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Must Read: Pregnant Virgin – Episode 31

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Episode 31


By: Faith Lucky.


Zosar’s Pov:


“Damn it!!” I yelled angrily and kicked the wall as I got into the room.


I hated everything! Every single thing! I couldn’t think of getting married to Rana! I can’t.


Why the hell are they trying to force me??


I plonked myself on the bed and buried my face in my palm.


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Her name came ringing in my head and I couldn’t tell why.


Somehow, I felt contrition grip me. She was carrying my child, yet I was about getting married to someone else.


What am I even saying? She doesn’t love me, right? There’s nothing going on between us – right? I just…


Damn it!


The whole thing was complicated and I hated it!! I hated everything!


I stood up from the bed and was about heading to the door when it opened and


Rana walked in.


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What the hell??



“What are you door here?” I asked immediately, not giving her a welcoming atmosphere.


Her sight alone was beginning to irritate me.


“Zosar” she called calmly and came towards me.


“I wanted to ask if you’ve chosen a dress for tomorrow’s occasion”.




I gripped her roughly by the arm immediately and pulled her close.


“Ouch!” She winced, but I didn’t care.


“You bitch!” I called despitefully.


“How dare you lie to your father and make him think I’ve been using you? Why didn’t you tell him you’ve been too cheap and have been the one throwing yourself at me with that wide p***y of yours, huh? How dare you try to implicate me?”


Her face got swollen with rage immediately.


“Zosar, you…”


“Listen to me and listen very good. I don’t love you, Rana, and I never will. Like it or not, I don’t even enjoy your p***y because you’re damn boring in bed. And I only f**ked you because you kept throwing your cheap self at me. So, believe me, Rana; this marriage is only going to be hell on earth for you because I don’t love you. Understand!!!” I stated angrily and pushed her away, ignoring the tears that were already crawling down her cheeks.


I shut her one extra glare and stormed out of the room.


Desperate bitch!






Zoey’s Pov:


I stood in the bathroom, astonished.




Zosar’s getting married tomorrow? To Rana?


“Yeah – she’s so lucky. And they’re definitely going to make a perfect match” I heard another maid say.


“Hm. Prince and princess” another said and they chuckled.


I remained still and speechless and after a while, I didn’t hear anything from them and decided to go in.


I opened the door and returned to the room and there I met them still cleaning it up.


But they were almost done.


“Good morning, ma’am” they greeted with a bow.


“Yeah…good morning” I replied feebly and looked around.


The room was looking sparkling and tidy – even the bed sheets had been changed.


And there was a tray of food in front of the bed.


“Um…are you eating now? So, I can taste the food” one of them asked.


“No, please. You all can leave now” I told them and they looked at each other, surprised.


“Okay ma’am”


And they bowed and left.


I sat weakly on the bed, my gaze on the floor, feeling broken. Although, I couldn’t tell why.


The news resounded in my head.


Zosar was getting married tomorrow. Really? To princess Rana?


I scoffed and stared at my palms and a tear dropped from my eye to it.


I couldn’t explain how I felt but…Zosar getting married tomorrow? It just made me feel…


I scoffed again and wiped my face but more came rolling down.


What am I even thinking? It shouldn’t be any of my business if he’s getting married. I mean, there’s nothing going on between us, right?


I might be carrying his baby, but it doesn’t make me his lover or anything or make anything go on between us


I chuckled a bit, finding it funny that I was a bit hurt. I couldn’t tell what was wrong with me. I didn’t have any dreams, did I? Of course, I didn’t.


Or..was it because of last night’s incidence?


Oh! Zoey, come on! He didn’t do it because he loved me, but because he had to and I had actually asked for it.


Yes; that’s the only reason.

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What am I even thinking?


More tears came rolling down and I found it abstruse. Why the hell am I crying? Gosh!


Just then, I heard a knock on the door and sniffed.


“Who’s it?” I asked, trying as much as possible not to waver.


“It’s Zosar” his masculine voice replied and my heart skipped.


Oh God! What’s he doing here? I wasn’t ready to see him?


I looked up at the ceiling and dried my eyes.



“Um…give me some minutes” I said when I realized I was still tying a towel.


I left the bed and went to the wardrobe, taking out something simple from it and putting it on immediately.


Then I went to answer the door afterwards.


I opened it and ushered him in.


“Hey” he called sullenly.


“Hi. Good morning” I faked a smile.


He walked in quietly and sat on the bed and I did same.


Gosh! I felt so nervous and hoped my eyes weren’t all swollen already.


“How was your night?” He asked calmly.


“Yeah – it was fine. Thanks” I smiled again.


“Sorry, I had to leave before you were awake. I had to attend to something”.


“Of course. Of course, its okay”.


A short silence stepped in.


“So…you’ve freshened up, right? Have you eaten?” He asked.


“No – about it. I will” I nodded and he sighed


“In case you have a problem, don’t feel reluctant to let me know, okay?” “Yeah – sure. I will. Thanks”.


It was obvious enough – there was something different – something strange. But we both couldn’t talk about it.



“I…need to check up on something. I’ll be back” he said and I nodded as he stood up.


He shot me a stare and started towards the door.


“You’re getting married” I suddenly spilled out and he turned to look at me.


The ruefulness was coming but I tried to concede it with a smile.


“You’re getting married tomorrow…right?” I asked and caught the spark in his eyes.


That look – it could easily be deciphered.


“Oh! Yes; I…”


He paused and cleared his throat a bit.


“It just came up this morning. So, yeah” he concluded with a shrug and I smiled again.


“Congratulations” I stated and he nodded.


“Thanks” he muttered.


We didn’t say any other thing and he turned around and left the room and as soon as he did, I covered my face in my palms and busted into tears. *






Awwn. Somebody should get me some napkins










(Pregnant for a prince)


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