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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 29

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Chapter Twenty Nine



Theme: Helper











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Date: 02, April, 2029.


Time: 6:00am


Location: Celestial Hotel.


Author’s Pov:



Evan whistle merrily on his way to Miss Li hotel room, room 201. He knocks at the door gently, after a few minutes of waiting the door got opened by a very tall lady with a skinny body, white skin tone, pointed sharp nose and black shirt wavy hair.


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She’s not my type, nope definitely not my type, how come she looks so pretty on pictures and not so pretty on real life. I’ve got to warn Cara to change her skin color or maybe her and Jason could make a fake skin, and Cara would need to spend a lot of time in yoga class if she wants to be half as skinny as this lady. Wait a minute I thought Cara said Mr Yang is fu.cking her, how the hell is she able to carry a man that weighs that much. Those were the thoughts running inside of Evan’s mind the minute he saw Miss Li.


Did you ever think that she might be the one on top. His inner self asked in a bored tone.


Ohh you’re right. Well whatever, she’s not our type, let’s get this mission done and get some real fleshy girls. Evan replies back and shut his inner self out.


“Yes. What do you want.” Miss Li asked impatient.


“You must be Miss Li, Mr Yang sent me to you.”


“And why would he send you to me.” She asked eyeing him curiously.


“Well for some reason he has not been able to reach you on your phone, so he sent me to get you.”


“Okay then you can go, tell Mr Yang I’ll be there in a minute.” She replies.


“He asked me to fetch you.” Evan’s says laying more emphasis on the fetch you.”


“Well there’s no need to do that, I know Mr Yang’s room, and I’ll go there all by myself. Thank you.” She says and tries to shut the door on him but Ethan was quick enough to Lodge a foot against the door, stopping it from closing.



“What do you want.” Miss Li asked furiously, once Evan had successfully got into her hotel room. Evan didn’t answer her question, instead he stares at her with a weird smile on his face.


“Get out or I’ll call the police.” Miss Li warns pointing to her phone.


“You can go ahead, and I’ll just munch on this apple while you are it.” Evan says and cross over to the small glass table in the middle of the sitting room and picks up an apple and munch on it, like he said he would.


Miss Li calls the hotel security guard, but her head turns towards Evan, noticing his phone was ringing. Evan takes his phone out and swipe the green button. “Yes this is celestial hotel security department. What can I do for you.” Ethan mimicks a bass voice and talks into the phone. Miss Li eyes widen as reality sinks in. “You hacked my phone.” She utters gasping, looking at Evan bewildered.


“Yeah I know right. You catch on really fast I’ll give you that. Now is either we do this the hard way or the easy way, which one?” He asks taking out a gun from his suit and gestured for her to move towards the door.


Miss Li moves slowly to the door, once she got to the door, she unexpectedly brings out a pepper spray out of her bra and sprays it on Evan.


“Fuck.” Evan cursed, as he falls to the floor. He rubs his eyes furiously hoping the stinging pain would go away. By the time the pains got away, Miss Li has already ran away.


Damn I’m in big shit, Ethan and Jason would not let me here the last of this. I better go find her before she jeopardize the whole plan. Evan thinks and stands up from the floor.


He was about to go out in search of Miss Li, when her hotel door got opened. Miss Li walks back inside with a man pointing a gun at the back of her head.


“Hi Evan, I got your aggressive lady back.” The man pointing a gun at Miss Li says, Evan looks at man standing in front of him shocked to his bone. Never in his



life would he had expected the man standing in front of him, would actually help him. And with the help of this man he was able to kidnap Miss Li successfully.




Ethan and Jason leads Mr Yang and his son out of the hotel room. “Mr Yang you’re going to follow my partners lead and do whatever he ask you, one wrong move and your son dies, and don’t forget I have my eyes on you. Meet you at the other side James.” Jason says giving Ethan a slight nod.


Ethan leads Mr Yang and his son out of the hotel and to the parking lot, Jason meets with him at the entrance.


“I see you made it out, Jason.” Evan says with a sly smile


“What else did you expect.” Jason retorts dryly.


“Well it’s great you guys made it, a little late and the camera would had cone on.” Evan says getting out the van.


“Uhm why is he here with you.” Ethan asked on seeing the additional fellow to their entourage.


“Ohh about that, let’s just say he is my helper.” Evan grins shyly. Ethan and Jason passed a confuse look.


“See I’ll tell you guys everything, but now we need to load the goods in the van.” Evan says shutting them sharply from whatever questions they had in mind.


“Fine, but you’re not getting out of this once we back at the hideout.” Jason warns


and leads Mr Yang and his son into the van, all the while staring at the additional


crew member.











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