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My Boyfriend Is A Psychopath – Episode 1

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Episode 1


I arrived California in the night.


I board a taxi to the hotel I had booked. I asked to be given the VIP suite.


It feels so good to be very rich.

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I left my German Shepherd with my neighbor.


I’m already missing my dog. I wish I deal with this case as quickly as possible and return back to my normal life.


I entered my suite and fell on the bed.


I was so exhausted, it took all of my will power to drag myself to the bathroom and take a shower.


After the shower, I crawled to the bed and slept on a empty stomach.


The following day, I board a taxi to the nearest police station and bought coffee on my way.


“Good morning” I greeted the police man on duty behind the table “can I see the Asp. I heard he works here”



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“Any problem?” He asked


“Yes, I’m somehow connected to the deaths that happened this week”


“What?? How come? Wait let me call and check if he’s busy?” He replied and called the ASP office.


” He’s not busy, you can go in”


“Thank you” I stood up and went to the Asp’s office.


“Good morning sir, I came to report my boyfriend. I think he’s a psychopath. He sent a letter to me asking me to come home else he’ll start killing people and that’s what he’s doing. He’s the one behind those deaths. You have to do something because I’m not going back to him and also I’ll need protection in case he comes unawares.”


“Hmmm….. can you show me the letter?” He asked


“Sure” I opened my back and rummaged through but couldn’t find the letter.

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I dumped all the contents in my bag on the man’s table and searched thoroughly.


Halfway through the search, I remember I had squeezed it and threw it in my apartment back in Turkey.


I’m so silly


“Sorry sir, I forgot the letter back in my apartment in Turkey.”


Funny enough, a young man came to this district too and said he was sent a letter but he didn’t say from whom. Exactly what you said was what was in his letter. He has been on the run ever since I asked him to provide the letter.”


I sat forward in my seat “did he mention his name? Maybe he’s my boyfriend”


“No he didn’t….”



A police man rushed in without knocking “sir another murder in Craven’s avenue”


The man stood up with an angry expression “how does your psychopath boyfriend manage to do all this. Six deaths now.”


I shuddered in my seat in fear, I can’t imagine what he’ll do to me.


“Sir I need protection pls”


“I’ll assign two officers to you. They’ll also help in investigating so help them in whatever way you can.”

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“Thank you sir” I stood up and left.


Looking at every sides in case I catch sight of him.


“What if he’s following me?!!”


I walked faster and boarded a taxi back to my suite.


Few hours later, after I ordered for my food and ate.


A knock came on my door.


I opened it to meet two good looking police men.


“Hello” I greeted “please come in”


One of them gave me a bright smile while the other frowned, like he’s very angry. “What can I offer you?” I asked them


“We’re okay!” The friendlier one replied “Okay… must be the one assigned to me ”


“If you mean bodyguard, then yes” the angry one replied.


Oh that must be the reason he’s angry.


The friendlier one tapped him “sorry about that but the ASP said whenever there’s a case related to this, we’re free yo live you, I hope you are okay with this?”


“Yeah, sure” I replied


“And we’ll take turn in watching over you in the night.”


“Okay sir” I smiled appreciatively


“Let me introduce myself, I’m Jake and he’s Sean”

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“Nice names and nice to meet you”


“Thanks” Jake replied


“Are you married?” I asked.


“Yes I’m happily married with two beautiful girls” Jake replied “What about you Sean?”


He looked at me stonily “What’s your business? You want to marry me?” “Are you sure a dickhead?” The words came out before I could stop it. He glared at me and stormed out.


“Gosh….. I’m so sorry” I said to Jake.


“Don’t worry, he’ll get used to it, h


e’s very charming just that he’s angry ASP assigned us to you.”



“I don’t see him charming, not even in my wildest dreams” I sat on the chair beside Jake.


He laughed “I can see you two falling in love” he winked “It’s never going happen, not even as a nightmare”


“That’s what you peep say and boom the next thing we get is an invitation card to your wedding.”


I laughed “I like you, you’re very funny and your wife and kids are very lucky to have you.”


“Thanks so much, it’s not everyday I get a compliment from a foreigner” he replied “I’m not really a foreigner”


“Wow really? Tell me about you then”


I smiled and began the story of my life.













How’s the first episode?

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