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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 21

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Chapter Twenty One
Theme : Rescue
Date: 24, March, 2029.
Time: 3:30pm
Location: Rikers island.
Woah today is D-Day for Tamron official jail break. Yay.
“Are we all ready.” Jason ask, looking at each of us in the eye and we all nod in response.
I’m wearing a black overall just like the others, and ohh my mum came along, though i didn’t want her to, but she did not only convince the others but also convinced me that’s she’s the best distraction for tonight plan and I really don’t know what kind of distraction she has in mind, I just hope is good.
“Then let’s get to work.” Jason says and everybody comes down except Cheryl and Evan, they will be handling the electronic.
“Can everyone hear me.” Cheryl voice chirps through the earpiece I’m wearing.
“Yes.” I said in confirmation.
“Good now you’re all good to go. Good luck and try not to get yourself killed.”
“Cheryl today isn’t a good day to die.” Ethan replies her.
“Whatever, just come back in one piece.” Well Cheryl will always be Cheryl and I’m pretty sure she was talking to her husband.
“I just hacked into the security system, and you only have one hour sixty minute before the camera comes back.” Evan informs. Well that’s my bro the best hacker in the world (maybe I exaggerated a tiny little bit).
“Well this is where I come in.” Mum winks at us and walks over to the prison gate, the rest of us got hidden.
“Who’s there.” A guard on duty question walking over to mum.
“It’s me Maggie the best stripper you will ever find in the country, now let’s get to business boys I have other clients to deal with tonight.” My mum says carelessly chewing a bubble gum.
“What!!” The guard shrieks baffled.
“Are you going to open the gate or not, I’ve got no time to waste boy.”
“Liam what’s taking you so long.” Another guard walks in on the scene.
“I don’t know man, this woman claims to be a stripper and is supposed to be having a show here tonight.” The guard who u suppose is Liam explains and the other guard stares at my mum, confused.
“See if you guys don’t want the show no more, then it’s cool. But I’m not returning your money back.” My mum says glaring at them.
“You already got paid.” Liam asks baffled.
“Money before pleasure boy.” My mum chew on her gum like a professional prostitute. Gosh who would have thought my mum is a professional actress.
“How do we even know you’re a stripper.” The other guard asks and eyes her.
“Well I was saving this for the show, but since you asked, then I’ll show you.” Mother peels of her black coat and left not just mine but the entire group jaws dropping.
“Well you don’t see that everyday.” Evan says through the ear phone.
“If you mean mum in a tight leather dress then I totally agree with you. Who would I’ve thought mum had it in her.”

“Woah.” Liam and the other guard whistle.
“Are you guys letting me in or will you just sheepishly stare at me.” Liam looks at his partner unsure of what to do.
“Let her in.”
You see men thinks we the women has no power, but their wrong we have many useful power, and the power of seduction is actually one of the very best power a woman has over a man.
“It’s time to make a move.” Jason says and walks slowly towards the prison gate and hides behind a car parked infront of the prison, so he won’t be discovered.
Liam nervously opens the gate and my mum stalks a little making sure Jason has a good view. Just as planned Jason shots down the two foolish prison guards immediately.
“Let’s go.” I stood up from the floor and walks over to my mum, who is already with Jason.
“Well my work here’s done. Here is your face Cara.” My mum hands me the face I made for her (wait you didn’t expect us to release Tamron with our original faces right) While growing up my father made me take classes on how to impersonate people, he needed me to impersonate one of his client’s daughter. So I guess I should be grateful to dad, his the reason I won’t get caught if this mission is successful.
“Bye mum. You guys don’t waste time do you.” I place my hands on my waist pouting. Jason and Ethan is pulling off the guards clothes so they could wear it.
“But what am I supposed to wear. We only took down two guys.” Steve’s says.
And he’s right, he can’t walk in there dress like that, it would just ruin the plan.
“Hey Drake what’s the…….” A guard strolls in, and I smirk. “It looks like your
dress just arrived.” I grin, pointing my gun at the guard, he raise his own gun at me. Wrong move bro.
Jason shoots the guard down, if the idiot had not focused all his attention on me, he would had seen that coming. Well happy death day.
“Ready.” Jason whispers in my ear, and my stupid body reacts immediately. After what happened better the both of us, I’ve been avoiding having an alone time with him. I just pretend what happened never did happen.
“Yes.” I whispered back, not looking at him. Jason grabs my hand holding on to me a little bit strongly and leads the way.
“What do we have here.” A man I know to be Mr Rutherford(Chief of police).
“Sir we caught her trying to scale the fence, we also found this in her hand. Sir.” Jason says showing him one of the bombs we came along with.
“You’ll all die!!! You bloody men!! I’ll kill you all.” I release my hands from him rushing over to Mr Rutherford. Jason was quick enough to catch me before I got to Mr Rutherford.
“Another case of rebellion among the women folks, I see. They don’t ever listen. Lock her up.”
“Move it.” Jason yells at me pushing me not so lightly.
“Guys, follow the long hallway at your left, that’s where Tamron is, and oh I’ve hacked into the camera, you guys have exactly one hour to do your business. Bye.”
Jason drags me along till we got to the hallway Evan talked about.
“I remembered Evan mentioned we are totally safe from the camera’s here, so quit dragging me.” Jason quickly let go of my hand giving me a weak smile.
“Her prison cell is number 22” Evan voice says through the ear piece.
We walk through the long hallway, some of the inmate stares at us, some didn’t mind us, and some where just calling me the new hot girl.
“Well here we are.” Jason annouce staring at the number above the prison cell *22*
I noticed in this cell there’s only one inmate the other cells has about three inmates in them.
“The cell is open.” Evan informs.
“Take her to a different cell, if you don’t want her dead.” Tamron says without looking at us.
“I think you should be grateful I’m your roommate.” I walk over to her, and lower my height. Tamron raise her head, she stares at me, and I stare back unflinching.
“Sorry Tamron but a little stare down won’t stop me from my mission. Get your ass up I’m breaking you out of prison.” I grin at her.
“Well it’s about time.” She grins, standing up. I like her already.
Tamron stands quietly by the corner as Jason and Ethan set up the bomb.
“So you’re not gonna ask who we are.” I said trying to start up a conversation.
“I’m not stupid. I can tell a pontential ally when I see one.” She raise her head up and smirks at me. Then bows her head to the floor, again.
“Jason, Ethan the both of you have to be fast, because the camera is back on.”
“You said we had one hour.”
“60 minute is an awful small amount of time, Cara. And ohh there’s about ten guards coming over to Tamron cell. Bye guys.” Evan!!!!!
“Guys this would really be a good time to blow some walls.”
“Don’t worry Cara, nobody is dying tonight, the bomb is set. Everybody move back.” Ethan instructs, we all move back, then the bomb start it’s own little count down, onced it narrow down to 0, the prison wall comes crashing down in pieces, creating a path for us.
“It came from there sir.” A voice yells, accompanied with heavy footstep running towards us.
“Well it’s time we say our goodbye to the prison cell.” Ethan says, and we all walk out through the hole in the wall of the cell.
“There they are, do not let them escape. Move, move.” I could hear Mr Rutherford yelling.
“Back up. I need every guard to secure the prison yard, nobody goes out and nobody comes in.
We ran with all our might towards the fence and stops immediately seeing about twenty guard pointing their guns at us.
“Where is evan when we fu.cking need him.” Jason growls angrily.
“I don’t know, I can’t get a hold of him through the ear piece. Ohh I’ll so break his legs when I see him.” I grit my teeth angrily.
“It’s a pity you won’t be able to do that. Guards take them away.” Mr Rutherford orders.
Well so much for freeing women.
We all stood our ground, refusing to back down without a fight. Mr Rutherford laughs us and says, ” Drop your weapons fools. You’re outnumbered.” His laugh sounds so cheeky to my ears.
“Don’t listen to him guys.” Tamron encourage. I steady my feat on the ground and hoped for a miracle.
“Hey guys do me a favor and bend down.” Ethan voice comes through my earpiece. I look at the rest and they just shrug and then nod.
“Tamron bend down.” Everyone of us bend down immediately, Mr Rutherford looks at confused and ask if this is a new method of our escape plan, he didn’t get to finish his speech when a deafening sound blasts through the air, pushing most of the guards away. The idiot bomb the walls of the prison, I can assure you that it was not in the plan.
Ethan makes his big entrance driving through the wall he just blew up. “Get in the van, now!!” He yells at us stopping approximately a feet away from us.
“I’ve never been more glad to see you Evan.” I say in between breath, settling on the back seats of the van.
“You’re welcome sis.”Evan gives a chivalrous bow, then takes the steering wheel, getting us out of the prison yard.
“Hey how can you not be happy to see me, I’m crushed.” Cheryl pouts at me like a baby.
“Oh come on baby you know I’ll always be happy to see you my love.” Steve says and kiss her in the lips.
“Take that Cara.” She gives me the middle finger, and I returned it.
“Woah I’m glad we came out of there alive.” I sigh rubbing the back of my head.
“I’ll say don’t celebrate too soon. Look behind you.” Jason says and I turned back and saw up to 3 police van chasing us. Shit.

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