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Frozen love – Episode 5

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Episode Five





Nicklaus POV



Aha the bastard had the gods to bring an army against me. She just made the biggest mistake of her life, am gonna make sure she don’t escape this time around. I flew out of the moving jet and made a perfect land on the ground.


I looked back and saw my army of fighter jets all behind me ready for war..


I climbed a huge stone and stared at Morgana’s army which were few meter from me.


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I saw her stepped out of an armored vehicle, i must admit she was dressed in a seductive apparel that will make any man fall for her but not me, her beauty can never override my hatred for her.


She came to seduce my men right? Aww when am done with her, she’ll regret ever coming here.


“You’re no match for me Morgana”. I thought drawing out my sword.



Morgana’s POV



There he was, the son of the bitch, his time was up, that weapons cost me lot of diamonds and now it’s all gone, all because of him.


Hmm. He brought an army against me, well i am an army and it’s about time…..


I caught one of warrior men staring at my exposed bre*st, i didn’t think twice before slitting his throat with my icy fingers.


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“Warning to all of you, the prince is our focus, if i see anyone else stripping me na.ked with his eyes well…”. I said caressing the large sword i held.


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It’s about time i silence Nicklaus for once… Everyone seem to be confused what happened between Klaus and i but it’s actually non of your business, it’s my cause. I watched as he conjured fire from his body.


“Fighter jets in position, take down everything in your path”. I shouted transforming my sword into an ice version… Nicklaus and I ran at each other with all fury.


Elisa’s POV



I drove Daniel to his new home and bid him good bye with a kiss before jumping back into the car.


“Activate jet protocol 050”. I said.


“Permission to activate jet settings to default”. I heard a robotic voice from the car.


“Yes. Fvcking activate it”. I shouted.


“Jet Activation in process… Please wait!”. Was displayed on my wind screen.


The roof opened and From the sides of the door wings of jet grew out.


“Activision Complete”.




I stepped on the accelerator and my vehicle pulled off with full speed, just moved a few metre before before it flew into the sky.


Even though my parents hate me they still provide classic things for me you know. I struggled hard to control the car in the air as that was my time using the jet part of the car.


My plan was to try and settle things between Klaus and Morgana.


Although i knew it dangerous trying to ensure peace between the two immortal but i had that faith that they would not kill me.


I was shocked as my jet flew into the battlefield, there was smoke everywhere and disintegrated jets.


A missile from Morgana’s army hits my car so hard.


They must have thought me to be one their enemies.


Although am a timid person, i have my life to save, no time to be scared Elisa.


I wore the parachute bag and flew out just before the car exploded.


Mid air and pressed the two buckle by to the bag and the parachute was released.


I Landed safely on the ground and took off the bag.


I covered my mouth as tears formed in my eyes.


There was hundred of lifeless bodies all over the ground.


I can’t believe that they all died in less than ten minutes.


I looked around to know if there was survivors but none, even the fighter jets that that destroyed my vehicle had crashed down too.


The only thing that moved in the battlefield was a bosom of fire and ice fighting each other.


I needed no one to tell me It was Klaus and Morgana.


Only a crazy being would be able to explain the fight because what i see right now was flashes of blue and red colors. They were moving so fast that the only think I could hear was the clanging of swords and……. I paused raising my head up slowly.


There was a black jet headed for the battlefield.


“You guys need to stop this insanity right now”. I shouted but the reply i got was dusts they caused.


“Klaus, father is here”. I shouted in other to separate the fight but only if I knew father was going to be there.



Klaus turned to his human form and took off with an unimaginable speed I’ve never seen my entire life.


So Klaus fears father, that was when i knew that Klaus must have broke out of father’s prison.


To my utmost surprise father appeared at the scene and he met only Morgana.


He touched her and she disappeared.


“How did you know i was coming?”. He shouted and i swallowed the saliva in my mouth..


“I just guessed”. I stammered.


“Where’s Nicklaus?”. He shouted.


“I don’t know father”..


“I said where is he?”. Father said walking toward me.


“He took of when i shouted you where here…i only wanted to stop the fight father… I swear i didn’t know you were going to be here”. I said in tears before he rained down his anger.


“Get into the jet”. He shouted as the black jet landed.



Morgana’s POV



I appeared in the High Court of the council and i was so shocked to see judges, rulers and Spectators around me like i was a criminal and that that was when I discovered i was on metal cuffs..


I tried using my powers but it didn’t work


“Prince Nicklaus should be here soon?”. I heard my mother’s voice.



Elisa’s POV


All efforts to find Klaus was all to no avail.


My father searched and searched but couldn’t find him.


Then he came up with a terrible idea which made me hate him from that moment. He sent for Abruzzi, Klaus’s personal guard and asked him carry out the plan. The plan was Nicklaus loves me so much and will do anything to protect me so what happens if someone tries to kill me.


Father proposed that If they tried to kill me in public Klaus was gonna show up.


I couldn’t stop crying, i couldn’t believe a father could do this to his family.


Abruzzi pushed me outside while been followed by royal guards.


Outside the Palace Spectators watched in anticipation wondering i have done.


There were protesters saying i had done nothing but what could they could.


I was tied to a pillar and the firing squad all assembled below me with their guns.


My father announced that i was to be killed for helping Klaus escape.


I thought this was the plan and they were only gonna pretend they wanted to shot me.


Only if I knew father meant it.


“All hands on trigger….”. I heard Abruzzi say.


“Please Abruzzi don’t do this”. I begged in tears…


“Steady…. Steady… Fire!”. He shouted.


The men fired at me and i thought that was the end of me but from nowhere someone covered me receiving all the bullets to his body..


I perceived the perfume scent from his body, it was Nicklaus.


I watched him rushed at the firing squad and decapitated them in seconds.


“I trusted you Abruzzi”. I heard him say and forced his sword into his stomach.


He rushed at me and began to cut off the rope.


“It’s a trap Nicklaus”. I shouted In tears.


“I know”. He Replied And someone appeared at his back.


Even before I could think of screaming father touched Nicklaus and he disappeared.


“Why don’t we go see your brother’s fate?”. Father whispered.



Nicklaus POV



i appeared in the High Court on cuffs… Seeing the cuffs i didn’t even think of using my powers. As long as the cuffs were on my wrist there’s no way i can use magic. I didn’t care to pay attention as the judge and lawyers laid several accusation on Morgana and I, i could hear them we were Killers and not less than four thousand men had died during our constant war.


I couldn’t help but chuckle, thought it had clicked ten thousand.



Morgana’s POV



The lawyers were just saying shit.. I couldn’t believe my mom actually brought me to court.


She always acted cool with all i did.. Hmm she had an underground plan for me all this while.. She’s such a jerk but what can the court do.


They can’t kill us, we’re immortals and they couldn’t put us in prison, we’ll find out.



We were asked to sign a peace treaty that we’ll never wage war against each other but i ain’t doing that sh*t, Klaus wasn’t ready to do the sh*t also.


Everyone knew even though we signed it, we were still gonna go against it.



Nicklaus POV



“Since the two of you ain’t actually ready to sign the peace treaty.. The council have concluded with this….”. I heard the judge say And paused.


They couldn’t do anything to me, they’ll end up letting me go a free man and I’ll find a way to avenge my father for trying to kill Elisa, only if I knew what awaits me..


You’re hereby banished from planet Kepler to the milky way galaxy..a planet of mortal.. You shall be hereby stripped of your immortality and supernatural powers.. You live as mortals from now onward.. But there’s only one way you could return and regain your royal status… You two fall in love again… True love…You are now charged to see yourselves daily, failure to do so, ten years shall be stripped from your ages.. This Is our judgment.


Morgana and i couldn’t stop laughing, this was a joke right?


“No… You can’t do that… Let my brother go!”. I heard a crying voice. Turning to the left Elisa’s crying profusely.


The Guards held her tightly so she wouldn’t get to me. “We now implement the sentence”. The judge said. “No!”. I heard Elisa screamed out so loud.


The scream was ultrasonic as it caused everything made of glass in the hall to Shatter.


I could believe my eyes, i always wondered why Elisa was the only one in the family without powers.


She only needed someone to trigger the power and that was me.


It was then i discovered the scream didn’t only Shatter glasses but melted everything made of metal in the hall including my cuffs.


Morgana whose cuffs were gone too and i ran at each other with full speed but an invisible force hits us away.


That Was all i remembered last.



Galaxy: Milky Way


Planet: Earth



Location: South Korea



A portal appeared in the sky and Nicklaus fell out, he staggered to his feet and looked around him.


“Where is this place? There’s no such place on Kepler”. He Said looking around.


He Tried using his powers but it didn’t work.


He took a sharp glass and cut himself, it pain him so deep and it didn’t heal.


“Am a mortal?”. He stammered and remembered what the judge said.


“ this can’t be true… Nooooo”. He screamed.






Morgana fell out of a black hole in the sky and looked around before jumping to her feet.


“Where’s this?”. She said in confusion.


She was on a normal dress and not the seductive type she was wearing in the court.


She tried to conjure ice but it didn’t work.


Her powers were gone.


She felt something passing through her skin and when she checked it out.


Her hand was bleeding, she didn’t cut herself how the hell did it happen.


“Hello!”. She said waving at a group of boys walking down the streets.


They looked different, people in Kepler don’t dress like this.


One of them walked up to her and licked his lips.


“Hey babe what’s up?”. He Asked.


“Where’s this place?”. Morgana asked.


“Min Yo street”. He Replied.


“Min what? Where’s that?”. She Asked.


“Seoul City, South Korea, are you lost?”. He Asked.


“What the heck is North Korea?”. She thought.


“Is this planet earth?”. She Asked and he chuckled softly.


“Go home lady, you’re drunk”. He Said and walked away.


“You can’t believe this guys, she Asked if this planet earth”. She heard him telling his friends..


“Maybe she’s a lost alien”. One of them said jokingly and they laughed as they walked away.


Only if they knew she was indeed an alien.



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