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Teens’ Heart – Episode 57

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#Chapter 57


[Alex POV continues] They left before us cos we stayed chitchatting..


Soon, Lunch over bell rang and we walked back to our classes.


Steph to hers, I and Eve to ours.


I went over to my locker to grab my Literature books.


I checked my phone and no message.


I dropped it back, closed back my locker and walked to class.


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Jeremy was typing on his phone.


Maybe typing her a message to me?


I turned and walked back to my locker and took my phone.


No message tho but I took it to class,for the first time.


But till school got over, there was no message from him.




I stood up as Eve joined me and we walked over to my locker and I grabbed my bag.


“That’s Jeremy’s pullover right?” She asked.


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I paused awhile.


Why’s she asking tho?


“Yeah” I said.


“I was there when he embarrased you cos of it.” She said.


I closed my eyes.


I don’t wanna remember that.


“It’s past now. Let’s not talk about that.” I said and opened my eyes back and we walked down the hallway.


“Andra…” I heard his voice behind us.




I turned, including Eve.


His bag is over his left shoulder, his hands in his pockets and his white headphone


around his neck.


He looked so cool.


“I wanna tell you something Andra.” He said as he walked up to me.


“What?” I asked.


Couldn’t he just text it to me?


He looked at Eve.


Eve turned to me, I looked at her.


“Alex, I’ll go meet Steph and we’do wait for you.” She said, turned and walked away.


I turned to Jeremy.


“What?” I repeated.


“Didn’t you miss me today?” He asked, smiling.


The way he did it, gave me butterflies in my stomache.


I couldn’t help but admire.


He’s damn cute tho.


“Why would I miss a jerk huh!?” I asked, pretending like im still so annoyed with him.


Seriously, im not anymore.


Maybe cos he said ‘Sorry’ to me.


“Today’s our one week friendship anniversary.” He said.




Lol. Funny tho.


“Huh?” I asked.


“You heard me right. Im sure you don’t know cos you don’t value our friendship.” He said.


“Why would I value such annoying friendship like ours huh?” I said.


“Its annoying?” He asked.


“Yeah and you are the reason why.” I said.


“No way.You are the reason why its damn annoying.” He said.


“Im not but you are.” I said.


“You are, not I!” He said.


“You are!!” I yelled.


He paused and inhaled.


“Fine. Whatever it is, our annoying friendship is up to a week and we gotta celebrate it.” He said.


Celebrate what?


“It’s not up to a week. I accepted that we are friends last week thursday.”I said.


“But I made us friends on tuesday. You gotta accept that.” He said.


I rolled my eyes.


“Im not gonna accept!” I said.


“Huh? We just gonna go somewhere cool. Are you so scared of me huh? Im not a murderer.” He said.


I rolled my eyes again.


“Somewhere like?” I asked.


“You’ll know when we get there.” He said.


“You’re just a jerk tho.” I said.


“You can say that again if you want to.” He said.


Wow. Really?


“You’re a jerk! A big time jerk!” I said.


“Huh! Don’t be so arrogant.” He said.


I smiled.


Why did I smile?


Oh, maybe… cos of… cos of what?


Arghh! no idea. My bad!


#Jeremy’s POV


I love her smile and it gave me butterflies.


I guess im liking this girl now.


I can’t help but admire everything she gat.


Her hair… Her eyes… Her nose… Her lipss… Her… Shit!


Where am I actually staring at?


I looked away, to her frowny face.


Can I be so crazy to admire her b**bs too.


“Andra, you gotta come with me. Im gonna be so upset if you don’t.” I said.


“You can’t force me, you know.” She said.


The last time she said that, I did.


“I still can.” I said.


“Then fine!” She said and turned, but I grabbed her hand.


She stared at me.


“Okay fine. I can’t force you. Just come with me.” I said.


“I need to meet with my friends.” She said.


Fuck those friends of yours!


“I’ll take you home.” I said.


I don’t know her home tho. But wouldn’t it be nice to know it anyways.


“I don’t want you to know my home. So I can’t accept that.” She said.


Fuck you.


“You’re so stubborn Andra.” I said and left her hand, turned and began walking away.


Such a punk!


So annoying!


“Fine. I’ll go with you.” I heard her say.




I turned to her with a smile.


She wasn’t smiling tho. She’s in a frown.


“But its not gonna take more than an hour.” She said, then turned and began walking away.


“Where’re you going?” I asked.


“Ain’t I gonna tell my friends? huh!” She half yelled.


I smiled and followed her.


Just to make sure she doesn’t go away.


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