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The Rich Man’s Wife – Episode 9

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Episode 9 (Second To Last Episode)


God is a prayer answering God. Not too long Femi regained consciousness and he marveled at the sight of his sweet wife sitting beside his bed, he started tearing up and he held her hands.


Susan who placed her head on the hospital bed where her husband laid, was stuttled when Femi held her hand, immediately she raised her head and saw Femi sitting on the bed, with his eyes fixed on her, out of excitement of seeing her husband awake, hot tears fell from her eyes, she couldn’t control the tears.


Susan held her husband’s hands too.


“My love is that you?….. Or I’m I dreaming?…… I’m I dead? ….Are you real?” Femi



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Susan stared at him speechlessly. Femi ran his eyes on her


I’m so sorry… love I’m sorry…., I was charmed, by Cassandra that lady you caught me with, yes I know I caused it…….I gave devil a chance into our lives, I’m sorry” Femi added.


And Susan stopped him from talking any further.


“I have forgiven you, I love you” Susan entered and then she asked him to rest while


she fetch the doctor, when the doctor arrived, he stared at Femi speechlessly, he was


shocked and wondered what happened.


“This is a miracle” The doctor admitted


“Yes, it is, you told me that only God can save my husband, then I turned God, just three hours after I prayed, my husband woke up” Susan said calmly. And the doctor picked his jaw

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“Wow, I have never seen such quick miracle, God is great, madam every man needs a prayerful wife like you” The Doctor said and then he turned to Femi, “You are a lucky man, you defeated death” and Femi smiled faintly.


Two weeks later, Femi was discharged from the hospital and Femi felt bad that his wife and children had not returned to his father’s house before he was discharged. “I thought Susan had forgiven me, why is she not here” Femi asked his Father. “Your wife and children are at home” Femi’s father responded


“Home?, Where is home? I lost our house, by now the bank would have sold it, because immediately I was evicted, they placed the house on sale, that house would have a new owner by now, Dad you should have told Susan…..” Femi said


“Susan knows already, infact she is the new owner, she bought the property, so the house is not lost, I’m taking you home, Susan had proved to be a good wife, she is a strong woman, you are blessed to have such a wonderful person as your wife, please don’t ever take her love for granted” Femi’s father said and tears of joy began to fall from his eyes.


When Femi got home, his children ran into his arms, he hugged them so tight and Susan watched the scene in tears. Later on, Femi walked closer to her and said “Thank you” and Susan hugged him and planted a kiss on his lips.


“You are a virtuous woman, you are a blessing to me, I love you” Femi added.


Why do people wait until they are at the verge of totally losing someone before they begin to realize how much value that person has added to their lives? It took all this to happen for Femi to realize that Susan was special.


There were no doubts that Femi had finally realized his mistakes and he began to make things right with his wife and children, but the sad thing was that he was not as rich as he used to be, five years ago he worth over 30 millions but after everything he barely worth 10 million, Susan was more wealthier than him.


To make Femi feel like a man, Susan decided to go to an extreme length of requesting that Femi should take over her business and run it like he did before. To Susan’s utmost surprise, Femi politely declined. For a second, Susan was disappointed and devastated because she felt like Femi was not comfortable with her wealth. Out of curiosity, she asked; “Why don’t you want take over my business?”.



Femi took a deep breath and said; “You are my wife and the only woman I have loved and I will always love you, You have been the one doing everything since we got married and i have no memories of ever putting in effort to keep this family together. I love you and i have learnt my lessons, I want to be the one to


take care of you, yes are strong and you are good with business, but I’m not, I ran into bankruptcy because you were not there to guide me, I want us to be a family again and I want us to start afresh, I won’t take your business, we will run it together because I want us to be a team. Let’s work together, I also want to learn how to run a business effectively from you, you are a guru when it comes to business, please let’s run things together”. Susan smiled and hugged her husband


Susan and Femi began to work together and with Susan’s help, Femi’s collapsed business ressurected and he was so glad, they both merged their businesses together and it became one of the leading company in the country.


Susan and Femi definitely didn’t see that coming but they were excited with thier accomplishments and the most interesting part was that they did it together. Just as thier business grew bigger, thier marriage also became better.


Susan and Femi were like best friends, thier employees secretly nicknamed them “Twins”, as they were always found together.


The whole thing brought so much joy to Femi and Susan, they were happy and fulfilled, they had regained everything they lost and thier love grew stronger.


End Of Episode 9


To Be Continued

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