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My Step Mother – Episode 21

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episode 21




“I don die today oooo” i shouted in my mind as i pushed amanda up trying as much as possible not to make any noise in the process.




Amanda got up arranging and repackaging her ruffled leggings and top, wiping her face with her palm and trying to appear normal.


This was one of the situations that jnr sky will fall flat within seconds.




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I pulled up my boxer like its a fast boxer wearer competition.


Grabbed my singlet that was laying carelessly on the bed.


To say i was confused would be an understatement.




“How am i gonna cover this mess now?” my mind queried..


A sudden sweat born out of shear confusion engulfed my whole body like it was poured on me from above.




“Sky quick enter the bed and cover yourself with your blanket like you are sick” Amanda said in a very calm but strange way.


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**Choi omo see sharp thinking ooo.**




I slid under the blanket immediately dragging it up to my shoulder level curling myself a bit under it, wiping my face vigorously the edge of my singlet, close my eyes half way then put on that ‘I no well face.


Amanda bends beside me and was like pretending to be checking me out.




“Sky when did this your sickness start”?


“Have you taken panadol, should i go boil hot water and make tea for you”


She sang on rubbing her hands on my fore-head.




I could hear papa’s footsteps growing bolder and nearer until finally he emerged, he was smartly dressed as always clad in a lacy jumper of interwoven green and gold design and a red traditional cap as always.




Could see him standing in front of the door for a little more than 4seconds watching Amanda display her undying care for my health.




“Whats wrong with Nnam” He blurted out stepping into the room with the scent of his Cologne filling everywhere.


“Nnam whats the matter?” he addressed the question to me now on getting to the edge of the bed beside his wife.




“He has fever, i just got in now and saw him lying down” Amanda answered. I dont know if it was to the first question or the second one.




“When did you fall sick, i called your sister yesterday she didn’t mention anything about you being sick” Papa said in a little bit surprised tone.




“It started in the bus on my way home, on getting home the headache and weakness rose” i said trying to sound as sickish and feverish as possible letting out little coughs and kicking my legs slightly in a shivering manner.




“Your body is not too hot” He intoned running his hands all through my fore-head. “Am very sorry nnam, have you eaten or taken any medicine yet?” He asked again.



“I have been asking him what he wants to eat so i can make it for him and then give him some panadol to take” Amanda chipped in earning an appreciative smile from papa.




“Please darlin make chicken pepper soup for him, you know he likes it and get him a panadol from my drawer” Papa pleadingly asked amanda who agreed immediately and headed towards the door throwing a wink at me before exiting.



Papa sat at the edge of the bed, still checking my pulse from the neck of my left arm.


“Nnam i hope you will eat chicken pepper soup” He asked.


“Yes i will try” i weakly replied wincing as someone in pain would.




“You will be fine, i think its just cus of the journey” Just rest, your step mum will be over with the pepper soup soon” Papa intoned again, with every iota of concern and worry ladened in his voice and on his face.




Watching papa’s resigning figure as he stepped out of my room closing the door behind him, his black Italian shoes making a ‘ko’ ‘ko’ sound as he matches it upon the ceramic tiles.




I shuddered at the thought of what would have happened if papa had caught us, if we had shut the door and i didn’t hear his footsteps.


My mind was taken back to Chioma and how the stale night of operation last night in nsukka gave birth to a stale morning of operation leave nsukka to enugu.




I had stayed awake most part of the night, the fact that i could hear chioma tiny sobs in the night gave me a sleepless night made worse by the floor i decided to sleep on that night just spread a wrapper on the floor and left the king sized mattress for Jessy and Chioma.




Am sure jessy didn’t sleep too judging from the eye bags she woke up with.


i tried apologizing to chioma in the morning, cooking up more tales like ‘Cynthia was just playing and bla bla bla’ which she didn’t even buy.




I ate breakfast as fast and sliently as possible, with each bite seeming like a forced chunk in my mouth, swallowing them was yet another task.




I could see the look in chioma’s eyes as she watched me take my bag and walk out towards the door without another word, with jessy leading the way.




“I would have been a literal hell fire on earth, if papa had caught me” My heart shivered at the thought.


“This love escapade with Amanda is going to put in one a hell of a trouble if i am not careful, this sweet poison might ruin me” One alien part of my mind warned.




“Today was too close if not for amanda’s smartness. I think this will be the last time i will ever indulge on this sexual sprees with amanda again” I announced in my heart sounding more like these politicians when they make us promises of what they will do when elected.




“I will never do this with Amanda again, i’d better stop this moving train before it gets out of hand…” i re-affirmed.




Anyways i have a chicken pepper soup to eat now 🙂


I survived today.




Who is going to eat with me?




..To be continued




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