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Heavenly Fight – Episode 2

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Episode 2










Ashley’s pov



I woke up at the sound of my alarm, as I angrily turned the alarm off and continued my sleep

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Miss you are needed downstairs for breakfast ” a maid said as she knocked at my door they are just too annoying


I will be there in a minute” I said as I got off from bed and went to prepare for school, it was my first day. I transferred from my old school because I mistakenly used my unknown powers


Yes am very strange, every human being is meant to have a common colour of hair and a desired length but mine is white and and the length is just almost to my knee, I usually wear wigs, so no one knows about it yet


After having my breakfast my dad decided to drive me to school cos is my first day, I got into his car as we drove silently listening to how far I’ll go by alessia


We got to the school Evergreen high school, as it was described it really one of the best schools, I bade my dad bye as he drove out leaving me to find everything on my own


I used the map as I successfully found the principal’s office Hello sir, am a new student ” I said as I got into his office


Oh, you must be Ashley Caines, ur registration and everything has been done online , follow me I will take you to your class ” he said as he led the way and I followed


We got to a class which was too noisy and one thing am not used to is noise but seems like I have to manage them

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Hello students we have a new student here, make her feel at home and don’t stress her ok” the principal announced as the class started to murmur why the boys were busy checking me out


In that aspect am way too pretty but looking at it now seems like I have made enemies with the girls cos they were really glaring at me


Miss Ashley can you please introduce yourself to the class


Hello, am Ashley Benjamin, well I came here in a good note but it seems like I ve made a lot of enemies but nice to meet you though” I said as I went to have a sit



Hey come sit beside me ” a girl called me and I didn’t hesitate before going to her sit


Hi am Lisa, nice meeting you ” she said


Same here” I said as I bowed my head to my desk cos I was not ready for much talk.Kindly share out stories from generalloaded.com using the floating social media icon buttons on the bottom of the screen

A teacher came to the class as he started teaching well I wouldn’t say it was boring cos the class ur fun but I was suddenly feeling angry and I don’t how but hatred was what filled my heart I tried to control it but it was not possible as my strange powers started popping out , I immediately wore my gloves and glasses as my eye colour was changing so that no one would notice, as I kept struggling within myself a boy came into the class, he also wore gloves and glasses like me, we stared at each other for sometime with hatred before he left for his sit


Hey are you okay” Lisa asked me jotted me out of my dilemma


Yes, am fine ” I said as I tried to concentrate


You see that boy, pointing at my already made enemy


He is the most handsome in the school, he loves Black which always make him look hot and deadly, but he is way too cold ” she said as I mouthed an ohh


Girls can kill for him, see those group of girls


They are called the Bella’s don’t cross their path cos they are too dangerous ” she continued blabbing


Wow, seems like this school is going to be so much fun for me


After the teacher left she kept on talking telling me the names of the students and there character before the recess bell rang


Lisa dragged me as we went to the the cafeteria, as we bought our meal


Lisa, let’s sit dere ” I said pointing to a particular table


Nooo, that is Archie’s table no one seats there” she said in fear


I tried dragging her with me before the so called Bellas blocked our path


Hello newbie” one that I think is Annabella said as she tried touching my hair but I smacked her hand down



Sweetie it will be nice to stay away ” I said as I left her and dragged Lisa to the so called Achie’s table as we started digging into the meal


We were already half way, when we heard a shout


What they hell are you doing there” Archie asked angrily causing people’s attention to turn to us, Lisa was already shivering in fear


Sorry mister but I didn’t see your name here or anywhere around this table and seat” I said calmly as I faced my meal




Archie’s pov


Right from when I saw her, I developed this hatred for her and she still dare to try me by taking my table and acting like am invisible


I tried to drag her out but she smacked my arm down and that’s another impossible thing.


Who the hell is she, since she is not listening I will take care of her friend and her later, cos I don’t want my secret to be exposed too soon


Well am me but am a bit strange, my hair colour is deep red and when I get angry my eyes colour changes to deep red too and also I have this strange power that I don’t know were it came from which sometimes is pops out on its own but thank to the gloves it reduced a bit


But right now am thinking of how to deal with this bitch




Ashley’s pov


At last school is over for today as I and Lisa who is coincidental staying beside my house got into my car as we drove home


After some minutes the car started misbehaving before coming to a stop the driver left the car to find out what was wrong. Before someone hit him on the head as he fainted


Some boys opened the car as they dragged us out.



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