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Must Read: Flora – Episode 16

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Author:Wunmi Ijaola


I’m In Love With Housemaid


Chapter 16






Peter’s POV.


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“Mom,why did you? why? ” I wept profusely.


“i’m so sorry son, i was drunk, i was damn crazy” Mom said.


Yeah, she was drunk… but why did she drink?


“And what if she gives up the ghost? ”


“No son, Flora won’t die”


I said nothing but i continued to sob.


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“She won’t die” Mom added.








“Doctor,has she woken up?” I asked.


“Err., yeah”The doctor stammered kinda confused.


“How is she doing” My Mom asked.


“She is fine but…”He paused.


“But what doctor? ” We asked almost at the same time.


“She lost her memory”He finally broke out.






“WHAT??” I screamed.






“Easy”The doctor sympathised.


“Mum,did you hear what the doctor just said? ”


She was mute.


“Can i go see her now?”I asked the doctor.


“Yeah, she’s awake but she might not talk to you” The doctor said already about to leave.


“Why? ” I asked.


“Just go see her” He replied and then left quickly before i could ask another question.


What’s wrong with him?


“I’ll come along” My mom said.




I smirked and then finally entered d ward.












Peter’s POV






I stood in front of the door, somewhat scared but why? I don’t know.


Although she was lying down,she wasn’t sleeping infact,her eyes was opened.


I began to sob again.


“Flora”I muttered walking slowly towards her.


She did not say anything.She just stared at me like she wasn’t not part of d world.


“Even if you can’t remember anyone, do remember me, I’m Peter”


“I’m the one you love” I added holding her hand and began to squeeze it gently.


Yet,she didn’t say anything,she kept on staring at me.


“Just say something Flora, pls do”I pleeded.



But,isn’t she supposed to yell at me or ask who i am? Just like the way they do in movies.


I laid my head on bed, since she gave a small space.


“Don’t make me feel lonely even when i’m beside you” “Pls don’t,I..I love you Flora” I swept her hair to back with my palm.


She began to cry immediately.




“Flora? Why are you weeping? ” I asked.


Still,she was mute.


“Fine,I will wait” I said; “I’ll wait till ur recover ur memory” I concluded then turned to leave.


“Peter”She called and pulled me..


I was shocked!


“Fl… Flora. Did.. did you say anything? did you call my name? You remember me? ”


She continued to weep and then tried to sit instead… I helped.


“I’m Flora” She said.




I’m kinda confused.


In movies, they don’t act this way.


“You did not lose your memory?” I asked.


“I wanted it to be only between i and the doctor but i can’t help it…” She said.. “I don’t wanna hurt you ” She added.


I hugged her immediately..



“But you’re in pain, aren’t you? ” UI asked. “My head is aching” She complained. “Very soon, you’ll overcome it”


She smiled but i’m quite sure that it was reluctant.


She wiped my tears with her finger and i did the same..


“Thanks for not losing your memory”I said.


“You’ll help me too, won’t you?”


“I promise i will..”






Mom and Monica entered. .






They called simultaneously.


“I’m very sorry” Mom apologised.That’s a fake one, i know.


Monica came closer and placed one hand on my shoulder.


“Your mom is….” I interrupted her.


“Take your hand off me” I yelled and she obeyed immediately. “But…I was just trying to explain. You mom was drunk and….”


“Whatever!”I shouted at her then i gave Mom an angry stare before i finally left the








Monica’s POV






“Why is he mad at me?


Should he be ignore me too? ” I asked Peter’s Mom.


“Worry less, i’ll get this settled ” Mrs Benson replied and then left too.






“I pray this trash will never recover her memory” I smiled then march out too. Flora’s POV


Although i expected that but what am i gonna do?









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