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The Scar In My Heart – Episode 9

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(part 9)




What are you talking about?asked Hussain. I heard Ameerah’s name,he added.


We were just praying that Ameerah should be happy where ever she is,said Hassan. Aisha looked at hassan sadly. I pray she is fine too,said Hussain. I also pray she forgives me for my maltreatment towards her,he added.


You talk as if you still love her,said hassan. I love her,I had no intention of treating her the way I did,I was helpless,I couldn’t stand any woman maltreat my mother,that was why I dealt with her without asking her any questions,said Hussain. If you are given a chance will you still marry her?asked Hassan. Yes,I won’t even hesitated,replied Hussain. May Allah(s w t) do the best for us all,Ameen,Hussain said and left.




Hussain can’t be serious,he is talking about love when he maltreated Ameerah,Aisha uttered.


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My dear! Love conquers every pain,said Hassan. That was why,despite the bullying on Ameerah,she still loved Hussain,said Hassan. I am sleepy,take care and have a nice dream,he added.




*Few months later*




Ameerah was at her working position,she had a friend called Aminatu. Aminatu was a young beautiful and elegant lady,nice,caring,good sense of fashion and of all a believer of Allah(s w t) and His prophet(s a w). Every time hassan visits Ameerah at school,Aminatu was always present. Hassan got fond of her and she started showing interest in him but she never told Ameerah about it,all she does is pray to Allah(s w t) about her feelings towards hassan.




Hussain is married to his second wife farida,she was the opposite of Ameerah,she doesn’t do any of the house chores,each time Hussain cautions her,she tells him”I am not a slave but a wife”. She sometimes doesn’t serve his mother her meal. And hussain doesn’t believe his mother each time she complains about his wife’s behaviour,he feels she is lying to him the way she did with Ameerah,so he gave deaf ears to his mother’s complains. Farida doesn’t respect the other siblings of Hussain except Aisha and Hassan.



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Oneday,Hassan visited Ameerah at school and he saw Aminatu she was giving sadaqat to some poor children when was through with that,some pupils in the school gathers her and she was smiling cheerfully,Subahanallah,what a smile he said to himself not knowing he said it out loud. What did you say?asked Ameerah. He was shy,so,he said;I said nothing. Anyways,Aminatu is a charming lady,said Ameerah. I can see that,uttered Hassan.


I just came to say salam,I hope you are happy?he asked. With Allah(s w t) by side,and He brought you and Aisha into my life,I am always happy,she said. Alhamdulillah,he uttered. I came to say Salam,I will call you later,he said and he left. While he was driving out of the school,he was staring at Aminatu,His phone rang and it was Ameerah calling to tell him too much staring is a sin, he stopped his car,he looked at her,he shook his head,smiled and drove off.




*Hassan at home*




He called his favorite sister Aisha to come sit with him for some talks. I think i have found her,my missing rib and soul mate. I met her today and my heart was beating fast,said Hassan. Who is she?asked Aisha. Her name is Aminatu,he replied. Have forgotten about Ameerah?she asked. I dont think I was in love with Ameerah,I feel what I felt for her was pity,I guess that was why i grew so attached to her,he said. Are you saying this because of Hussain…




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