I said touching his Shoulder




He shakes slightly


“I’m Jake Mark!”he said to me




I step back


“Unbelievable!”I said as tears gather in my eyes




He chuckles


“Why unbelievable?”he asks me




I gulp down my saliva..oh gross


“Your mum is my personal maid and she’s the best woman ever!”I said smiling





He smiles too


“And the best mom too!”he said and look down




I move to his front


“Will you be my only friend?”I asks him




He laugh


“Kidding me right?”he said laughing again




I sigh cos only being my friend will I be able to take care of him as his mom begs me




I rub his hair


“You’re new student right so let’s go to class!”I said and help him put his bag on his back




He smiles


“Thanks!”he said




I curl my hand round his hand as we walk side by side inside the class and if you sees us,you’ll thought we’re kind o f a couple walking on the aisle




I smiles looking at him and we walk inside the class together




Thanks Jah the seat is two two so I pull him to sit beside me





I turnnto him as we put our bag on the desk


“What are you good at?”I asks




He smiles


“You might not believe tho but I’m so good in drawing,Nat!”he said smiling




I swear my head sweel up as he calls me that “Is that my name?”I asks



He chuckles


“I love Nat and it short for Natalie!”he said




giggles “Love it!”I said



He turn to me


“Don’t change topic,what are you good at?”he asks and




I laugh


“I’m so good in dancing and oh gosh,you ought to see me dance!”I blurt out before knowing




I keep quiet and he laugh


“I’ll De finitely see you someday, maybe not today or tomorrow but I’m very sure,someday!”he said and rub my cheeks





His hands feel so good and warm


“I’m sorry,Jake!”I said




He smiles and rub my hair down


“You better get use to it that I’m blind!”he said




I get more curious


“But sorry to ask,how do you cope in writing and reading?”I asks him




He sigh so long


“That’s all thanks to mom,I i don’t know how she did it but I can read and write very well without making mistake and drawing too!”he said and his smiles is so bright noe


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I feels so proud seeing him


“You must be so happy having her!”I said




He smiles


“There are many people that you’re happy that you’ve but don’t feel bless but I feel so I happy and blessed that I’ve her in my life, she’s the best thin g ever happen to me!”he said and smiles




I sigh


“I love that!”I said even tho I feel deeply sad that I’m not among




He turn to me


“And you too,Nat!”he said smiling


I wanna hugs him when the door open revealing a middle age man walking in




He sigh


“Morning new students of Bally high school!”he said to us




We all bow


“Thanks sir!”we said




He turn to our side


“What’s a blind guy doing here?”he asks pointing to Jake




I feel so angry and I think he felt it as he holds and squeeze my hands gently “I can cope Sir!”he manage to say



The man hiss


“Come and prove it!”he said




He chuckles and walk by himself to the man,collect his pen from his pocket and take a sheet of paper from the teacher’s desk and start maybe writing or drawing




After few minutes,he show the man and he gasps “Holy Christ!”he says



I hiss loudly


“Who didn’t know that Christ is Holy before,it holy crap!”I said angrily


He turn to me but look away again


“You’re rare gem!”he said to Jake and shake him




He feel damn happy as he walk back to his seat




I hiss and stands up


“Hey mister!”I said as




He turn to face me


“What?”he asks




I hiss and walk to him ignoring Jake who’s calling to m


“Won’t you show us what he did so that others won’t call him blind again?”I says boldly




He bow to me


“Okay minister’s daughter!”he said




He pick the sheet and gives me


“Holy Christ!”I gasps as Jake and the whole class erupts in laughter




I pass it all round and they all said same thing




Cos in the paper,he draw perfectly the man’s head and it like he’s cut and paste on it


I rush to his side


“You rock dear!”I said and he




Blush so red


“Thanks Nat”he reply




I smile and sit down too




Soon the work starts in earnest and it all so fun as we both do competition in answering the teachers questions and also to and ask question too and it was so fun filled and awesome.







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