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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 6

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Celine’s Pov


Mrs Vandermir had the guts to lock me up for no reason. I will get her for this.


“Hey Crazy, someone’s here to see you” The police officer says and Mary walks up.


“Celine what’s going on, I was scared when you called me and told me you had been arrested” Mary says and the police officer replies her.


“She is being a superwoman, harassing Mrs Vandermir” He says..


“What, Celine what is he talking about”


I explained everything to her and she puts her hand on her head.


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“You just can’t get enough of the Vandermirs, now it’s his mother” She laments and faces the police officer.



“I want to bail her out, where am I going to sign” She asks him and he chuckles.


“Am sorry madam but only Mrs Vandermir can bail her out of here” Hr says and that made me more upset than I already was.


“Why? Is she the governor or the president. Who is she” I asked and he laughs in a mocking manner.


“She’s Adrian Vandermir’s mother and you are just a crazy girl” He says and walks away.


Mrs Vandermir’s Pov


I walk inside the house and ask the bodyguards to leave.


“You can go” I say and walk inside my room.

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I remember what happened earlier and I smile to myself.


“Rachel!!” I yell and one of my helper runs in.


“Yes madam”


“Get me a cup of coffee, the way I like it” I said and sat opposite my mirror.


For the first time in 29 years my son yelled back at me because of a woman not just because of any woman, a woman bold enough to refuse my offer.


No woman would refuse such an offer but this one did even after I slapped her. She passed the first test although she did show me a bit of her crazy side but


that’s a small sacrifice on my own side, besides I don’t want a dumbo as a daughter in law.


Adrian deserves a woman who can stand for him and defend him not a gold digger.


And I must say she’s really pretty and reminds me of someone I can’t place my hands on.


Lieing to Adrian is another test for Adrian.


I won’t let my son end up like his father, I would make sure he knows the true meaning of love.


Celine’s Pov


Mary had left to get Romeo to talk to Mrs Vandermir. I hope I don’t see her face, she dares to slap me.


“She’s in there” The police officer says and he shows up.


“You” I say with the anger in my voice clear as the water.


“The feeling is mutual, release her” Adrian others but the officer hesitates.


“But Adrian.. Your mother”


“Do you want to lose your job” He threatens and I got released immediately.


“You…..” I couldn’t complete my sentence before he grabs my hand and pulls me




He pins me to his car and he glares at me, if eyes could kill. I would be six minutes under right now.


“Let go of me” I said trying to release myself.


“Let go of me or else I’ll…”


“You’ll do what slap me like you slapped my mother, I thought there was a limit to craziness, I never knew your mental case was a serious one. I won’t forgive you for this Celine” He threatens pointing at me.


I slapped his mother? Is he drunk or what.


He pushes me away and walks in his car, I fall to the ground and notice an object on the ground.


“I’ll show you how crazy I am” I said and stab one of the wheels with the metallic object.


Adrian’s Pov


No she didn’t, she didn’t just do that to my wheel. I only hope the sound am hearing now is another sound.


I come out of the car and look at my wheel.



“You witch” I say and she smiles evilly.


“Do you know what you’ve just done. This is another car you are destroying” I yell at her and grab her.


“Let go of me” She yells and tries releasing herself.


My grip on her was strong and I know I was hurting her. Good.


“Adrian let go of me” She yells and steps on my feet.


“Fuck” I say and release her. God why did I have to meet this lady.


“For the record Adrian Vandermir, I didn’t slap your mother. I would never raise my hand on elders okay. Ask your mother what really happened”


A car pulls up and Romeo comes out of the car, Mary steps out after.


“Surprisingly both of you are still alive” Romeo mocks, Mary hugs Celine.


“Mary came to tell me ma arrested Celine. I had to come, why are you guys still here”


“Well courtesy to someone my car is useless” I say and hit the wheel of my car.


“You’re welcome” Celine says with much sarcasm.


Romeo enters the car and asks us to come in, Mary enters the front seat leaving the back seat for Adrian and I.


“Why are you guys still doing, get in” Mary urges.


“Oh no oh no, Mary that’s not happening” I refuse.


“I’ll rather sit with snakes than sit with this tall fool” I insult Adrian.


“Wait you think I want to sit with you. You witch”


“Call me a witch again and I’ll break your teeth”



“I dare you. Witch” I smirk and she charges at me but I grab her and she loses balance.


We didn’t notice Romeo and Mary had left already.


I grab her hand before she falls to the ground and hurt herself.


“Let go of me” She yells.


“Okay” I say and let her fall, she wasn’t expecting that


“This is all your fault, Romeo has left” I


complain and walk to my car. I bring out my phone and dial one of my men’s number then order them to bring a car.


I walk to a bench and sit down on it waiting for the driver to come.


Celine stood there doing nothing, I can’t begin to explain the hatred I have for this particular woman. For no reason she makes me mad.


The driver comes and I ask him to get out.


“You have any cash with you” I ask him and he nods.


“Use it to board a cab back home” I said and start the car, I looked at Celine, she wasn’t moving. I whispered something in my driver’s ear so she won’t hear me.


“Get in” I ordered strictly.


“I’ll rather die” She says and walks away.


“Well I tried” I say and zoomed off.


Celine’s Pov


How dare that bastard drop me,it was better if he had left me in the cell. I don’t know what to do.


I look at his driver and walk close to him.


“Hey” I say trying to be nice.


“Hi” He responds walking to get a cab.



“Can you drop me off” I ask politely.


“No can do madam, boss ordered me not to assist you at all”


“THAT SON OF BURSTED CONDOM” I yelled and stamped my feet on the floor. Who the hell does he think he is, how am I going to get home. And mary left me here all stranded.


I use my fingers to caress my hair thinking of what to do next when suddenly someone picks me off their feet and throws me behind his back, his hands holding my waist.


“ADRIAN PUT ME DOWN” I yelled throwing my feet in the air, I wasn’t going to let one idiot harass me like this. He didn’t say anything instead he throws me in his car and puts the door on child lock.


“You bastard let me out now” I yelled as he enters the car and turns his back to face me.


“Look at me Celine, look at me” He orders holding my face and squeezing it together making my mouth pout. How dare he do this to me.


“I have no joy having a stupid brat like you in my car, if I had a choice I wouldn’t even want to breathe the same air as you. I won’t let one idiot make my life miserable especially not one as dumb as you. I only drove back to pick you because Romeo asked me to. Don’t think it’s my pleasure” He says and releases my face. I could see the clear hate in his eyes for me and I really didn’t care, I hate him too.


Adrian’s Pov


Immediately I get to my company after dropping her off, I order my men to dispose of the car.


“But Sir you just got this one last week”


I grab his collar and glare at him.



“If this car spends one more minute here, then your family should prepare their funeral rites for you” I threaten and storm inside my office.


“Sir your mother is here” The secretary says, I walk inside the office.


“For the record Adrian Vandermir, I didn’t slap your mother. I would never raise my hand on elders okay. Ask your mother what really happened”


Those were Celine words, is she saying the truth.


“Mom did Celine really slap you” I ask and she smiles.


“No she didn’t, but when I lied that she did, you still wen ahead to release her. It’s obvious son”


“What is obvious”


“That you care about the woman”


I laugh really hard.


“Laugh all you want, you know it’s true”


“Mother the only reason I went there was because I don’t want you to be involved. She’s going to pay for everything she did mother. I am not Mr all nice, I won’t tolerate everything she has done. She’s going to regret everything she has done and am going to start with the competition”


“Adrian you are not a beast”


“Well someone unlocked the beast in me and I don’t care what’s going to happen to her” I say.


Mother stands up and caress my hair, I know something’s up. She’s never this nice.


“Can’t you see son, Celine is the perfect partner for you..”





“She might be crazy but that’s what makes her special. The day I met her I saw the innocence and pain in her eyes, all she needs is someone to love her and you’ll watch the pain disappear”


“You see the pain in someone’s else eyes but you never saw the pain in mine”




“Mother I don’t want to listen to anything you say, am not interested in any woman and certainly not that woman, she makes me remember why I can’t ever love any woman” I say and look away.


I would ruin Celine and she would learn not to dare me never in my her god forsaken life.


Celine’s Pov


It’s been one week since the incidence with Adrian and I haven’t seen him since them and I pray I never do.


In the next few days the final day of the competition would be hosted and am very nervous, fortunate for me Adrian has never showed his face in all my performance.


“Celine, someone’s here to see you” Mary said with teary eyes. Her face is only like that because Fred left for a meeting in Africa. I haven’t told her about his escapades and I don’t think I have the courage to tell her, she’s so in love with him and I doesn’t see the bad in him or probably am the one who doesn’t see the good in him, besides he has shown signs of change.


“Who” I asked and she gets out of the way to show me Mrs Vandermir


“Did she come to slap me again”I ask and mary taps my shoulders


“She just wants to talk”she says and excuse the both of us.


“Celine am really sorry for what I did the other day, it was uncalled for”


“Have forgotten about it, you should” I say and offer her a seat .



“Celine I was only looking out for my son, any mother would do the same even worse if they saw someone threaten their son, but trust me I didn’t mean to slap you and lock you up”she smiles at me and for no reason her smile was able to make me let go of all grudges I had for her. My own mother never smiled at me before neither would she slap somebody for me.


“Its okay Mrs Vandermir”I say and she touches my face.


“You are so pretty Celine your eyes are so innocent”she says and I smile at her.


“Celine I need your help, its about Adrian” she says and my turns sour.


“I know you hate my son, I understand why but you have to understand me”


“Mrs Vandermir am sorry but if you came here to talk about your son then am sorry I don’t want to listen about it” I say and stand up angrily.




Two more days to the competition,I have a perfect plan to ruin Celine. She dared me, now I would show her not to mess with me. Bashing my car, throwing gum on my forehead making life miserable for me. Julia did hers and got away with it, celine you won’t get away with this


“Sir the Chinese have set the date of the meeting” the secretary says


“When” I asked


“In the next two days, the day of the competition”


“But I have to be at the competition”


“Yes sir I tried postponing it but they refused and I had no choice,the profit is really better than the last deal we had”


“No problem change of plans. In fact I have a better idea. I won’t be the only one missing the competition”


Celine’s Pov



“Mary am only going for a contest not a beauty pageant” I murmur watching Mary pour different make up on my innocent face.


“Shut up will you, I want all eyes to be on you. Really Celine I don’t know why you don’t have a boyfriend, you are so pretty”


The door bell rings and I use it as an opportunity to escape Mary.




“Are you Celine” A suited man asks, standing with two women behind him with a black Van parked ahead.


“Who’s asking” I asked and one of the women whispers in his ear.


“We’ve had reports that Miss Celine has mental issues and is a threat to the society and herself”


“Who gave such reports” I asked, arms folded and fists clenched.


“Are you the one in this video” He asks and shows me a clip of me bashing Adrian’s Car and threatening Adrian in the competition.


“That’s not me” I say and turn to go inside.


“Grab her” He orders, I try fighting them off but am injected with something that makes me feel dizzy. All I could see was Mary yelling before blacking out.


Adrian’s Pov


I sat listening to the Chinese but my mind was far off, am sure by now they would have announced the winner of the competition but Celine won’t be there because she’s in the mental asylum. High Five Adrian.


“Sorry Madam you can’t go in there” I hear my secretary yell.


Am brought back to reality to see my enemy storming inside the office and grabbing my collar. Next thing I felt was a slap on my cheek, it really stings.


“How dare you Adrian Vandermir” She yells at my face. The Chinese just kept on looking.



“You are such a demon, you ruined everything. Mental issues??. First it was prostitute and now Mental issues. Who the hell are you” She screams and pushes me.


“That’s it, this deal is canceled” The manager of the Chinese company yells hitting his hand on the table before they all walk out.


A billion dollar deal is canceled all thanks to this Celine.


“You!!” I growl and grab her closer.


“Let go of me Adrian” She screams but I use my hand to cover her mouth. I pull her up and pin her to the wall hurting her back in the process, this is just the beginning.


“Now am really mad” I say and watch her breath faster. We both stared at each other and if eyes could kill we both would have been dead by now.




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