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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 19

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Written by, Rejoice




#Chapter 19








**Clara’s POV**


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I rolled my eyes as Danelle grinned at my dress.


“Cool.” she said and handed me my purse.


“I still wanna put some more touching on my face, right sis?” she asked.


“Danelle we ain’t going to a party.. it’s just to a picnic park.” I said.


She smiled and went back to the dressing table.

“Oh my it’s almost time!” she said and began combing her hair hurriedly.


“There’s still time Danelle, it’s only a thirty minutes drive and we won’t spend more


than three hours there..” I said and sat down on the bed.


She turned to me with ajar lips.

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“Ofcourse not sis, We are going to have lots of fun, seat at the field and have


picnic, then go to the beach to ride horse and swim, then play ball with Neil and lots of other fun.” she said and I shook my head.


The doorbell rang.


She gasped.

“Drake is here already when im not yet done with my makeup.” she said.


I shook my head.


This girl!

“Sis please go to the door.”she said.


I rolled my eyes, “Go yourself Danelle, don’t order me around, im your elder sister.” I said.


She packed her hair and stood up.



“Fine then, just say you don’t wanna see Drake go with us, but you know what,” she opened the door, “…he will” she smirked and hurried out and closed the door.


I shook my head.


**Drake’s POV**


The door opened to reveal Danelle in a sweet looking blue jean trouser and pink crop top and a pink and blue sneaker.


Her hair packed and rolled in bun.


She look sweet.


“Why staring at me that way?” she asked and I smiled.


“You look really sweet, how do I look?” I asked.


She chuckled.

“Cool.. Sorry I mean super cool.. like actually, handsome, I like the eyeglass and


the way you curled your hair to the side.”


I laughed.

“uhmm Thanks Danelle..” I said.


“Come in, My sister is through but im not kinda. I’ll be back shortly.” she said as I


sat down on the couch.


She hurried away.


**Clara’s POV**


Danelle walked back in and hurried to the dressing table.


“He’s in. Let’s go sis.” she said as she applied lipgloss on her lips and packed up the backpack and also her purse.


She walked out, and I stood up and adjusted my top.


A black trouser, white top and cream-coloured heels.


I walked out, closing the door then came out to the sitting-room to see Drake on the couch talking with Danelle.



“Oh she’s out and we are good to go!” Danelle said.


Drake stood up and turned to me and I can say he looked cool. Very cool.


“Hey miss nurse Clara.” he said with a smirk smile.


Must he always smirk at unneccessary things!

“Hey Mr banker Drake!” I said, trying to smirk too but mine didn’t seem annoying.



Danelle awed, “Really you’re a banker?” she asked him.

“Yeah.” he said.


“Wow… So, let’s go come on.” Danelle said and hurried to the door.


“Hey, do you like my look? you’ve been staring.” he said, smirking again and I just


rolled my eyes and walked to the door.


He walked out and I switched off the lights, walked out, and locked the door.


Danelle was already leaning on his car and I shook my head.


This girl’s surely leaving back to school tomorrow.


Drake unlocked the door and Danelle went into the back seat while Drake hopped into the driver’s seat.


I tried entering the backseat but Danelle held the door handle and came to the window.

“Go seat at the front. Here won’t be enough for me. I have a habit of sleeping in the


car on a journey which you know.” she said.


I frowned, “Danelle!”


She gave pleading signs.


I gave up and walked over to the passenger’s seat, went in and shut the door.

“Fasten your seatbelt.” he said.


“I ain’t flying!” I said.


“Fine.” he shrugged and reversed back with speed and I yelled, almost hitting my


head on the window glass.



He smirked at me, “I told you to fasten your seatbelt.” I frowned.“This isn’t a joke!”

“I know, alright im sorry.” he said and then turned into the road.



“Uhmm I need to make a call to Neil.” Danelle said behind and soon she was talking with the Neil on phone.


Drake smiled.


What’s he smiling about?


I hissed and turned my gaze to the window.


“Like always..” he said.



I ignored him.


Soon, he turned on music… His usual crazy music.


Danelle jumped up from the seat.

“Oh my God!! I love this music!!!! yeahhhhhh..


I don’t know if you could take it


Know you wanna see me nakey, na.ked


I wanna be your baby, baby, baby


Spinning and it’s wet just like it came from Maytag White girl wasted on that brown liquor When I get like this I can’t be around you


I’m too lit to dim down a notch


‘Cause I could name some thangs that I’m gon’ do”


Drake smirked at me as he joined her.


“Wild, wild, wild


Wild, wild, wild thoughts


Wild, wild, wild


When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts Wild, wild, wild


When I’m with you, all I get is wild thoughts.”


I rolled my eyes.


Crazy people.


**Noah’s POV**


I stood staring at dad and Jackson and the others as they stared at the opene briefcase loaded with money and after staring to his satisfaction, dad nodded to them and they locked back the briefcases and carried them upstairs.


“Excuse us.” I said to the two ladies behind him and they walked away.



He picked up his glass of wine from the table beside and sipped.

“What’s the matter son?”


I stepped closer.


“Dad, what are you saying about me?” I asked.


He dropped the glass, “What I say about you? What do you want me to say about you?” he asked.

“You know dad. We are back from the deal with Mr MacKell and you are still


talking about another deal with someone else when the police are out there looking for us. What if we get caught! Is it only money that matters to you?” I said, pouring out my fear and anger.


He chuckled, “Noah, stop talking about the police, they can’t get to us. We are safe here.” he said.

“We are not dad!” I barked.


He picked up the glass of wine again and shook his head.


“Go and have a drink.” he said.


“Dad, this wasn’t what you promised me. Why have you been this way? you don’t


care about anything! You killed mom because you wanted money.. You let me into this shit because you wanted money! All you have ever wanted is money! you never loved or cared for me! now i can’t get to the only person who love me truely, who care for me.”I said as tears gathered in my eyes.


He dropped the glass and rested his back on the couch backrest.


“Noah.. I never killed your mom interntionally. She wanted to run away with you


and I caught her. How could she try to run away with my own son so I had no choice than to. Because I wanted you. I love you and never wanted you to suffer.” he said.


“You never wanted me to suffer! and what sufferness is more than this!” I yelled. “This is not sufferness, this is business, money! We make millions of money” he




I shook my head, “I can’t believe you don’t care about the police.” I said.


He let out a lopsided smile.

“The police can’t reach us.” he said.



But he wasn’t right after all…


The police finally found us.





The building have been sorrounded by police without our notice.


I stared at my father tearfully.


He seem shocked.





A tear dropped from my eyes as I stared at my dad and slowly raised up my hand but my dad wasn’t doing so, just then gun shot sounded from behind and I turned to see a police had been shot, then another, then another.



“Run Noah!” I heard dad’s voice yell and turning, he wasn’t there anymore, I ran behind the stairs, my heart beating fast.


Gun shots.


There’s a corridor at the left which would lead to another staircase which would take me to my bedroom.


I followed it, running with all my strength.


I have to reach my phone. I need to reach to Clara before facing my fate.


I was almost climbing the first step when I heard the words behind.





I have no choice. Here is the end.


I raised my hands and turned to see they are three police men.


Two stepped forward to me and brought down my hands into the hanfcuffs.


“Where’s my dad?” I asked.


They ignored me and pulled me along till we were back to the sitting-room.


There was my dad, handcuffed and bleeding from his head.


Jackson dead. Joe, Cubb and the two ladies handcuffed too.


He was looking down and when I stopped at his front, he looked up with a sorry eyes.


“I’ve lost everything because of you!” I said with regrets.


“We’ll get out of this, I promise.” he said.


I chuckled, “You think so?”


He smiled.












**Clara’s POV**


Finally, we arrived at MONTANA Park and I unfastened my seatbelt.


Drake finally put off the crazy music and I picked up my purse and came down from his car.


Danelle stepped down with the bags.

“Wow!! this is great.” she said.


“So cool!” Drake joined.


I stood inbetween them now.



“Oh my, look at that statue.. it’s so big and beautiful and that fountain is so high.. Gosh.. we need to have some shot there, c’mon sister.”

“We go get tickets.” Drake said and we headed towards the main entry gate.



I wanted to pay for this tickets but Drake is really smart enough.


He paid and we headed into the MONTANA.


“Wow… it’s such a beautiful sight.” Danelle said.


“Yeah it sure is. C’mon wanna take some shots?” Drake said.


“Why not. C’mon sister!” Danelle said and pulled me along as we walked to the


fountain fall.


Danelle got out the camera..

“Here Drake, take a shot..”


He did.


I wonder how my face looked in the pictures.


Drake glanced at the pictures then turned to me.


“You weren’t looking bad tho.” he said with a smirk as if he read my thought.


I rolled my eyes.


Danelle was searching around with her eyes.


“I wonder where Neil and his family are in this part of Montana.. here’s so big.” Danelle said.

“Let’s go grab something.” Drake said.


“Icecream will be okay, I told Neil we gonna have a couple picnic.” she said.



I stared at her.


“Nothing much, it’ll seem all like; Me, Neil, You and my sister, Neil’s parents,his brother and the girlfriend.”


I gasped, “Danelle! couple! what’s wrong with you!”

“Nothing’s wrong with her. It’s just for today. Let’s go.” Drake said.


I eyed him angrily and glared at Danelle.


“Oh my! that is Neil!!” Danelle said!


I looked up to see them.


Neil saw us just immediately too and pointed at us.


They were five, just as Danelle had said, Neil, his mom, his dad, his brother and a girl who probably would be his brother’s girlfriend.


They began walking towards us and Danelle seem so super excited.

“Oh my! he’s just looking cute!” Danelle said and I inhaled.



They finally reached us and Danelle rushed him in a hug.




“Danelle.” he hugged her.


I inhaled.


“Hello, Im Chris and this is my family, My wife, Rebecca, my son, Neil and Jaden


and his girlfriend, Anita.” the man introduced to Drake and they shook hands.


I saw Danelle give Drake a sign.

“Oh great family, Im Drake and this..” he pulled me close.


“…is my fiancee, Clara.” he said.


I gently pulled away from his hold.

“Im no-” I was going to say but Danelle interrupted.


“Great!! Drake didn’t introduce me! Fine i’ll introduce myself.” she said.


“Ohh shh.” Neil said and took her hand.


“Dad, mom, Jaden.. I’ve told you about Danelle already. She’s my girlfriend.” he said and then turned to me.


“aunt Clara, Danelle had told me alot about you and it’s so amazing to finally meet you today, nurse.” he said.


I faked a smile.








The BadBoy Diary






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