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Wild Obsession – Episode 6

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Immediately the call ended, Ken briefed Richie and both got into the car. Soon, the car was speeding down the lane and in less than 15minutes, they arrived at Mrs. Albert’s house. Ken alighted and ran to meet Inspector Lukas and Mrs. Albert at the pavement


“There is no time,” Inspector Lukas was saying, then turned to Ken. “Thanks goodness you’re here. We need to act fast.”


“Okay,” Ken folded his arms and listened.


Inspector Lukas cleared his throat and continued. “I have a concrete plan. Mrs. Albert will go to chiefs’ house with a tape recorder and will talk him into confession while we go save Gina,” he explained


“Sounds great,” Ken nodded positively. “How many are we to go on this rescue mission?”


“You and I including 5 courageous policemen and your friend.”



“Which friend?” Richie frowned from where he stood, causing everyone to turn and stare at him. “I’ll only lead you there, then go back or hide in the car. I’m not on this boat with you, please. I love my life.”

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Ken and the inspector laughed heartily. “You must be a clown,” Inspector Lukas added.


“You don’t have to risk your life, just show us the way and we’ll do the needful,” Knew chirped in


Richie’s frown disappeared and he smiled. “Better. Thanks!”


“When do we start?” Mrs. Albert who was quiet, asked


“Let’s get prepared,” inspector Lukas said. “I’ve informed the DG and he has promised to be on guard. We leave in 30minutes,” he concluded and glanced at his wristwatch and the time read 5:15pm


Mrs. Albert only nodded, then turned and walked into the house. She was obviously too weak to talk…


At about 5:45pm, both parties were ready and already on their way to their different destinations



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Mrs. Albert arrived chiefs’ house few minutes before 6:40pm and was ushered in without interrogations.


She looked around. Indeed chief is wealthy. Every furniture in the sitting room spelt money. She caught a glimpse of a familiar beautifully framed photo which hung on the wall, close to the wall clock. She moved closer to have a look and on seeing the persons in the frame, tears stung her eyelids. On the photo frame was a picture of her, chief, Ken and Gina, little wonder how Ken could still recognize her even after a long time. The picture looked old but still adorable


“What do you want?” a voice asked dryly, making her turn towards it’s direction.


“Good evening, chief,” she greeted calmly and watched him walk and sit on the couch handle.


“I asked what you want?”


“You still have our picture,” she smiled and wiped a tear.


“Don’t get me upset, Amanda,” he fired. Say what you have to and leave…”


“Why are you so cold towards me?” she asked and walked up to where he sat. “I’m sorry for everything and honestly, I’ve missed us,” she added and caressed his face


It’s true he missed her touch and every bit of her. He craved her warmth and sweetness always but wasn’t gonna accept her back not when her daughter was gonna be very helpful to him.


To hide his emotions, he flared up and pushed her away, making her fall backwards on the couch. He was deeply hurt and angry now that he spoke without thinking twice, “Really! You’ve missed me? After how many years, Amanda? Ken is 25 now and for 19years, you abandoned us. You pushed me into politics and killings. Lack of motherly love pushed my son into homosexuality, now you tell me you’re sorry. Sorry for what exactly? For turning me into a smoker, a killer, a game player, a drunk, a drug addict? No! Amanda, it’s too late to be sorry. You’re gonna pay dearly for everything you’ve caused me…” he paused and sat again. Then quietly, he added, “Get up and leave!”


Amanda was crying now. She regretted ever leaving him for Albert but obviously she couldn’t change anything now. Her daughter’s life was more important to her and chiefs’ days already were numbered. “I hope you can forgive me someday. I loved you and that hasn’t changed now,” she stood up, picked up her bag and walked towards the exit.


Chief so much wanted to call her back or just go behind her and kiss her passionately but he couldn’t. He had to let her go if he was willing to succeed and so in deep pains, he watched her open the door and disappear into the dark. He

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waited till he heard her drive out before going in to get ready so he could go check up on the boys he paid to look after Gina.


Mrs. Albert drove to a dark spot, quite far from chiefs’ house and while inside the car, she cried till she felt relieved. The meeting went shorter than she expected and after making sure the tape recorder was still intact, she drove home to wait for the inspector and others…




While on the way, Ken still felt disturbed about something and decided to clear his doubt. So he turned to the inspector beside him and asked, “Was that a bribe you received from my dad to turn your back on us?”


Inspector Lukas smiled. “In order to save a life or lives without bloodshed, you need to be wise and act smart.”


Ken looked at him quizzically, “Really, accepting bribe is acting smart and being wise?”


“No sir, upcoming governor’s son, it is part of the evidence.”


Ken understood now. He loved the Inspector’s sense of humor. “I’m proud of you, sir.”


Inspector Lukas smiled again, then put his right hand into the car compartment and brought out a gun which he handed over to Ken. “It contains more than enough bullets and a silencer has been attached to it as well. Keep it save, you might be needing it soon,” he winked at him a focused on the road.


Ken stared at the gun in his hand, then at the inspector before whispering a “Thank you.”


Just then, the inspector’s phone beeped and it was a message from a strange number, saying: send your account details ASAP. The cheque of earlier can’t be torn for now.” He handed the phone to Ken and he searched for the numbers owner on true caller and luckily for them, “Chief Dapo” appeared.



“You believe me now?” the inspector asked a baffled Ken. “He’s so disturbed and distracted that he forgot hiding his identify before sending the message. Please call Mrs. Albert now, let us know the outcome, then copy my account details from my note book and send to him,” he said, then turned to face Albert who was quiet at the back sit.


“How many hours drive do we have left?”


“An hour, sir”




While Ken began to feel bad for being a part of his dad’s downfall, the car sped increased…




It was already dark and Gina kept dreading the turn out of events. Soon, the men will be here for their demand and the word “ready” in it’s true sense was far from her. Just as she dreaded, the three hefty men walked in the dark. She could smell their cigarettes and could see their figures in the dark. They wore just boxers, she noticed as one of them lit a lighter so they could locate her easily.


She felt her legs being untied, then her jacket removed. Then she felt two different hands pull up her dress and pull down her pant sharply. “Dear God, please save me,” she prayed in her heart as she lay still, expecting the worse.


Soon, she felt a tongue on her clit and shuddered in fright. (Join Group) More stories @ www.generalloaded.com The sexual feeling wasn’t there but the fear of escaping with a damaged genital overshadowed her.


Just when she felt a hand slip into her bra and fondle her boobs, a flash light shone in the building causing the men to move quickly away from her…





“Stop here!” Richie ordered when they got to a deserted area. “The place isn’t far from here.”


The two cars came to a halt and everyone alighted. Richie then showed them the roof of the building from where they stood and wished them good luck.


After making sure their weapons were intact and everyone set, they started walking inside the bush while Richie lay quietly in the boot, which wasn’t properly closed so he wouldn’t suffocate inside. Everywhere was as silent as a graveyard and not even insect sounds could be heard.


Ken was scared on one hand but on the other, he felt inner joy. Scared of not being able to survive and inner joy of beholding Gina’s beautiful face again




“How dare you try to defile my sacrifice, my once loved?” Chief shot in furious anger as he quickly threw down the security touch he held thus flooding the room with blight, then drew out a glittering knife from his agbada. His fist clenched, his muscles tightened and his eyes turned red as he moved closer to the men, then held the leader by his throat…


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