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Heavenly Fight – Episode 12

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Episode 12




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Ashley’s pov


After what Archie said and did last night, I noticed that I opened my heart too much to those around me, is high time I continue been my cold and arrogant self


I sat on my bed as I was preparing to go for my every Saturday shopping when Lisa called


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Ashley am really sorry for what happened last night ” she said from the other end as I disconnected the call without saying anything


Immediately she called again


What is it” I said harshly


Will you be at the party tonight” she asked


I won’t be there” I said


Why” she asked as I disconnected it again without answering her


She called again but I ignored it


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After the day’s shopping and giving out my old clothes to the orphanage


I went back as I lay down to sleep but the sleep was not forthcoming


I decided to unlock my dog which kept barking until I slept off only to wake up


12 missed calls from my mom


8 missed calls from dad


5 from lisa


3 from Liam


And 1 from Archie

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I switched off my phone so as not to receive another call as I ate, sleep was not forthcoming as I went to my study to ease my boredom


I went on as I took a historical book that talked about a God and goddess that hate each and they the destroy the world


I read as I flipped through the pages as a paper fell down


I took it as I read “They have still the eclipse of the moon to be together”


What’s this ” I thought as I put the book in my school bag with the paper


As I decided to go for the party, not that I wanted to go but I was bored


I just wore a white singlet and a bomshort, added a little make up as my hair fell freely as it is


I drove to Annabella’s house it was too crowded


I got inside went to the bar as I asked for the strongest liquor since I dont get drunk Ashley” I heard my name as u turned and it was Lisa I thought you won’t come” she said


Well, am here any problem ” I said


No, not at all” she said


Fine, you were enjoying the party before I came you can go back” l said as I turned my back on her


I know am not supposed to be doing this to her but I can’t open my heart for anyone, is has always been cold





Lisa’s pov


I don’t know why Ashley is acting this way, if is because of what Archie did


I ve already apologized, but she shouldn’t ignore me


I watched as the Bella’s went to her


Hey, I thought you wouldn’t come” Annabella said as Ashley ignored her and continued her drink


But looking at the liquor is way too strong will she be able to hold it in


Are you now afraid of me” Annabella contd but Ashley didn’t even spare her a glance


Hey am talking to you” Annabella kept blabbing bit Ashley still ignored her


Hey, you sluty bitch” meribella said as she pushed Ashley who in return poured the wine in the glass on her


Hey ” Isabella yelled


One more word, I will empty this bar on you” Ashley said as she made to walk out but Annabella dragged her back


You, who do you think you are” Anna asked as she slapped Ashley


You can’t come to my house and act all bossy” she said again as she dragged Ashley’s hair as Ashley smacked her hands off her hair and pushed her down


What did I tell you, one more word I will empty this bar on you and you know one thing, I don’t go back on my words


Ashley said as she collected two bottles of red wine from the bar man as she poured it all on Annabella’s hair


She pushed meribella down took another two bottles but Archie held her




Archie’s pov


I watched as dealt with the Bella’s in anger


I wanted to let her be but her eye was changing already that’s why I held her but I ended up getting slapped



Who gave you the right to hold me” she said as she slapped me again for the past two days I ve been receiving slap gifts from her


You can’t continue fighting” I said


Am not fighting them, am only teaching them not to oh mess with the wrong person ” she said as she released herself from my hold as she tried to attack again but Liam held her as he took her outside followed by I and Lisa


She tried to release herself from Liam’s hold but it was not possible


Immediately Liam hit her forehead as she fainted


I was kind of surprised who is Liam, is he really my cousin


Don’t look at me that way, am what you are but a little different from you and for her he said pointing at Ashley


She is my best friend and don’t ask me where, o I know her weak point more than you


I will take her back to her house and her anger and hatred is getting out of control ” he said leaving us confused





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