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Edge Of A Knife – Episode 14

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Episode 14


We drove straight to the teaching hospital, to meet carthy, she was very tense, but soom the doctor opened the door to the ward where dad was admitted, and at once we rush to him.


Carthy: Doctor, how is he?


Doctor: Oh Dr Ehi, he is going to be fine, you must be carthy, he said to my sister, and then to me Josh the scholar. And we nodded our heads.


You guys really need to be careful, we don’t know who those attackers are, and we don’t know what they want, they just bagged in here and went straight to his office, the rained bullets on him, so far we have been able to remove 6 bullets from his body, which didn’t penetrate deep into his body, he elaborated, while my sister broke down in tear, a few drops trickled down my face too, though I didn’t know who where after my parents, and why they were, but it hurts



because I could vouch my parents were peace loving couple, so who ever it was that was after them was mistaking.


‘where is your mom, the doctor asked!’ it was there carthy told him what have befallen her too, and he sighed deeply shook his head, and patted us before using the exit.

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I left the waiting room to go meet my dad in the ward, as I opened the door, the sight I saw, shocked the living day light out of me, my tears gland, dilated the more, and fresh hot tears clouded my eyes. No dad this can’t be you, I said as I rushed towards the man bandaged all over his body, with blood stains on all the cotton that we’re used to band the wounds. ‘‘Get well dad’’ I said at once and left the ward. Deep in my mind, I was raged, and I promised to deal with whoever it was that has done this to my family, just as I closed the door to the ward, my phone rang, I checked the caller’s ID, it was an unsaved number, i picked up at once,

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Caller: Hey Joshua.


Me: Hello please who is this? I asked, trying to figure whose voice it was.


Caller: don’t bother racking your head about who you are speaking to, I am Oscar, I guess you have noticed your mother is missing, and your dad probably dead, well those were just a tip of the iceberg, on what is going to befallen you.


Me: what? What are you talking about? what wrong have my parents done to you, to warrant this messed up treatment? I asked in rage, as thought of my lovely mother filled my head.


Oscar: Oh cool boy, you weren’t brought up in the street way, you don’t know how to play the game, Killing your dad and abducting your mom was just a way for me to reach out to you, creed man! He said laughing sarcastically.


Me: what do you want?


Oscar: Good boy now you talking, I want you to pass a message to Samba and Potoki, Tell Them to meet me at the Old rogue way by sunset tomorrow. they should come alone.

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Me: And where is that?


Oscar: That was we’re it all began, you know nothing about it boy, be sure I am gonna kill you too one way or the other, i will free your mother and let her and your sister carthy, suffer from the trauma of losing you and your father.



Me: Whoa talking tough, I said in rage, but couldn’t do anything other than clenched my fist so hard, This was all my fault, I have put my innocent parents life to harm, because of my confra involvement and dedication.


Oscar: see you in hell Kiddo he said laughing sarcastically as he end the call, I turned my back to see my sister staring at me confusedly.


Carthy: who was that?


Me: Just someone, I said and walked away before she could nag about me keeping her in the dark, even with the situation of things. Well she did, Joshua, our mother is missing, and our father is critically injured from some unknown men attack, and you are hiding things from me, she called after me, I only shook my head, and increase my footsteps, only if she knew.


I went to the car park and entered potoki’s car, he has been inside of the car all the while waiting for me.


Potoki: How is he?


Me: Not fine badly injured, I replied not looking at him, I was battling with guilt right in my mind, and for the first time I hated this guy seated right next to me! ‘‘Potoki’’ he influenced me to be a creed man, I regretted ever becoming a cultist.


Me: Potoki It’s Oscar, I said and he stared at me like I just spoke Hindu


Potoki: What are you saying Josh?


Me: Oscar and the Fox is behind all this. He called me while I was exiting the hospital ward, he took my mom. I said in tears, as I made the revelation to him, I could see surprise written all over his face, but he waved it off, and patted me.


Potoki: it’s going to be fine Josh, we will get your mom. He said, and just as he said it, I believed him.


Me: He asked that you and Samba come see him at the Old Rogue Road tomorrow at sunset. Where is that?


I asked while my phone rang out, it was carthy. i picked up


Carthy: Where are you Joshua?


Me: To find mom



Carthy: What how do you mean, are you going to the police?


Me: No carthy, but I know how to find her, be safe carthy I love you, I said hanging up, I knew she wanted to say something, but I had to cut it and switch off the phone.


Just as I cut the call, Potoki brought my attention to a car that was following us at the back.


Potoki: Use the seat belt Josh we gonna have a tough ride, I looked back and noticed the motion of the car was very slow, and it was so obvious that who they were following us, whoever was behind the wheel of that car wasn’t doing a good Job, Potoki, swerved and make turns just for the car to loose sight of us, as we manage to lose it’s trial, an SUV car from opposite us, driving straight to our front, Shit!! That other car was a decoy, we focused so much on losing the first one that we didn’t notice another incoming, Just as Potoki pulled his hand on the gear as he enroute an adjourning street at the left, a bullet pierced our windscreen, and we ducked immediately, and as fast as he could, he entered the road, and stepped hard on the accelerator of the car and we drove at top speed, it was late, so nobody was on the road, the car followed us from the back they kept on shooting, shattering our back windscreen the chase was fierce I had my heart on my throat, as it kept beating very fast, potoki was a wizard on the wheel, we kept driving very fast, and soon we noticed a slope, this was our chance, as the got closer the slope, potoki began stepping on the break a little, if they were sensitive enough, they should have noticed we slowed down, but hell the kept coming on top speed, as they got closer, potoki swiftly turned the wheel away from the road, and they flew past us, just as the SUV tyres flew in the air, potoki aimed a shot from his 9mm, and the tyre gave way, with a loud sound, he passed the gun to me, and I aimed too at the tyre on my own side, the car lost balance, and tumble erupting in a flame, we smiled at each other at once, turned the wheel back to where we we’re coming from and zoomed off to the mansion.




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