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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 13

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Adrian’s Pov


I end my thought of saving Celine and saying those stupid words in front of the media, I can’t let her win.


I know this is all her plan to gain my attention and am not going to fall for it. She’s really a good actress pretending to drown, if she’s done with her drama she’s going to come out of the water.


I am not risking anything for anybody.


“Mr Vandermir isn’t that your Personal Assistant drowning” My Client says.


“No she isn’t drowning, we made a bet kind of but it’s a long story. You wouldn’t understand”


“But don’t you think we should check on her, she really looks like she’s drowning” He was right , she really did look like she was drowning but I can’t lose this


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“If you really think so then you can help her” I say at first he’s shocked that I asked him to do that then he shakes his head and stands up to go help her but someone else beat him to it.


Deandro’s Pov



I jumped in the pool and brought out Celine half conscious body, I can’t believe Adrian was sitting there and doing nothing.


I lay her down beside the pool and press her chest few times before she coughs out water and regains consciousness.


The first name she called out was Adrian.


Just like Julia this lady doesn’t deserve to be with Adrian. He can’t keep a woman that was why I was able to take Julia from him the same way am gonna take Celine from him not because I care about Celine but because of the fun am going to get in seeing Adrian ruined again.


“Are you okay?” I asked helping her sit up, she doesn’t reply but keeps on staring at Adrian who was busy talking to another guy not even paying any attention to us.


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“You should change your dress before you catch a cold. If you don’t mind I have something you can put on, it’s a male cloth but that will do, then I can drop you home, if that’s okay with you” I say.


“No thank you, I’ll drop her off” Adrian says and pulls her away.


Well you can take her away now but not forever.


Celine’s Pov


I sat in the car cold and wet, I was so upset and I didn’t say anything.


“Pull off your shirt” He says and I look at him questionly.


“Just pull it off woman” He says but I refuse to listen. He sighs and grabs my hands then starts undoing the buttons itself. I swear I felt him touch my bust.


“What are you doing” I cried out but instead of replying me, he pulls off my shirt and throws it out the car leaving me in my singlet.


“Youuuu pervert” I said covering my chest .


He scoffs and takes off his suit.


“Adrian what are you you doing” I ask and he throws the suit at me.



“Wear it. If you keep on wearing that you’ll catch a cold” He says and starts the car.


“Oh so you don’t care if I drown to death but catching a cold is so important to you. Hypocrisy at it’s peak”


“Well it seemed like you were doing perfectly fine especially when Deandro carried you out”


“Oh jealous much”


“Oh please,I could care less if anything happened between the two of you”


“Is that so, we are still at the hotel” I said and opened the door.


“Don’t start your madness Celine”


“Oh watch me” I said and threw his suit back at him.


Adrian’s Pov


This life ain’t balance one bit, why do women have to come to this life to make it unbearable for we men.


They are all products of Eve, dangerous species.


I get out of my car and walk to Celine.


“Be a good girl and get in car Miss Greene” I said gently but that wasn’t enough to make her succumb to me. She’s so stubborn.


She increases her pace and I hold her singlet, who even wears singlets again.


“Let go of my singlet ” She says, I smirk and reply no.


“Fine” She says and pulls off her singlet exposing her maroon colored bra.


“Oh Celine” I say and hold the strap of her bra.


She sighs and puts her hands behind her back and touches the hook, she starts unhooking one.



“Fuck” I said and turned her to face me.


“Are you crazy??” I asked and hook it back, I pull off my shirt leaving me half na.ked. I get her dress and pull her back inside the car.




We got to the company and everyone eyes were glued to me, I could see the ladies drooling , well I was half na.ked exposing my skin so I expected that.


“Bitch” Celine mutters and walks to the stair case.


I got to my office and took the spare shirt, I sat on my seat and thought of what transpired earlier between Celine and I. What if I didn’t stop her, would she have really pulled her bra off.


Celine’s Pov


I can’t believe Adrian left me there to drown, am so upset right now.


I know I won’t lose this challenge, Celine never loses.


I remove the band from my hair and stand under the A.C.


I could perceive Adrian’s cologne from his shirt.


I rolled my eyes and my phone caught my attention, it was ringing.




I pick the call immediately.



Hey Mary, what’s up



Nothing much darling. So Deandro is in my club



I saw him earlier today



He told me



Oh , I hope there’s no problem



Nothing much, he was hoping if both of you could see tonight, you know talk about life over a bottle of wine



No can’t do Mary, I have plans



With Adrian, I thought you hated his guts



Not with Adrian but for Adrian. We have a challenge and I want to win, I have till 12pm tomorrow morning to win this challenge. If I lose am coming back home


What’s the challenge about



If Adrian comes to my aid or saves me from any danger he loses



And how’s it going



Bad Mary, have tried putting myself in different types of danger but he ignores me. Today I almost drowned and he didn’t even do anything


Darling I have a better plan, come with Adrian to the club tonight



Adrian??, you mean Adrian Vandermir. Even if he had plans of coming to the club, he won’t once I tell him to. He does the opposite of everything I tell him


He will if is best friend asks him



You mean Romeo






So what’s the plan about



Leave that to me Celine


She ends the call and I think about what she said.



Whatever the plan was, I hope it worked. This is not about me or Julia anymore, it’s about a mother who loves her son.


I can’t go to a club like this, I have to change my dress.


Lemme call Romeo and check if he’s less busy.


Adrian’s Pov


How cute, how sweet of you Celine, your stupidity is just too amusing.


I will come to the club but you will fail this challenge, you’ll fail woefully.


I walk back to my office and sit down on my seat, the thought of Celine losing the challenge made me even more happy, I can just imagine her disappointed face. She thinks I care about her, all women are the same, they don’t deserve to be cared for.




It was late already and everyone had left for their various homes, I was surprised that I didn’t see Celine till the end of the day.


“Adrian” I hear a annoying voice yell from the door. Speak of the devil.


I look up to look at her, she was dressed in a hazel colored gown which matched her eyes perfectly.


I was awestruck seeing her dressed like that, the fact that she was going out with Deandro dressed like that upsets me in ways I couldn’t fathom.


“Can you drop me off at Mary’s club, I have a date with..”


“Deandro” I cut her off, she was surprised.


“How did you know”


“Lucky guess” I replied.


“Ok” She says and turns to leave.


“Wait” I call back and walk closer to her.


Celine’s Pov


I stopped when Adrian asked me to, I had to be on his good side.



I felt his breath fanning my bare skin, next thing I knew was his hands on my bare back.


I gasped at his touch.


“Isn’t there anything you can do properly, you couldn’t even do your zipper. So useless”


I sighed tiredly, his insults were getting old.


“Are you done” I asked and looked back, he nods the positive and touches his chin mischievously.


“I won’t be going to the club Celine” He says, I sigh tiredly again.


“Why?” I ask.


“Because I already told Romeo we’ll be having the real fun at home, so am sorry Celine, you’ll have to go to club yourself” He says faking a sorry face.


“Why do you have to be so difficult Adrian” I ask annoyed. He grabs my shoulders and pushes me to the wall.


“Why do you have to be annoying” He laughs and releases me then walks out of his office.


I walk out of the company and stood at the road side waiting for a cab, I still have to go to the club.


The clouds start rumbling and I almost yelled in frustration, I yelled out once the pour started. I got dressed for nothing, now am wet again.


“Hop in” Adrian says pulling up in front of me.


I ignore him and walk upfront, he starts horning and I increased my pace, he speeds up and pulls up in front of me, I thought he was gonna hit me.


“What are you doing?” I ask angrily.


“Am not really a bad person you know” He says and urges me to get in.


I got in and he starts the car.


“You look beautiful” Adrian says all of a sudden, I was shocked.


It seemed like I was hearing things, did a demon of impossible things enter my ear.


“Miss Celine Greene, you look beautiful” He says out loud. Did Adrian just compliment me, I dip my finger in my ear to be sure I was hearing the right thing.


“Are you talking to me??” I ask looking at him.


“No” He says and I breathe a sigh of relief.


“Why… You don’t think you are beautiful?” He asks.


Mary and Deandro had called me pretty before but the fact that Adrian was calling me pretty seemed odd, why was everything about him different.


“You are more prettier than your sister” He says and I glare at him.


“What’s going on Mr Vandermir, why are you being nice to me”


“Am only saying the truth” He says and I swallow nervously.


My phone was ringing, it was Romeo.


“Romeo’s calling” I said showing him the caller.


“Oh I guess he’s still waiting for you at the club”


“What do you mean club, you said he’s going to come home”


“Oh I lied”


“Adrian!!” I exclaimed.


“Well don’t worry you can drink everything you want at home and we get to talk”


“Talk??, what did Adrian take??”



“Nothing. We’ve been fighting ever since we met, I thought at least before you go back to Mary’s we should have a little discussion. Are you up for it??” He asks and I nod..


We got home and walked to the bar, he pours me a glass of wine and himself scotch.


“So what do you wanna talk about?” I asked and he chuckles.




“Me?” I said surprised.


“Yep, Celine Greene. Why are you different from your sister” He asks but I had no answer.


I am ugly she is beautiful


I like creating trouble she is peaceful


She is intelligent, I am dumb.


She is every man’s dream woman, I am every man’s nightmare.


Everyone loves her, nobody likes me


She was able to make Adrian fall in love with her, I damaged Adrian’s car on the first day.


“No reason ” I reply looking down, I take a sip out of the wine.


“Let’s play a short game, I ask a question if you can’t answer it you’ll drink half a glass of this wine.


“Half a glass, are you planning on getting me drunk”


“Well it’s vice versa” He replies and the game began




Adrian laughs out obviously drunk, I don’t know why he couldn’t answer the simple questions I gave him.


Does he still love my sister


What exactly did she do to make him so brutal towards women.


“You” He says all of a sudden pointing at me.


“You don’t know how much I hate you and the fact that you are Julia’s sister makes me more mad” He slurs out.


“You’re drunk Adrian, you have to go to your room”


“You you are the one pest I can’t get rid of, I don’t want you around but you are always there” He says.


“Yeah the feeling is mutual Adrian” I say rolling my eyes.


“I can never fall in love with any woman again, you all are the same. You might seem different from them but you going to end up the same, no expectations from you all, element of badluck”


I sigh tiredly, I should go to my room but I can’t just leave him here. He’s such a mess


“I know am going to win this challenge Celine but why does winning feel like losing” He says and pulls me up.


“Adrian!!” I exclaimed.


“You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now” He says and I swallowed softly. I tried releasing myself from his grip but danm he was even more stronger when drunk.


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“Shhhh” He says placing his fingers on my lips.


My heart beat increased and it was really loud, I could hear it.


“Adrian you are drunk” I said and he laughs but he didn’t move a bit


“Sometimes you think well when drunk” He says.


I opened my mouth slightly not knowing what next to do to get out of this awkward situation.



“You…” I couldn’t complete my sentence but instead I closed my eyes…




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