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Heavenly Fight – Episode 15

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Episode 15



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Lisa’s pov


I came to school as I got to my locker and found ugly drawings on it, I turned as I noticed a lot of people at my back


She has been written in the black book” they muttered immediately I ran out trying to save myself but it wasn’t working as they started to stone my raw eggs flour, I ran as I fell down seems like the put something slippery on the floor that always caused me to fall


Two boys dragged me to the last floor

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Too bad your friend isn’t here to save you” Annabella said as meribella dragged me to the tip as she tried to push me down before someone kicked her and made her to release me


I feel to the floor in tears


Lisa you okay” the person asked as I raised my head and saw Ashley




Ashley’s pov


I arrived at school as I saw the students gathered. I went closer only to find meribella trying to push Lisa down from the last floor


What do that bitch think she is doing because I ignored she and her friends they want to misbehave seems like I have to teach them some lessons


I went over to the as I kicked meribella making her to leave Lisa

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You!!!” she said as she pointed at me


Are you okay” I asked Lisa as she shaked her head


I went over to meribella slapped her as she tried to fight back making me teach her a lesson


When I was done with her I went over to Annabella



When Liam tried to stop me but I sent him flying because I didn’t want any obstructions today from dealing with this fag




Liam’s pov


I prepared for school as I decided to give Archie the antidote today, I don’t know how but I have to come up with a plan


I drove to school as I saw some students gathered at a place, I decided to go closer to find out what was going on, only t oh see Ashley beating the Bella’s to Pulp


I rushed forward to go and drag her out instead I was sent flying, I went back again and decided to enquire from I student so as not to be sent flying again


What’s going on here” I asked Annabella and her friends were bullying Lisa ” she said


What!!! ” I exclaimed


They put Lisa’s name in the school black book, so when she came she was been stoned egg, snr meribella wanted to push her off from the last floor before Ashley came and started beating them” I turned I saw that she was to hitting Annabella


What’s going on” Archie said as he made to go and stop them but I dragged him back


If you don’t want to fly 50 meters away from here you better stand with me” I said


I ve always told you don’t cross my part ” Ashley said as she turned over to Isabella and continued, I guess she has dealt with meribella already


Immediately teachers started coming towards there as I and Archie dragged Ashley out after receiving some slap and hitting I succeeded in carrying here in a bridal style while Archie went to help Lisa who was still in tears


We ran to the basement so as not to receive extra punishment


We got there as I brought Ashley down receiving another round of slap


How dare you carry me???” she said as she tried to slap me again but Archie held her hand as she removed her hand forcefully after glaring at Archie and I she went towards lisa


No matter what their bond is too strong


Are you ok” she asked Lisa who was cuddling herself cos her clothes tore


Hey take this” Ashley said as she stretched out a black jeans and red top to her


And can you boys get out let her dress ” she yelled as I and Archie rushed out to avoid been beaten up


After some minutes she called us back as I student came


Ashley the principal wants to see you” she said as she walked out


What are you going to do you might get expelled” I said


I will just deny beating them” she said as she walked out while we followed her as she and Lisa entered the meeting room




Ashley’s pov


Did you beat up this three girls” the CEO of the school asked as all the teachers were busy staring at me


No, I did not” I said


I knew it there is no way she would beat up the three of them together


She is really the one” Annabella said


All fingers are pointing at you” the principal said


Well they three girls you are trying to protect almost killed someone’s child today, you all have been teachers in this school yet you don’t know what’s happening


This bitches, made a black book input a student’s name bully them until they transfer or commit suicide, and I guess you don’t know why some students committed suicide” I yelled angrily


Young lady watch your tongue” the principal warned What evidence do you have” meribella asked


Is it because your dad are the sponsors of this school that you think you would accuse me easily ” I said



Show us the evidence of what you just said ” a teacher said as I played the video in my phone and handed it over


Now I ve shown evidence, is there any evidence that I beat the three of you up” I said as Lisa looked at me and smiled


They students were there” meribella said


Fine call and ask” I said


As the first person was called


Did you see Ashley beating up this three” the principal asked


No, they fought among themselves, Ashley wasn’t there ” she said and left


Same thing happened with the rest that were called


Now I guess they should receive their punishment ” I said


Shut up who gave you right to tell us the punishment to give to them” a teacher snapped at me


Whatever, at least they should compensate my best friend for what they did” I said as I walked out with lisa





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