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Haywire – Episode 23

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Episode 23.








Peter, his kids, Tamarah and Prudence spent a quality time together there. It was so lovely that it didn’t even feel like Peter and Prudence were meeting for the first time.


“Okay, guys let us go and get some ice cream.” Tamarah said to the kids. “Yes aunt”


Tamarah drove out with the kids to get ice cream so that Peter and Prudence could buy some time together alone.


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It was a well planned move as it was a great opportunity for them to talk on a personal level. They went on chatting and tried to dig each other. Peter was open enough with her as she was as well. The more they tried to know each other, the more they discovered that they had a lot in common.



The time Tamarah returned with the kids,the two were satisfied with what they knew about each other for that day. As they had even exchanged phone numbers,the chalade was to still go on.


Late in the afternoon, Peter and his kids bade farewell. They then left. It was a heartwarming visit for Peter anf his kids.




On a Monday of the following week, Prudence was sitted in her office doing some tasks. Tamarah then came to her to get a certain file. “Morning madam” Tamarah said to Prudence.


“Morning how are.. aaaaah mxxxxxm” Prudence said after looking at her.


“What’s wrong with you?”


“I don’t talk to criminals”

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“How am I a criminal?”


“You know what you did”




“I don’t even know how I ended up in his net”


“How am I a criminal?”


“Anyway never mind”


“I can see that you are really glowing with joy today”


“It’s like something I just used to here has now happened to me.”


“That’s great. Anyway, I just came for a file.”


“Please get and go before you poison my mind further”






Peter and Prudence were slowly growing fond of each other. The love they had grown so deep for each other. Prudence fully accepted the kids to Peter just if they were her own.


She fortnightly visited Peter’s home to check on the kids and him. The kids were swept off into her net due to her charming personality.


Peter was just giving their relationship sometime to be extremely sure before marrying her.




Fostinah and Josne were also closely together for the past months. Despite the fact that Josne wasn’t married, he had a woman whom he wanted to marry but for reasons best known to himself, he decided to end the relationship. But the woman wasn’t for the idea of the relationship to end.



Fostinah’s life changed from the level she was when married to Peter to a higher one due to the huge sums of money she was gifted by Josne.


She at times was taken to him home which no more than a grand palace of a Mansion. He was dealing in international trade of minerals and oil.


On a weekend, Fostinah sat besides the swimming pool in the yard the apartment Josne was renting for her as she sipped some wine. She was scrolling some news feeds on Facebook and enjoying her solitude.


A little while later, Josne drove into the yard. She went to were Fostinah was and


stood looking at her.


“Hey baby”




“Go and change you join me in the swimming”


“I don’t really feel like doing that today”


“Where is the serious attitude coming from?” She asked.


“So Fostinah how do you manage to sit, sip wine knowing that you tossed away your family away?”.


Hearing this, Fostinah sat up and put down a glass of wine.


“What are you saying?” She asked.


“So, you threw away your kids heartlessly? What kind of a woman are you?” He asked.


“Who was telling you that?”


“There is nothing to hide now. You have three children whom you sent away just


to be with me. You are so inhumane”


“Listen to me, i can explain”


“What explanation can you give for abandoning your kids? Your family?” He


shouted losing his cool.


“Josne baby”


“Don’t you baby me. You have betrayed me. I don’t trust you anymore”


“Just give me a moment to explain”


“Listen carefully. Every woman’s pride is her children. So if you can dump your


children for a man, what chances are there that you may stay with me if a man


more charming than me comes to you? Wouldn’t you kill me? I am disappointed


with you.”


“Please Josne”


“Don’t you touch. Infact from right now. We are done. I don’t know you, you don’t know me” he said leaving.


Fostinah cried begging him but he went into his car and left.



Fostinah went to see him in the afternoon at his home. The guards at the gate couldn’t allow her to drive in.


“Sorry madam, the boss said we shouldn’t allow you in” said the guards.


Fostinah tried calling him but he didn’t pick. He even went further and blocked her number. She drove back home in full tears running down her cheeks.


There was no way she could handle the disappointment which had just come that abruptly. She spent the whole of that day mourning for her lost relationship. She couldn’t call anyone as almost all her friends looked like fools in as far as her relationship was concerned.






Fostinah was really convinced that Josne had nothing to do with her anymore seeing how he had made sure that she doesn’t meet him.

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It was in the morning at hospital when she had knocked off from doing her night shift. She walked slowly in the corridor heading to the car park to drive home. When she got to the car park she just heard two ladies behind her talking to her. “Excuse me sister” the two ladies said coming close to her. “Yes, how can I help you?” Fostinah asked.


“I just want to know why you thought you could get my man just like that”


“What are you talking about?”


“Don’t pretend. We know we are talking about Josne”


“Oh please. I am very tired. If you have nothing else to do, go and mop the corridor of the hospital”


At this the two ladies gor hold of her beating her. They gave her nasty slaps and pushed her to the ground. Fostinah got dirty as she was still in her white uniform. The ladies went on beating her up before the security guard came to stop the fight. “Stay away from my man” said the lady as they walked away.


Fostinah went into her car and locked herself up. She sat the crying herself out.


Fortunately the car had tinted glasses so she was not seen.


As she was still sitted there, sister Bwalya came to her. She pleaded with her to open the door for. After a while of pleading, she opened for her. Sister Bwalya sat inside the car and saw how messed up Fostinah was.


“So, is this why you divorced so that you could be humiliated this way?” Sister Bwalya asked her.


“What?” Asked Fostinah raising her head from the steering wheel she was leaning on as tears rolled down her cheeks like water from Victoria falls.

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